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  1. Love it! The metal panels really sell for me, they look very realistic, great job. It’s providing me with inspiration as I’ve just started a F-15c, fingers crossed it looks as good as yours!!
  2. ACS brand co have them in stock, $235. Which isn’t cheap, but is now the norm for that kit.
  3. This is looking awesome! To me the weathering looks more like what you’d get on a line jet, not a cag bird. But, who cares, it’s your build and it looks awesome, and done very quickly!!!
  4. I’m jealous of so many things, your modelling skills, and now the fact you’ve retired! I can’t wait to retire, congratulations and enjoy the next stage, with plenty of modelling tips coming our way.
  5. They’re not out yet, but on the BNA hobbyworld website, those decals are a future release, I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out for them! Off the top of my head I can’t remember the company, but coming soon!
  6. Very nice, I done the same thing a while ago, and built the Tamiya ford GT40. It’s a very nice kit with a perfect fit!
  7. Those seats look awesome, as does the whole model! 2022 is off to a flying start for finishing models, one down, and I can’t wait to see what your moving on to next!!
  8. That’s a few hundred steps above what I’m doing in this hobby, but I love watching what is possible! Amazing work Peter
  9. Watching builds like this makes me start planning future builds, amazing work Anthony!!!
  10. Work of art, I really like the metal tones and the heat treatment effects you’ve done! The weathering effects are also done really well, and with Jolly Rogers markings, it’s a show stopper!
  11. Absolutely awesome build Marcel! Even with the wings folded, it must be a huge model! Flawless work again, also I’m really looking forward to seeing what you can do with the Tamiya tomcat!
  12. Awesome work as always Chuck. Also, I do agree with you that if anything Airfix should be bending over backwards to fix this issue, as through these forums your builds do promote their product. You also give comment on their after sales service or lack of it! I hope it all works out.
  13. I’ll be following this build with a lot of interest, I’ve just started the same kit, and I’ve got near identical aftermarket parts, the decals and exhaust differ. I’ve gone for the reskit exhaust and I’ve got an aggressor decal sheet, as I can’t find my ‘95 Chippy Ho decals after a house move! The work you’ve done looks awesome, I’ll be really interested to see paint go down, one concern I have with the AUMR reaver set is the mesh is so fine, I don’t want paint to clog the mesh! Can’t wait to see more!
  14. Just an awesome build Marcel. I really like the paint job, deployment touch ups make any carrier based aircraft look great in my opinion, and I think you’ve nailed the look!
  15. This has been an expensive thread to read! Tamiya kit h is s out from the stash, with all the the aftermarket parts that I’ve already purchased, and now the KASL intake is in the mail! Can’t wait to get my hands on it!
  16. I’m currently having a crack at the Academy viper with a KASL exhaust, I had no idea KASL were doing an intake! Their exhausts are absolutely awesome, so I’d love to get my hands on an intake, I’ve got a Tamiya viper, and KASL exhausts for it already! I just wish they built cockpits!
  17. Amazing work Anthony! The work you’re doing is going the extra mile, and with paint and weathering, it’s going to be worth the effort, it’s just unbelievable!
  18. Black can be one of the hardest colours to pull off imho! This is how it’s done, it looks so realistic, the fading, weathering and details are unbelievable!
  19. The Jolly Rogers are my favourite squadron markings, VF-84 and a Phantom with the flag markings, what is there not to love about this build!?! I’ll be following this build for sure. Amazing work so for too, that tail is pretty cool!
  20. At my old house in Victoria, Australia, I was lucky enough to be near the Point Cook RAAF museum, and there was a F-4 Phantom there, yes a different model F-4 from what your building, but still a Phantom. Anthony from what I can see, your Phantom is looking better than the real thing, the details are so sharp and neat, this thing is going to look awesome!
  21. Not too many of us can do it like Chuck or Pete, but that’s some pretty tidy scratch building you’ve got going on there!
  22. I would’ve thought out of the three versions, the ‘b’ VTOL would’ve been the most sort after/ biggest seller. When Italeri came out with the ‘a’ , I just assumed the other two would follow…… still waiting….
  23. Absolute beautiful finish Marcel! You gotta love the metal finish of the exhaust cans, and we’ll pretty everything! Great job
  24. That paint job is looking awesome Marcel! Sorry to hear about the paint cracking on your F-16, those builds are incredible. When using the Gunze paints do you remember if you used the self levelling thinner or something else?
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