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  1. Sorry with this i can´t agree. Meng or Takom are too Chinese companies, and accurate problem haven´t. Only company in China what have still problem with accuracy is Hobby Boss/Trumpeter. Lack of resarch, or normal Laziness ? Only another company, without HB/Trump who have many errors is - Dragon - BUT IN BLACK LABEL series only ! Their WW-2 are top notch. And when HB ignored total WRONG wing profile - this is a real SHAME ! I haven´t problem with simple details (when you can´t make cut-off model or you haven´t a clear parts) but i have problem with total ignorace of one main sign of Liberator - and this is a typical wing profile. For Czech modellers is Liberator a very important subject, because was flight by Czechoslovak airman in Coastal Command Service and i was really wonder for new big scale kit. But this ISN´T a Liberator, this is a PARODY ! And i don´t hope for aftermarket complet wings. Price of Liberator is really from dreams, but execution is totaly WRONG. When you see on Meng, he can be a competitor for Tamiya. And their kits are gorgeous. Hobby Boss/Trump managment probably say - OK, we make a Liberator in 1/32... and make it - but... I don´t understand, why you - when haven´t a their invence - don´t upscaling a very nice and accurate Hasegawa B-24, what it is a still a best B-24 in any scale...
  2. I saw today in one Prague modelshop after production (first mould) fuselage, engine - nose parts and wing of MpM Tempest... WOOOOHOOO ! Looks very nice ! (fine rivets) and price tag is around 1500CZK (50USD). And relase date ? December 2015 ! In Czech Republic is Tempest CULT aircraft - because Clostermanns memories "Big Show" (Le Grand Cirque) is very popular here and have cult status.... Because must MpM give Tempest in very good quality ) Really - i can´t wait ! (Big Tempest is my dream.)
  3. Gentlemans - i´m really still a box collector as active modeler (some times i build kits, yes...) but - and this is only my personal opinion - Revell quality is zik-zak. I have in time a Ju-88A-1 ("Shark skin effect" , details as moulded into soap..., BAe Hawk (relative nice kit for few buck)? Bf-109G-6 and Erla and He-219.... He-219 is my favourite German heavy fighter but you know what is it with their engine nacelles. He-111, Spitfire and Focke - Wulf i don´t buy.... Many accurate issues, ugly detail, ugly Polish plastic and sink marks.... When i compared it with 15years old Rafale in 1/48, 30 years old B-1 and 35 years old B-58.... OMG.... Now in EU go Revell prices high.... and last nice kit was Bf-109G (both).... (But i don´t understand why haven´t gun pods...). I can´t understand why gigantic company as Revell have a "second class quality" ?
  4. Hello, is Mirage most accurate as their Starfighter (i read a Starf isn´t accurate :/) or it is the same case as F-104 ? I love this french beauty and IIICJ is my champion )
  5. Thank you for nice welcome gentlemans ! On Beau flight many Czechoslovak aviators in service on 68th squadron of RAF. And Beau from Tamiya in quarter scale is still a nice kit. Another dream is P-38 - but i read a few year ago a Mr. Tamiya hate this aircraft because P-38 shot down admiral Yamamoto. In jets i many years waiting for F-22 "Raptor" and F-35. Realistic - F-35 probably yes (Japanese air force bought it), F-22 no:(
  6. But - T-bolt is nice (IMHO) from Hasegawa, no ? But it´s here a one, Merlin powered figher who haven´t modern representation in big scale... Very legendary machine, with many aces who flight it... Yup, it is a - Hawker Hurricane. Hurricane is very important, have few interested (sub)versions... Or - R-2800 powered beast - a F-6F Hellcat. I don´t understand why main producers ignores Hurricane in 1/32.... And my personal dream is too a new tool Beaufighter. Revell vintage kit is very simple
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