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    Squizzy got a reaction from chuck540z3 in Italeri CF-104 Starfighter "Kicked up a Notch": It Begins...   
    This is going to be so awesome to follow, and I pretty much know I’ll learn so much from this !!!! 
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    Squizzy got a reaction from AlbertD in Italeri CF-104 Starfighter "Kicked up a Notch": It Begins...   
    This is going to be so awesome to follow, and I pretty much know I’ll learn so much from this !!!! 
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    Squizzy reacted to Fanes in Italeri TF-104G Marineflieger - decal fun   
    You're being too kind Lothar . On the other hand one build without a major boo boo would be nice.
    There is good and there is bad news.
    The  latter up front: Unfortunately cutting the serial number and surrounding with my Silhouette proved to be nearly impossible. Even with the slowest setting and loest possible force where there was still a cut, the masks got butchered. Some letters (like the M in Marine) went fairly well but rather complex letters (A, R, 5 and 9) ended up torn apart.
    I guess letters with a height of 1.5 mm are and maybe will remain in the decal domain.
    Some better news:
    all mishaps are patched up and the anchors were painted

    The upper proved to be difficult since it's really thin - even though the mask looked fine. Well one mor repair before the gloss coat.
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    Squizzy reacted to chuck540z3 in Italeri CF-104 Starfighter "Kicked up a Notch": It Begins...   
    December 1/20
    My new project, more or less.  Look at those scratched upper fuselages.  This should be fun to try and replicate.

    With the Tempest put to bed in my increasingly crowded display cabinet, it’s time to start another project and as always, I like to “Kick it up a Notch” with aftermarket items and enhanced panel line and rivet detail.  After 2 props in a row, it time to get back to jets and a fighter that I’ve always wanted to build one day is the Canadian CF-104 Starfighter, which is the Canadair version of the original Lockheed F-104G built under license.   Apparently, Canadair built 200 of them for Canada and 140 F-104G’s for Lockheed, most of which were exported to Europe.   I talk like I know what I’m doing and I know all about Starfighters.  Trust me, I don’t, and like every other aircraft I build when I start them, I know almost nothing about F-104’s, other than I like them.  It always feels intimidating at the beginning of a new build, because I don’t want to screw up my model due to lack of knowledge about the aircraft, so I consulted others in the LSP Discussion Forum recently and found out a few things.  I was already to hit the “Payment Button” at Sprue Bros on a number of items, but then changed and deleted a few with the following tips from others (thanks guys!).  In kind of random order, here are some of them:
    ·        -  The Italeri kit is way better than the Hasegawa kit, but I already assumed that.
    ·        -  The Italeri #2502 kit has the older 1960’s era RCAF decals like the pic above, while the #2514 kit has the late 70’s Canadian Armed Forces decals. 
    ·        -  The Aires and CMK resin cockpits are too wide and do not fit the kit hardly at all.  Delete that idea.
    ·        -  The main landing gear doors are closed when the jet is parked (like F-15’s), so getting the Aires gear bay set is mostly a waste of time.  Delete that idea as well.
    ·        -  CF-104’s have a combination of “Early” and “Late” wheels.  Interesting.
    ·        -  The gun was deleted until very late jets, so there should be a cover fairing over this opening instead.
    ·       -   IR seeker blister at the base of the windscreen should be deleted.  Thankfully the kit instructions call for that already.
    So here’s the obligatory first pic of most of the stuff I’ll be using to build this model.  Everything from Sprue Bros. to Canada in 9 days, mostly because I paid extra for Air Mail shipping.  I tried regular mail on my last US order and it took 6 weeks due to the pandemic, so lesson learned.

