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  1. Thanks Kev, I had forgotten how to embed images using Google Photos... got it sorted now. Thanks BiggTim
  2. UPDATE NUMBER 3 The Christmas break was not very productive for me. I think I got a couple of hours on the bench on Dec 30. The new year has been good so far build wise and we just had a week and a bit of -30 Celsius weather here in Calgary, so some nice progress has been made. Wing root / main spar coming together. Tail Wheel Oil Coolers in Main Landing Gear Wheel wells Wing Root Flaps Gear Door Covers Wing Root attached, engine on. Pappy Looking Happy Front Canopy on. Wings Almost Completed and ready to be installed. Once the wings are on... it's time to paint. I'll leave the wheels, gear, gear doors, all the little bits of glass on the wings off until main painting is done. I'll be following along the lines of the other builds going on. Black basing (a'la Doogs), silver, zinc chromate, blue (with chipping along the way). Then a combination of Maketars masks and Eagle Cals. Thanks for looking.
  3. I'm with Thunnus on this. I'm really liking them. I'm using them for my Corsair. They shoot very nicely, similar to Tamiya, and clean up easily as well. I'm using an. Iwate HP-CS - Ecplipse using the AK Real Colour Thinner.
  4. Amazing work!! 20 in a year!! Well done sir, well done. Happy New Year!
  5. I'll donate at PCM FW 190a-1/2/3 kit. (PCM 32011)
  6. Add me as an entrant please. I'll see what have that I can add as a donor shortly. Thanks for all work in running this again this year!
  7. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. The Tamiya kit is a work of art (IMHO) and I'm doing my best to do it justice. It's great when a kit is so good fit and engineering wise that you devote your energy and efforts into the paint and weathering as opposed to filling, sanding and fighting to get it fit. Thanks again, I'll have more updates soon.
  8. UPDATE TIME A bit of progress from the last couple of weeks. Fuselage buttoned up. Pappy looking happy. Engine parts ready to go First step of exhaust painting Engine Assembly Engine dirtying (that's a word) Exhaustifications - Step 1 I'll play with the setting on my phone to try and get the brightness down on the next set of photos and hold my phone horizontally. Thanks for looking.
  9. This will be my first WIP. It's the superb Tamiya kit, that we all know about. My neighbour is big Corsair fan (he's an RC plane guy), so I'm building him a Boyington markings version (as close I can make it). I'll be using the following AM. Barracuda - Cockpit Stencils Yahu - Instrument Panel Barracuda - Plain tread wheels EagleCals - EC 161 - F4U-1 Corsairs RB - seatbelts Maketar masks - for the primary insignia (maybe) Ultracast - Boyington pilot figure I'll be using AK Real Colours for main exterior and interior colours. Tamiya for everything else. AK, MIG and oils for the weathering items. Here's the progress so far. Yahu IPs are awesome! Stencils on. They are very very small. Not a huge fan of the RB belts. They're very stiff. Pappy waiting for some more paint Got my head but lost my arm. Cockpit complete. I've been following the paint instruction in the kit, so that's why the head rest is black and the oxygen bottle is silver. I'll be buttoning up the fuselage next and then onto the engine. All the pics are from my Iphone 8 and are hosted with the high quality option (not the original size) on Google Photos. Thanks for looking!
  10. +4 on the RB saws I got mine from Ultracast in Canada - https://www.ultracast.ca/Modelling-Tools-s/1051.htm
  11. Jager, they have the VR bombing raid in Nanton as well. It was incredibly well done. If you go, as Jager says, it's a must do!
  12. This Lancaster can taxi. On June 29, they started up all 4 of the engines and it was a divine sound! They are also in the process of restoring to taxi condition, a Mosquito. Bomber Command Museum of Canada https://www.bombercommandmuseum.ca/
  13. I'll donate the following Item 1: Jagdwaffe - Volume Three Section 1 - Strike in the Balkans April - May 1941 Item 2: Cutting Edge - FW 190A Part 1 Decal Sheet (CED 32068) SSI Decals - P-47 Razorbacks R.S. Johnson 32-121 SSI Decals - Me-109G - Hartman & Barkhorn - 32-47 Item 3: Vallejo Model Air - Luftwaffe Colours Set RLM 2, RLM 61, RLM 62, RLM 65, RLM 66, RLM 71, RLM 73, RLM 74, RLM 75, RLM 78, RLM 79, RLM 80, RLM 81, RLM 82, RLM 84 Simon
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