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  1. Thanks Brad, good points. I will be very specific about how I want the kit finished.
  2. Hello guys, thanks for the replies. Mike, thank you! I live in the UK.
  3. Hi guys, I'm planning on commissioning an ultra high quality build of a 1:32 fighter. I've never commissioned a model before and could do with some advice on the trials and tribulations of such a venture. I've bought the kit I would like to be built and am gradually sourcing all of the after market accessories that I would like included. These I would ship as one package to the modeller. I'll supply detailed photos of the subject and any scaled vector artwork for custom markings, etc, plus detailed instructions of how the aircraft is to be painted/marked. The aircraft is a 1:32 Cyber Hobby Bf 109 E-4, scheme to be decided. Accessories will include Radu Brinzan canopy, metal exhausts, brass MGs, Eduard BigEd detailing set, Eduard wheels etc and PE cowling latches. (Maybe more...). Am I going about this the right way and what kind of approximate/ballpark price range would I be looking at for such a commission? How do I find competent modellers who can take on such a commission? Thanks!
  4. Thank for the replies. Radu, are you able to share the finished dimensions of the PE Bf109F canopy so I can have a measure of the kit's canopy area? I just want to plan/check how much, if any modifications I will have to make to the kit to be able to fit your PE canopy. Thanks!
  5. Hi, although not specifically mentioned in the notes of the Radub 1:32 Bf 109F PE canopy, does anyone happen to know if it is a good fit on the 1:32 Cyber Hobby Bf 109E? Thanks!
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