     Consisting of:
    - ITA2514 1:32 Italeri F-104G F-104S Starfighter Upgraded RF Version. 
    - ARS2208 1:32 Aires F-104G F-104S Starfighter Electronics & Ammunition Bay Set
    - MASAM32037 1:32 Master Model F-104 Starfighter Pitot Tube
    - RESRS320009 1:32 ResKit CF-104 Starfighter Wheels Set
    - RESRSU320020U 1:32 ResKit F-104 Starfighter (A/C/D/J/G) Exhaust Nozzle Set
    - EDU32427 1:32 Eduard PE - TF-104G Starfighter Exterior Detail Set
    I also have:
    - BELCHER BITS BD-8, Canadian CF-104’s (1979) 1/32 (OOP), donated by Rockie Yarwood.  Thanks Rockie!
    And have ordered:
    - DACO F-104G Starfighter Reference Book, DCB005.  Hard to find, so I have one coming all the way from Greece!
    And this is what I already have:
    BLACK BOX F-104G Starfighter Resin Cockpit
    I got this cockpit from Scott Wilson, who helped me so much on my F-4E build, along with a BLACK BOX F-5E resin cockpit, both of which are made for Hasegawa kits.  Scott sort of gave up on modeling when he moved to the Big Island of Hawaii several years ago to live, so he gave much of his stash to me.  He then got his pilot’s license and is now flying air ambulances for a living.  A few years ago, my wife and I met Scott and his wife in Hawaii for the day, and they took us on a tour all over the island.  Very cool and very kind of Scott.  He’s a great guy and he still remembers every panel line and every rivet on the Phantom, which he worked on for many years in the US Air Force.
    I have no idea if this pit will eventually fit this Italeri model, but I’ve done a little dry fitting already and I think I have a chance, so I’ll give it a try.  I shoe-horned the F-5E pit into my Kitty Hawk build and it turned out quite good, so maybe I’ll get lucky twice.  I’ve never had a resin cockpit fit any of my models without a lot of work anyway, so this is nothing new.
    Something new for me is from ResKit, who are recently making a name for themselves with very high-quality resin products.   They make an awesome F-15 nozzle that is the best I’ve ever seen and here is their J-79 engine set for this model.

    A close-up.  Just look at those fine features!

    Thankfully, they make the correct tire and wheel combo for CF-104’s as well.  No worries about which version is correct with this set.

    The Aires Avionics and Ammunition box behind the cockpit.  Since the CF-104 didn’t have a gun in 1979, I will be leaving the gun box door closed.

    And a pic of the kit decals behind and the Belcher Bits decals that Rockie gave me on top.  More or less the same ones, so I’ll use the best of both- and I will always have that very important back-up decal for screw-ups, which always seem to happen. 

    Note:  Older 60’s era CF-104’s have the more detailed red maple leaf roundel and “RCAF” instead of “Armed Forces” like the first pic above at the top of this thread.  This configuration can be found in the #2502 kit instead if you prefer that scheme, but the later 70’s scheme found in the #2514 kit looks something like this.  I like both schemes, but I only have 2 sets of decals for this one, which gets the nod.

    And the Black Box resin cockpit.  As mentioned, I’ll try to get the sucker to fit and if not, I have lots of nice detail parts to add to the kit cockpit.  The C-2 seat should add a lot of detail all on its own.

    A close-up.  Look at those finely detailed seat belts.

    Unlike my last Tempest build, I’m not following any instructions in order, because the first order of business is to improve the surface detail, which this kit is infamous for.  Not many panel lines, not many rivets and molding flaws everywhere:


    Considering it should look more like this, I have a lot of work to do.  Note the fairing over the gun opening.

    We have one of these CF-104’s here in Calgary, but due to Covid, the hanger museum is shut down indefinitely.  Dang!  I was going to take hundreds of pics of every detail of this jet before I started this build, but I hear the DACO book is pretty good- and there are many on-line sources of reference photos.  When the book arrives later this week, I plan on adding a lot of new detail to the 2 fuselage halves, while cleaning up the existing detail.  When I’m happy with that, I will then try and get that resin cockpit and Aires avionics bay inside.  This will likely take a few weeks, so stay tuned- and stay safe!
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    Squizzy got a reaction from chuck540z3 in SH Tempest Mk V "Kicked Up A Notch". November 24: Finished!   
    Unbelievable Chuck, you just pump out masterpiece after masterpiece! 
    I remember when you started this build, because I was starting a build at the same time, and I’m still at the start, and you’re done with yet another show stopper! 
    Granted I’ve actually started 3 different kits,  and I really need to settle  on one, so I can finish, but congrats on your awesome Tempest! 
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    Squizzy reacted to Pete Fleischmann in HH-60G Pavehawk Kitty Hawk 1/35   
    Hey all-
    heres a look at the progress on the dust application on the belly-
    tough to photograph, and the flash washes it out a bit..

    what will visually tie the figures to the helo is the dust. It is important that the dust on the bottom of their pant legs and boots  matches the dust on the aircraft, and in the cabin-

    getting there-
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    Squizzy got a reaction from Starfighter in QF-4S Phantom "VX-30" - Tamiya/Cutting Edge, 1/32   
    The burnt metal effect is just awesome, no different from the rest of the phantom, but that really is incredible!
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    Squizzy got a reaction from MARU5137 in QF-4S Phantom "VX-30" - Tamiya/Cutting Edge, 1/32   
    That shark mouth looks very cool, and the weathering is spot on!
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    Squizzy reacted to Starfighter in QF-4S Phantom "VX-30" - Tamiya/Cutting Edge, 1/32   
    The small bits towards the end of a build always seem to take much more time than the big ones... but at least I managed to paint the nozzles and afterburner cans. 
    The nozzles needed a bit of extra attention; they are 3D printed (not by me though!) and needed some careful sanding to obtain a smooth surface. The upper parts of the Aires afterburner cans hat to be reduced in diameter in order to fit the nozzles. 
    All parts were first painted with Mr Metal Color Iron. Great stuff! The paint was not yet polished when the photo was taken. 

