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  1. Thanks for all the positive comments! I really like the looks of the Albatros airframe. Currently have a Tamiya F4U Birdcage Corsair in progress. Will be my first Allied LSM, treading in uncharted waters for me.
  2. Just received my Triplane & DH2 today from WNW. Had pre ordered when listed. Got the Albatros a while ago. Will probably pick up the Fokker E. II from Sprue Brothers.
  3. Richard, Thanks! Will email you pics today. Larry
  4. James, I used a linen color under the wood decals. Home mix. Larry
  5. Steve, Simply stunning! Great paint work, you have achieved the see through effect. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Just completed my 2nd WNW Albatros D.V. Finished in the markings of Adolf Schreder of Jasta 17 in March 1918. Aftermarket used; Aviattic Albatros lozenge with pink rib tapes, Uschi Knotless wood grain decals, WNW D.V Wooden Wonders decals, Taurus engine valve train & spark plugs, Flugzeugwerke fuel tank & engine interrupter gear train, HGW Albatros radiator & seat belt buckles. Added; seat belts from lead foil, engine & cockpit piping from wire, rudder bar foot stirrups from wire, cockpit fuel selector panel levers from brass photo etch pieces, rigging from transparent thread colored with a silver Sharpie and micro brass tubing to simulate turnbuckles. Base paint undercoat & tail are enamels, metal items were Alclad & Metalizer, the 'Grey - Green' was Tamiya acrylic. Weathering was done using oils & pastels. Hope you like & thanks for looking. All comments, suggestions, etc. welcome. Larry
  7. As of today, the WNW Bristol F.2b Fighter has sold out. The post war version is still available. Believe Weta still has some available, but not the US warehouse.
  8. John, Will the resin canopy be included in the Bf-110 G sets now? Or will this remain a separate item? Still have to buy the conversion set. Larry
  9. Outstanding! Quite a lot of work put into this. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Very nice build! Like the finish. Thanks for posting.
  11. Have to agree with you on this. Used the WNW spinner on my first Albatros build & will be using same with my current one in work. It looks fine when completed. Also, I have the AM spinner & found it to be undersize when matched up with the kit & backplate. Larry
  12. Great build! Really like the different camouflage. Thanks for posting.
  13. Glad I picked up a D.VIb when I got the D.VIa.
  14. Gazzas, Beautiful job! Have been following your build. Turned out great, you should be very please. Thanks for sharing. Larry
  15. Great build Mike! Like the base. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Nice build! Really like the paint work. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Great build! Thanks for sharing. Have one of those in the stash, sure looks good completed.
  18. Exceptional build! Great job with the paint. Thanks for sharing.
  19. Looks great to me as well. Nice finish! Have one in the stash. What did you not like? The kit or the add-ons? I don't have any of the Paragon flaps or slats. Larry
  20. The WNW Albatros DV 'Richtofen' is up for pre order on WNW's site; http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/ Offering a Windsock special 'Richtofen' book with pre orders as long as supplies last. Release expected mid to late August.
  21. Nice build! Love the paint. Thanks for posting.
  22. After seeing all the recent posts about the Revell He-162, had to post mine. Just finished this week. Added items; Aires cockpit & landing gear bays Yahu instrument panel Lead foil seat belts Replaced kit antennas & pitot ube with wire, tubing & thin aluminum Added MLG brake lines Eagle Editions decals Painted with Xtracolor enamels Panel wash & minor weathering applied, as the aircraft from this unit had very little flight hours put on the aircraft. I read that one had 8 flight hours. Thanks for looking & all comments welcome. Larry
  23. Impressive Karim ! What a job with the paint & markings. Just amazing. Thanks for sharing.
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