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  1. Looking great do far, very nice paint, weathering and chipping done. I'll be following this build for sure, keep the updates coming!
  2. Steinerman, you did forget the best reference, get on a plane and go to Hawaii, obviously Mighty Mo is very different now from WW2, so what, go to Hawaii and Pearl Harbor!
  3. Absolutely amazing work. I think that even on a massive battleship, it's the smallest details that pull it off. I don't know what reference material you have, but I have the Paul Stillwell book for when I get on to my Mighty Mo, I would definitely recommend it.
  4. Very nice looking Mig Gazza, I love the exhaust and the weathering. That's also a good looking garden and pool you've got there too!
  5. Very true Steinerman, the other thing is that you also become very accustomed to doing sections that are very repetitive, currently I'm building the aviation fuel line which was on the port side of the ship. The fuel line was supported by what I'd describe as saddles, which I'm building out of drink can aluminium. Pieces that are probably less than a millimetre by 3 millimetres, but I think that it adds so much to the look. I hope to have an update within a week or so. Thanks for the interest in this build.
  6. I'm on board for this, I've got this kit and the pontos set as well, but I need to finish off my Arizona first! Great start on the AA's and quad bofors, looking forward to seeing more!
  7. Maybe it's just me, but this seems to have gone together very quickly, great job so far, I'm looking forward to seeing some paint fly!
  8. I think that with the type of detail sets from the likes of Eduard and Mk1 design producing photo etch and wooden decks, you can (with a lot of hard work) end up with a excellent large scale model of one of the most recognised ships of all time. Yes, it won't be 100% accurate, but with a good paint job and good modelling skills, it will look awesome, not my cup of tea, I prefer military kits, I'm hoping Trumpeter will bring out a Nimitz class 1/200, not holding my breath!
  9. I'm starting to see these kits popping up in a lot more shops now, and I can't but help wonder who is going to be the poor one that purchases this kit, I assume that they won't have an understanding of what they're in for. The work you've done here is amazing, you shouldn't be required to do this to achieve a good finish on a modern kit, but the work your doing and the results you're getting are great, and enjoyable to watch.
  10. This is going to be something that I'll enjoy watching, I'm already looking out for more updates! Great start
  11. Great looking bird, I really like the metal finishes around the exhaust areas and the photo etch in the cockpit. Very nice work.
  12. I've seen a few Su-27's built, but not like this, such a large model, finished like this, great work!!!
  13. It must feel great that, what must be thousands of people having looked at your build, but also that it's been respected and looked after for so long, over 26 years. Great work! I wish I could get a kit finished, let alone hold together for that long!
  14. Absolutely unbelievable!!! I just wish there was a class that I could attend to learn how to do that!
  15. Very nice looking ships here, both the Uss Jenkins, and the Bismarck. I love the paint job, and the attention to detail is amazing. Some very nice work. I'm also digging the Hornet and the A-7 on the top shelf there too!
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