    After polishing, liquid mask was applied with a sponge in order to obtain a slightly splotchy look. 

    The recessed triangular areas between the feathers were tediously masked... 

    And the feathers were painted with dark steel from Humbrol Metal Cote. Note how dark the paint looks before polishing.

    After polishing, I dabbed on some Mr Metal Color iron with a sponge. 

    A dark wash reduces contrast and adds volume to the recessed areas. 

    The afterburner cans are more difficult to photograph than to paint... The cans are green and buff on the inside, followed by a dark wash. 

    The flame holders are PE parts which I heated with a lighter - what looks more like heated metal than heated metal? 

    They look quite convincing once in plate. They will be barely visible at the end, though.

    Nozzles in situ. Their diameter is significantly than the Aires parts and definitely improve the overall look of the model.

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    Squizzy reacted to Starfighter in In COD we trust - Grumman C-2A Greyhound - scratchbuilt   
    The rear portion of the fuselage fell out of the printer yesterday and had of course to be assembled. It seems to lack the typical bottom heavy appearance of the Greyhound, but I will first print the missing fuselage center section before checking the shapes in detail. I will then have to decide how to proceed - with the hand carved model or the 3D printed one. Or maybe a combination of both, as on the Viking? We will see! 

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    Squizzy reacted to LSP_K2 in Quinta Studio Vinyl “Decals”   
    You could say that by adding resin wheels or brass gun barrels, we're "cheating", but I just see the AM stuff as additional enhancements that the modeler may or my not choose to use. X-Acto knives and sandpaper/putty are not cheating either, just tools to ease modeling tasks and improve overall appearance.
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    Squizzy reacted to Dave Williams in Quinta Studio Vinyl “Decals”   
    They never become “not your model”.  These are aftermarket items that people can choose to buy and use, or not.  “Your model” is what you choose to put into it.
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    Squizzy reacted to chuck540z3 in SH Tempest Mk V "Kicked Up A Notch". November 24: Finished!   
    November 18/20

    Short Update- as I play around with weathering, including the exhaust and propeller.
    Here are some pics of Pierre Clostermann’s Tempest and one other I stole from the ‘net.  Note how the exhaust pattern is not behind the exhausts, but in an arc pattern above them due to airflow, then swinging down just under the bottom of the kill score sheet.  It’s fairly dark too.





    And here's a good pic of the front of the propeller, showing wear and chipping on the gloss black spinner.

    So I tried to do something similar, and while I was at it, I spent an hour going over all the paint work with my airbrush, delicately spraying both light and dark highlights, similar to the Spitfire pics I’ve shown above.  I think it looks a lot better now.

    Here’s a quick walkaround of just about everything.  I also re-painted the bottom, but I’ll show that some other time after I have attached the landing gear.  While you can see the chipping on the spinner, the prop blades didn't photograph very well, so you'll just have to take my word for it, that they are weathered as well.







    Lot's of subtle weathering here and there to come, like the exhaust stacks and the gun barrels. 


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    Squizzy got a reaction from AlbertD in Tamiya F-4J Phantom VMFA-232 Red Devils *Finished*   
    Looks amazing, really good finish congratulations! 
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    Squizzy reacted to AlbertD in Tamiya F-4J Phantom VMFA-232 Red Devils *Finished*   
    Aside from painting the navigation lights and maybe a couple of touchups I'm calling this one done. I found myself starting to want to rush to move on from it and didn't want to take the chance of really ruining something. It's far from perfect but all in all I'm pretty happy with it. I took a few short cuts because I was loosing my patents. I sure learned plenty to take to future projects. I will take some better pictures tomorrow with the real camera and a neutral background and post them in the RFI forum. I want to thank everyone for the guidance and encouragement along the way. It's very much appreciated.

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    Squizzy got a reaction from MARU5137 in Trumpeter F-14B 1/32   
    Great paint and weathering, looks absolutely fantastic! Congratulations on a great build, I love a tomcat , it’s on my to do list, but I need to finish something, anything first!
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    Squizzy got a reaction from europapete in The large-scale-bug. Bitten.   
    Bigger is better! Aircraft has to be 1/32, the only aircraft kit I have that’s 1/48 is the B1-b bomber, which is still massive. And for a break from aircraft, it’s 1/200 battleships! 
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    Squizzy reacted to chuck540z3 in SH Tempest Mk V "Kicked Up A Notch". November 24: Finished!   
    Thank you sir.  While I don't use a true primer, the gloss black I used as a base for the Alclad aluminum substitutes as one, which covers all plastic and resin as one dark shade.  Recall, I started out with this, which is a pretty big contrast in base colors.

