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  1. This is going to be so awesome to follow, and I pretty much know I’ll learn so much from this !!!!
  2. Unbelievable Chuck, you just pump out masterpiece after masterpiece! I remember when you started this build, because I was starting a build at the same time, and I’m still at the start, and you’re done with yet another show stopper! Granted I’ve actually started 3 different kits, and I really need to settle on one, so I can finish, but congrats on your awesome Tempest!
  3. The burnt metal effect is just awesome, no different from the rest of the phantom, but that really is incredible!
  4. Bigger is better! Aircraft has to be 1/32, the only aircraft kit I have that’s 1/48 is the B1-b bomber, which is still massive. And for a break from aircraft, it’s 1/200 battleships!
  5. How did you get a blue back drop big enough to put behind the real aircraft?! Awesome paint and weathering, with step by step instructions, thanks Chuck. I’ve noticed that you haven’t used primer on your models for some time now Chuck, one question on that. Have you had any issues with the paint being sprayed on the kit coming out in slightly different shades over plastic to resin parts? For example, a replacement resin intake set that also replaces the fuselage sections around the intake?
  6. Great paint and weathering, looks absolutely fantastic! Congratulations on a great build, I love a tomcat , it’s on my to do list, but I need to finish something, anything first!
  7. And once again Chuck you take us all to school. What an amazing finish you’re achieving, and you let us know how you done it to have a crack at it ourselves. Thanks for the effort you put into your posts, and congrats on another masterpiece coming together.
  8. I’ll be watching this with interest! I’ve got one in the stash, and for some reason this kit has we worried about starting it! Must be the cost and the Trumpeter factor, but from what I’ve read, they had Trumpeter’s A team on this one. Good luck!
  9. That’s an awesome looking hornet, I’d like to see some photos of the cockpit , and good luck with the Tomcat, please make sure to post photos of the cat!
  10. Unfortunately this build hit a big snag, I was wanting to start with the cockpit , being the Avionix set. Most of the parts were unusable being badly damaged in the box, others were like there wasn't enough resin poured into the mold. I ordered another set and got started with cleaning the cockpit sides ready for the new pit. The second set was the same! Unusable! I needed a new plan, so going back through this thread, Chuck has attached his build of he's awesome F-15c aggressor, there's the inspiration to keep going. I've got a F-15c in the stash, and most of the aftermarket gear I have
  11. I think it looks awesome! With phantoms anyone could find a photo to support the level of weathering that matches their idea of what it should be, due to the fact they ranged from fresh paint to the extreme heavily weathered examples in the Vietnam war. I think yours is a really nice mid range level of weathering that it helps show off the detailing and shows good effect, but not too much or over done.
  12. Looking awesome as your paint work always does! Good luck with the surgery!!
  13. That shark mouth looks very cool, and the weathering is spot on!
  14. Awesome work Chuck! I always learn from ready your build thread, this time on how you mask before paint. Thanks! And now I think we’re all ready to see another masterpiece paint job performed!
  15. I’m currently working on the same kit as a f-4J, and looking at your work here Ben, I can see the extra work you’ve done on the fuselage. I particularly like the vents near the jet exhaust, very nice work! And the cockpit is just incredible! Without turning this into a phantom build thread, can I ask if that’s the Aires or Avionix cockpit with modifications to the qf-4 and what intake set have you used?
  16. The Aires set has great detail, but as previously stated, they’re undersized. Currently I’m working on a VMFA 235 Death Angels build and I’ve got the Eduard Brassin set, which has awesome detail and what looks to be correct size.
  17. For research and reference material, I think the Daco- uncovering the f-a-18 a,b,c,d is the top book on the subject. There’s plenty of aftermarket for this beast, and I also agree with Marcel on the intakes, I’ve used the d mold set, and now they also make a replacement piece for the top of the ‘spine’ of the aircraft. Have fun with the build!
  18. I’ve always struggled with good realistic looking metals. But now I’ve found the AK xtreme metal, it’s pre thinned, shake it up, drop it in the airbrush and let paint fly! I love it!
  19. I can see one of these Kitty Hawk kits in my future, and this build will be more helpful than the kit instructions! Amazing work going on here!
  20. Absolutely love it! I’d really like to see some photos of the cockpit. But what a great job!
  21. Thanks for the interest in this build. Chuck I’ve been going through your build thread for the last few weeks, the information you put in your threads is awesome, also I’m wrapped you put the link in, it’ll be very quick and easy for me to search on your build, thanks! Mark you must have access to a wealth of reference material from you neighbour. I couldn’t imagine putting that amount of work in to a 1/32 kit and give it away! Being he was a crew chief, no doubt he appreciates it though!
  22. I've been needing a fresh start, so here it is, my F-15 E, with as much aftermarket gear as I could find! There's still a few things to get, but I have most of it, so I'm making a start. As you can see I've got the Eduard photo etch, an Avionix cockpit, some resin gear from GT resin, a set of sidewinders from Zactomodels, aim 120's still to come, decals from Speed Hunter Graphics and the exhausts from KA models. The exhausts are next level, expensive, but having got them, they'll be a must have for every F-15 I build from now on. They just need a good paint job, gues
  23. I’ve found black planes are hard to get a realistic finish on, but you’ve nailed it! Awesome looking plane and it’s something different!
  24. That’s a mountain of aftermarket gear for a great looking jet! I’ll be following this build for sure
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