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  1. It might be a bit off yet, but I can't wait to see you start throwing some paint on this little ripper!
  2. It's great to see an update on this build, and too know that it's still moving forward. Absolutely amazing work!!!!
  3. On my way out to airbrush the cockpit, great job, I dropped my airbrush damaging the crown tip! So I got nothing else done before heading off on a family vacation, but the good news was, I was on vacation. upon getting back I was able to find the part on eBay, but it would be several weeks before I get it. To keep things moving forward I've attached the top section in between the canopy and the cannon, and sorted out the panel lines. With the front done as much as I want, with out the cockpit, I turned my attention to the main fuselage and main landing gear bays. I'm going to use the Aires sets, so it was out with the Dremel, and I said good bye to the kit pieces! Having done this before, I wasn't to nervous, but it is an expensive kit, but success. And as you can see, my preferred way to do this section is to attach the fuselage sides, and then adjust the kit pieces and Aires sets of a better fit. As l'm planning to use a lot of aftermarket gear, I know the plane will have some weight to it, and the joins aren't the best, so all joins are reinforced with sheet styrene. Styrene was also used to help adjust the Aires wheel wells to fit, no big issue, but now it's a good fit. I still have plenty of sanding, rescribing and rivets to go on the rear fuselage, but by the time that's complete, my airbrush should be up and running to complete the cockpit. Thanks for looking.
  4. There's some great work going on here, I really like the rivets that you've done on the skin of the aircraft!
  5. That's insane! I could only dream about having that kind of skill, and only hope for a 1/32 ch/mh-53 kit! I'm going to enjoy watching this!
  6. Looking great Chuck! Blending those fuselage sections together must have been a PITA! But the results you're getting must be very rewarding. Great work.
  7. A 1/32 Raptor for me, but sometime ago I'd come to the realisation that Tamiya may not be done with 32nd scale planes, but are done with 32nd jets. My hopes are now lying with Academy (fingers crossed), and Trumpeter.
  8. When I used a set, that landing gear bays were a copy of the kit piece's, which do not fit! The good news is that when a F-15 is on the ground, the two doors that cover the main section of the wheel bays are kept closed to keep foreign material out, and only the third smaller door will be open which is attached to the main gear leg. The GT resin set is a good fit if you want all of the doors open, but will need more clean up than the rhino set.
  9. It's great to see this build on track, and what an amazing looking cockpit!
  10. Looking good Eric, I know that KASL make a lot of really good sets for the 1/48 f-35's, I'm hoping that they come to the party with the 1/32 sets!
  11. Amazing work, the paint and weathering are top knotch. Very nice work.
  12. Very nice work, and I bet it looks great where you display it. Sometimes I think that if it is a harder build, you can appreciate the finished bird that little bit more. Great job!!!
  13. I'm not into model railway at all, but I can definitely appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that has gone into this set-up.
  14. This is going to be a great build to follow. The tomcat is by far my favourite fighter, and although I have a mountain of after market sets for the trumpeter kit, I haven't started it yet. Good luck with this Marcel, I'll be following this build for sure!
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