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  1. Your attention to detail is obvious , it’s looking absolutely awesome so far, looking forward to seeing more! But I understand the pain of slow progress on a 1/200 ship first hand, I’m currently working on my Arizona, and I’ve done some work on my Missouri. I found the Missouri particularly hard to work on just due to the size, but that’s also the reason I love it!
  2. I love the faded paint job and weathering effects, very nice work!
  3. Looks awesome, I do love the sr-71, and you’ve done it justice!
  4. So it's been about 12 months since I posted an update on this build, and for good reason! Late one night I was working on the rolled top of the waterway near the end of the quarter deck, and I knocked a jar of Tamiya cement over the side of the ship. Quickly getting a damp rag to try and clean up, the mess was bad, really bad! So my Arizona made its way to the top of the book shelf, not to be seen again, for about 11 months. At this point, my curiosity on exactly how bad it was got the best of me, so for about an hour a week I'd work on the cleanup. Drilling out portholes that were full of glue, sanding down the side of the hull, digging glue out from around the fuel line, and after a few weeks, it was looking pretty good and was back on the desk full time and things were full speed ahead! I finished the waterways with styrene strip and rods, and started using the Ka photoetched set that details the torpedo bulges. At this stage I'm very happy with how it's going, on only sign of the glue disaster from 12 months ago is some discolouration of the plastic, no real issue at all now. I've ordered the open cleats for the Arizona from Model Monkey, but with the way things are at the moment, it could take some time to get to me. So next I'll be working on reshaping the rudder and get that area finished off. Thanks for looking!
  5. Scale decks is the way to go. I have their set for my 1/200 uss Arizona, which is currently on hold, but will be going again later this year. Their decks don’t come with the glue already on, that doesn’t stick after about a week, instead pva glue is used and the decks are thin, very thin . If there’s over spray under them, it will show through, but tips and directions are provided with the sets, and they’re top notch!
  6. Another amazing masterpiece completed! Great job Chuck, I know that you’re probably going to be building another prop aircraft, but I’d love to see you do another hornet!
  7. I can’t say anything that hadn’t already been said, but I thought I saw a fault, but that was in a photo of the real bird. Amazing work!
  8. It’s amazing how much they become a big part of a family, absolutely mans best friend! Sorry for the loss.
  9. I think that some manufacturers are able to get around it by their models being nothing like the aircraft they trying to represent.
  10. Looking sooo good, I always have a tv on in my hobby room, how many Star Wars movies have been on in the back ground whilst working on this beast?
  11. If it’s not a Jolly Rogers bird, low viz is the way to go, option 3 for me.
  12. Love that paint and the detail in the bomb bays! Very nice.
  13. I’ve gone the other way, 1/32 to 1/48 and I’m currently building a s3 Viking, and I’ve got all Metallic Details wheel wells, bomb bay and engines. All are first class resin kits, and I’ll be getting the sets for the b1b lancer as I’ve just picked up the new release kit from Revell.
  14. I’ve built all four kits, Trumpeter and Tamiya F-14’s, and Tamiya and Academy F-16’s. what others have said about the Tomcats is in my opinion correct. Tamiya has a better shape, but Trumpeter has better aftermarket options, and it needs it. I personally prefer the Trumpeter kit fully loaded with Aires and Zactomodels gear. With the Vipers, The Tamiya kit is slightly better, but I preferred the Academy kit, it builds really well, I think it has better surface details and Zactomodels produce both the small and large mouth intakes. Combine the small intake from Zactomodels and the Kasl exhaust, and you’re on your way to a masterpiece!
  15. The Tamiya dealer in Australia is the same, excellent service, you just require the spruce number, pay for it with a quote for the part and shipping on the spot, and two weeks later you’ve got the parts. For other brands I’ve used e bay. Which has been very good and at a decent price.
  16. You’ll need to let us know what magazine, I think everyone that has followed this build will be getting a copy! Once again, and I know it’s been said a thousand times, absolute masterpiece!
  17. I also like Hannants and BNA models.
  18. Simply amazing work Oliver, everything here is just perfect! I’d imagine that you could look at the really thing for hours, and not see all of the details that you’ve done. After a masterpiece like this, what’s next on your modelling desk?
  19. For me, my best purchase has been a 1/48 Tamils F-14a. I love the larger kits, but I haven’t finished anything in over three years, something needed to change! I thought I’d give 1/48 a crack, so I might as well get my favourite plane, the mighty Tomcat, and it’s been the best thing I’ve done, I’m enjoying the hobby again. It also opens the door to many planes I love, that will never be made in 1/32. I just don’t know if I should do a build thread on it in the non LSP section. If anyone is thinking of a smaller Tomcat, it’s highly recommend!!!
  20. Looking fantastic, this is really bring back some memories, I loved watching the dukes of hazard, and I started building car kit similar to these when I was about 7 years old. Keep up the great work
  21. Looks like I'll be buying a few more vipers! I was already eyeing off an Academy f-16 so I could do a blizzard scheme after my Alaskan splinter.
  22. It's time for a quick update, I've been working pretty hard on this kit lately, expecially considering the amount of hours I've been doing at work. I've also decided what marking I'll use, I'm going for the flanker splinter jet. The other good thing is that the MRP paints provide all the required paints for the aggressors, without having to mix anything, and I haven't heard a bad thing about these paints. But the work I have been doing has been on the Aires exhaust. For the metalizers, I've used the Model Masters lacquers, and I'm very happy with the results. I hadn't used them for a very long time, so I used the kit exhaust pettels for a colour template, as showed. This gave me a better idea on how the colours actually look, and with the sealer sprayed on them, how they react when covered tamiya masking tape. I was very glad to see everything stayed down, and with the use of tamiya paints, washes and pastels, this is the results I was able to achieve. It'll be a few weeks before my next update as I'm off to Fiji for a family holiday, but when I get back all rested and relaxed, my plan is to get the vertical stabliser done, and then into the intake and main landing gear and shell well. Thanks for looking. Bulla!
  23. Eric awesome work on what I think would be a challenging kit. I've got one in the stash, but it's great to see what can be done with it. I hope too see this beast next year at the expo.
  24. Perfect finish as always, and as very one as alraedy stated. I just wish you could travel around delivering, say a 5 day course on modelling skills, that would be a course i'd sign up for straight away, no questions asked! Great work Peter!
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