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  1. I got the blade fold set today. Nice resin parts and a thin PE-saw to prepare the kit parts:
  2. I got my DEF M197 metal gun barrel set from MBK / Modellbaukoenig last week. Legends Blade folding set for the Zulu is ordered from South Korea, 3D printed stuff looking nice.
  3. I hope Yahu Models will make an instrument panel as they did it for the O-1 Birddog
  4. Got mine yesterday from my local dealer; a very nice kit! Now I wait for the AOA decals to build a Vietnam bird. "Don't Shoot" (OOB) looks good, but is a museums plane...
  5. Yesterday my local dealer mailed me that this kit just arrived in his store. Today I will receive mine... Kingmodels.de (the store of Academy/Europe at Gelsenkirchen/Germany
  6. Save money and time to convert Revells Fw190 F-8 to an A-8 - wait for their new A-8! https://www.revell.de/en/products/model-building/aircraft/world-war-ii/id/03926.html
  7. 39,95 € https://www.dersockelshop.de/messerschmitt-me262-b-1-u-1-nightfighter-1-32_revell_rev04995.html
  8. Today I got my kit. And it's no problem to bring the towbar (part F10) to the right end of the Meillerwagen. Part G68 with ends cut off will fit between the ends of the towbar F10 I think. DEF is going to release new tires for the SS100 soon!
  9. Here's a review with pictures http://www.militarymodelling.com/news/article/rheinmetall-rheintochter-r-2-in-1-35/24296
  10. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/102802-trumpeter-03205-boeing-f-a-18f-super-hornet
  11. ...and some small parts. Detailed underwing pylons for the SpecialHobby Buckeye and for the F-104G to carry Kormorann ASM.
  12. https://www.aero-spezial-modellbauversand.de/Zuruest-/Umbausaetze/AMS-Resin/Massstab-1-32/AMS3099-A-1-Skyraider-U-S-Navy-gewichtsbelastete-Raeder::11048.html http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/ams32099.htm Michael
  13. I bought a HpH catapult for my Ar196 (Revell), why not one for the Kingfisher. But as mentioned above - it depends on the price! Nice method to present a plane!
  14. 1. videoaviation told me that CMK has nice missiles and I had to scratch the pylons. 2. No answer from CMK yet. 3. Eduard-support, Petra Solcova answered: "yes, they might be released sometime in the future, we are thinking about this in our longer term plans. But I don not have any closer time schedules for this, I am afraid. Have a nice day." Chaff/flare dispensers would be very nice, because they were used on all Marine F-104G in their late days, not only on the RF-104. Maybe the Recce-version will follow Italeris TF-104G - let's hope...
  15. I only found a usable drawing by Eduard in there 1/48 instructions. Maybe I scale it up to 1/32 to scratch the pylons. http://modelnewsinfo.de/f-86f-wheels-1-48-eduard-brassin-648-235/104py_08/
  16. Sorry, but this pylons are completely wrong to carry Kormorans. Eduard has them, but in 1/48 - the left ones: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/962838-eduard-648234-f-104-pylons
  17. I can't find any pylons in 1/32 to arm my Italeri F-104G with AS34 Kormorans. There's a nice kit placed on the market by CMK, but only with pylons to fit Tornados with the missiles.
  18. ...and a smal, but important part to replace the completely wrong Bronco part: a drain cover (Miniart River embankment and the result:
  19. ...some inner parts of my beast to prevent view through the flood holes: Tauchzelle 1 (ballast tank 1) Tauchzelle 2 Not much to see from outside, but I know, it's inside!
  20. ...so the other 5 ones 1x type II 2x type VII 2x type IX will not displayed in docks when finished! And Seehund, Biber, Delphin and X-craft are 1/35 ;-)
  21. VIIC length 64,50m 1/72 = 89,58 cm XXIII length 34,70m 1/35 = 99,14 cm; dock diorama: 110cm x 40cm* IXC length 76,50m 1/72= 106,25 cm Gato length 95,33m 1/72 = 132,40 cm * My wife agrees with my hobby, but one is enough!
  22. http://www.uboataces.com/radar-warning.shtml http://uboat.net/forums/read.php?14,90950,90950 http://www.cdvandt.org/fumb26-tunis.htm
  23. ...at least 4 boats: 1. type VII C (wolf pack) 2. type VIIC/41 (atlantic version) 3. type IX C (U 505 late) 4. type IX C/40 (U 190)
  24. ...some more pics from the workers view: . .
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