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  1. New kits with dubious modern warbirds paint schemes get me going. The level of research does not go past google pictures
  2. Ceres book is on its way to me from the UK
  3. This Islander restoration organisation may be worth contacting for drawings. http://www.ivanberrymandirect.com/BNAPS_Images/BNAPS_News-May_2016.pdf I found it by googling 'bitten norman islander maintenance'
  4. These are the best drawings I can find on the net. See https://www.the-blueprints.com/search/islander/ britten-norman-bn-4-islander by tankienz, on Flickr
  5. I'll be watching this closely as making an Islander in 1/32 or 1/35 is on my 'one day' list. Like you I have gathered drawings off the net and an unassembled Airfix kit. I want to build an Islander to make an Rhodesian Air Force aircraft.
  6. Well now you have - Ferret scout car, Cheetah helicopter (aka UH-1), Rhino protected rail trolley and Wickam rail trolley. All 1/35th scale model 068 by tankienz, on Flickr And Rhodesian Cheetah, MAP 75, Crocodile, Pooky, Mine Protected Land Rover and Kudu. You guessed it all 1/35th scale. model062 by tankienz, on Flickr
  7. Have you tried the Evergreen website? I don't think you can get thinner that their 005" clear (0.12mm). See https://evergreenscalemodels.com/collections/all
  8. Must now be in stock as my order was shipped from Japan yesterday.
  9. Great news on the RhAF Lynx version. Another promised after market addition, a nose ballast kit https://hlj.com/product/SAC32128
  10. Does any one have any idea if it will sit on its undercarriage without additional weight the nose?
  11. I've just found this thread. You are making great progress. I've just started assembling my kit so will pinch your solution to reinforce the undercarriage.
  12. Daily with fingers crossed I check the mailbox Soooooon I hope. To keep my mojo bubbling I just reread 'Cessna 337 Lynx Rhodesian Operations' from Warplane magazine.
  13. Lots of detail for Rhodesian Lynx at http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235025427-172-reims-cessna-fbt-337g-skymaster-resin-kit-by-lifthere-box-arttest-parts-release-in-2018/&
  14. The Rhodesia Air Force operated Rheims Cessna as the Lynx. To convert to a Lynx requires some but not drastic changes. I'm currently away travelling so away from my reference material but off the top of my head: - add STOL kit = turned down wing ends and fence on top of wings - additional fillet to base of vertical stabilised (fin) - close off cockpit top windows - change entry door and windows - replace pilots window with bubble window - add SAM shrouds to exhausts - add two over wing 7.62mm machine gun pods - fit appropriate Rhodesian under wing stores
  15. I've ordered one from Ukraine to convert in to Rhodesian Lynx (aka Reims-Cessna 337)
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