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  1. There’s also decals from afterburner, long out of production, but they pop up on eBay every so often. I got a set for about $80aud. I know that’s pretty pricey, but there’s about twenty sets of decals for different aggressor vipers! I’m looking forward to completing a shelf full of different aggressors.
  2. The Tamiya F-15 E was also re-released from the original McDonnell Douglas F-15E to the Boeing F-15e with bunker buster. The actual aircraft was the same, upgraded weapons and decals. If the same ‘treatment’ was made to the Thunderbirds kit, it would be a big seller for sure!
  3. Another masterpiece, and amazing photography too! Congratulations Chuck, and you really pumping out kit after kit at the moment! I can’t wait to see wants going to be next on your work bench.
  4. Very nice work, the older Tamiya kits don’t fit together like a modern one, but you’ve fixed the fit issues very nicely! With a light sand and a rescribe you’ll never know. I love the look of the parachute conduit, nice bit of scratch building as well!
  5. I think the makers of a real aircraft would try to match it to your model Chuck, looks amazing!!!
  6. An awesome phantom with great weathering, and dressed in what I believe are the best looking squadron markings, Jolly Rogers, what’s not to like?!?
  7. This is a awesome build! As everyone has said, the cockpit is incredible, the seats are perfect and I think the way you’ve moved the rudder adds to the visual interest of a kit. Looking forward to seeing more updates.
  8. I’ve just started mine, and it’s my first helicopter in over twenty years, I’m hoping that it comes out half as nice as this beast! Great looking Viper!!
  9. I’m not really sure why there’s 1/35 and 1/32?! Why not ist produce tanks/ armour in 1/32, and that would’ve left things open for endless possibilities for displays. With that said, I’ve just started my first helicopter in nearly 30 years, the Academy 1/35 AH-1Z Viper, and I’m absolutely loving it, it’s like a new hobby, I can’t wait to get a kitty hawk little bird and Blackhawk!
  10. The faded aggressor paint scheme is just awesome, very nice looking model!
  11. On the Tamiya website there is a list of each Tamiya dealer for that country, and the contact details. In Australia you can get a replacement sprue for about $20 aud. For me, that’s pretty good, if they have the parts in stock, I’ll have it in a week, if not it’s about 6 weeks. And I’ve already ask for the thunderbirds intake sprue, it’s not available! Also people sell sprues on e bay, it can be expensive but it’s cheaper than a new kit!
  12. The Starfighter is looking awesome Chuck, but in black and with the wings taped, I think it looks more like the X-15! Either way it’ll be awesome when done. Also I just received my latest copy of Fine Scale Modeller in the post, which features a very familiar black F-5 aggressor, congratulations!!
  13. Unbelievable detail, it’s so very realistic! The paint work and weathering is perfect, and I know it’s been said before, but the figures are next level.
  14. I’m on board with this Marcel! I’ve got the A model with a heap of aftermarket goodies, but I’m scared to start it for some reason. Looking forward to seeing this come together, good luck!
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