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  1. Stunning build! Great job with the NMF. Thanks for posting.
  2. Exceptional build! Vents aside, turned out great. The prop is made from paper? Laminated? Would like to see details on that.
  3. Great build & paint work ! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Section 8 Hobbies also has available for preorder. Used the discount code & saved 15%.
  5. Excellent build! Like the weathering you have done.
  6. Thank you all for your comments! Wolf, Am currently building a Hasegawa Fw-190 D-9. Another WNW kit will be after that. Have some 1/48 Gaspatch turnbuckles, debated on using them. Instead I used 0.3mm brass tubing to simulate the turnbuckles on this build. Larry
  7. Excellent build & finish. Question; what did you use to paint the exhaust stacks? Thanks for posting.
  8. Karim, Excellent build ! Really like the woodgrain, rigging & lozenge.
  9. Ron, Great to see you started on the DR1 so quickly. Will be following your build along. Is that a 1/32 DR1 on the box in the first pic? Larry
  10. Received my DVII yesterday from LOM. Will probably be my next WNW build.
  11. Karim, Thanks for the kind words. Have enjoyed seeing your builds! I used Uschi 'Ronny Bar' Super Fine 'Light' Item # 1003. The 'Rich' was a little dark for an Albatros fuselage IMO. Be careful, you will have to carefully lay out your pieces or 1 sheet will not be enough. Larry
  12. Thanks for all of the nice comments! My next build will be something I am more familiar with before I tackle another biplane; Hasegawa Fw-190 D9. Kev, would be honored to have published, last name is Trout. A few in progress pics;
  13. Presenting my 2nd Wingnut Wings build Albatros D.Va (OAW) in the markings Hans von Gossell of Jasta 71. Completed their Fokker DVII (Alb) a few months ago & had to have a go at the Albatros next. Learned a few things I will do differently on my next Albatros build concerning decals & rigging. Will also use the white metal landing gear struts on the next one, as the kits L/G is very wobbly. For the build I used the following aftermarket items; Shapeway fuel tank & fuel valve Taurus spark plugs, valves & lifter arms Aviattic lozenge & Uschi woodgrain decals Gaspatch Spandau machine guns HGW seat belts ​Barracuda Cast Intake Manifold Rigging isn't perfect, my first try @ rigging a biplane. Used transparent thread colored with a silver sharpie for the rigging & micro brass tubing @ the ends to simulate the turnbuckles. Added to the cockpit & engine, fuel, air, vacuum lines, spark plug wiring, interrupter cables, etc. Scratch built the interrupter mechanism on the upper rear of the engine, but can't be seen when completed, so I'm guessing this may be why WNW didn't mold it in the first place. Weathered slightly using oil paints, pastels & washes. Very little done in this area. Comments & suggestions are welcome, as I'm still a newbie with the WW1 planes. Thanks for looking, Larry
  14. Great build Simon. Like the paint & checkered cowling.
  15. Andy, Another thing. I apply the lower surface first, wrap the edges around the leading/trailing edges. Optional, you can apply a thin coat of Future to seal the decal edges. Let dry overnight. Trim the edges with a new blade & repeat for the top surfaces. I rarely used Future for decals before my WNW builds, but have used it quite often since.
  16. Thomas, Excellent build all around! You should be proud of it. I especially liked how the fuselage & prop turned out. Congrats. Larry
  17. Thanks for the kind comments. For the prop, I painted a base coat of light wood enamel, then used a dark brown Prisma Color pencil to draw on the laminates. Clear gloss coat to finish. That was my 2nd attempt, first practice turned out o.k.
  18. Kevin, Thank you sir. I would be honored if you would put on the website. Larry Trout
  19. Here is my first completed WW1 airplane & my first Wingnut Wings build. WNW Fokker DVII (Alb) in the markings of Richard Kraut of Jasta 63. Built to represent the aircraft before surrender to the Allies with it's original top wing & tail. I used Aviattic decals with 'brown tint' for the lozenge with the remainder of the markings are the kit decals. Added HGW seat belts, Taurus Models spark plugs, used wire for the spark plug leads & other engine pipes, wire & stretched sprue for cockpit details & the rigging. Haven't attempted turnbuckles yet, will add that detail on my next WNW build. Have 2 errors, I forgot to apply the 'datum' decals on the forward fuselage sides prior to the clear flat overcoat and I did not scratch the radiator support that is visible when the engine cowlings are removed. Hope you enjoy the photos. Any comments are welcome.
  20. Nice job ! Good work on drilling out the exhausts. I like the tire weathering, did you use pastels? Thanks for showing.
  21. Looks good for the start. I have begun my first WNW kit myself this week, Fokker DVII (alb). Have 3 Albatros' in the stash.
  22. My 3rd finished build for the year. Dragon's old Junkers Ju-88 G6 finished in the markings of 3C+DB. Remains of this aircraft are in the Monogram Luftwaffe Painting Guide. Added seat belts, L/G brake lines, antenna, drilled out the gun barrels & replaced the kit Fug 220 radar array with Master Models parts. Modified the rudder & tail radar antennas as 3C+DB had the later style antenna arrangement. Painted with White Ensign paints. Markings are a combination of decals & painted on markings. Panel lines given a wash of medium grey. Weathering was done with pastels.
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