    The reason I don't use primers like Mr. Sufacer, etc., is that if the plastic is smooth enough, I don't need any more paint getting into fine detail like rivets.  To me, if the model needs a primer to fill fine scratches and other flaws, you aren't doing it right.  Get out the fine sandpaper and fix them!    Also, when I use enamels and lacquers, including this new MRP paint, adhesion to plastic and resin is never an issue.  I put a lot of masking tape on this model and other than a few small areas where I had applied hairspray, I had no lifting of paint.
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    Squizzy got a reaction from chuck540z3 in SH Tempest Mk V "Kicked Up A Notch". November 24: Finished!   
    How did you get a blue back drop big enough to put behind the real aircraft?!
    Awesome paint and weathering, with step by step instructions, thanks Chuck.
     I’ve noticed that you haven’t used primer on your models for some time now Chuck, one question on that.
    Have you had any issues with the paint being sprayed on the kit coming out in slightly different shades over plastic to resin parts? For  example, a replacement resin intake set that also replaces the fuselage sections around the intake?
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    Squizzy reacted to Marcel111 in 1/32 F-14D VF-213   
    Believe it or not I spent a full day just trying to get the sheen of the skunk stripe to look right... which is a little glossier than the surrounding gray, but not totally glossy either.


    I replaced that funny looking braided wiring...





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    Squizzy reacted to Marcel111 in 1/32 F-14D VF-213   
    Hi guys,
    I finally finished this build, phew! Definitely the most challenging project I have completed, there are modifications big and small required for about every assembly step (so no point documenting them all). But now that I have her done I am really pleased with the result.


    This pic was taken just prior to finishing, so still lacking a few things like some oil streaks at the wing gloves.

    Close-up to follow...
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    Squizzy reacted to viva in Trumpeter F-14B 1/32   
    Hello all from Viet Nam,
    My latest completion after 10 years since I've opened the box. Trumpeter F-14B is nothing but trouble, yes the details is nice enough if you will to ignore all glaring shape issues, fit issues and those rivet. The completed model take a huge spot from my shelves hence I sold it to a friend of mine and he kindly enough to took these super nice photos. I've used ejection seats from Quickboost, Pitot and gun barells from Master Model and Eduard PE. Comments and criticism are welcome


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    Squizzy reacted to Starfighter in QF-4S Phantom "VX-30" - Tamiya/Cutting Edge, 1/32   
    Matt, a plotter is an excellent tool for sure. You can't cut everything, but combined with custom decals you can do pretty much everything you want indeed. 
    Anthony, I am sure the paintjob on your Phantom will be as perfect as the assembly - there is absolutely no doubt about that!  Talking about the "comfort zone" - I am far outside mine for sure. Let's start with the orange outer wing sections. I have sanded them with high grit sandpaper and polished them with my Proxxon using a woolen polishing disc in order to get rid of the orange peel. There are some small scratches left which I need to eliminate but the overall result is not too bad. The stars'n'bars were masked in order to leave them matt. 


    Even further out of my comfort zone is the hot section which is giving me a hard time. I never liked doing NMF and now I know again why. I was happy to find some cans of Humbrol Metal Cote but it seems they have changed the formula and they do not work as good as in the past anymore. 
    It's slowly moving in the right direction, but I'm not there yet; what you see here is a combination of Tamiya lacquer, (old!) Metal Cote and polishing powders from AK and Uschi Von der Rosten, altered with Tamiya Weathering Pastels, Smoke and highly diluted black. The contrast was again toned down with AK "dark steel" polishing powder. 

    The typical lines were masked with 1mm masking tape over which I applied highly diluted black.




    ... and toned down with AK "dark steel" poweder.

    Bonus: Decals applied below the cockpit. What seems to be the carrier film is actually a grey base masked and painted before applying the decals. There were probably other callsigns painted over before the "CO" and "NAWCWD" wordings were applied. 

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    Squizzy got a reaction from Anthony in NZ in SH Tempest Mk V "Kicked Up A Notch". November 24: Finished!   
    And once again Chuck you take us all to school. What an amazing finish you’re achieving, and you let us know how you done it to have a crack at it ourselves. Thanks for the effort you put into your posts, and congrats on another masterpiece coming together.
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    Squizzy got a reaction from chuck540z3 in SH Tempest Mk V "Kicked Up A Notch". November 24: Finished!   
    And once again Chuck you take us all to school. What an amazing finish you’re achieving, and you let us know how you done it to have a crack at it ourselves. Thanks for the effort you put into your posts, and congrats on another masterpiece coming together.
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