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  1. This will be awesome to follow
  2. Awesome build, a pair of A-7’s with a full weapons load, looks great! I’m hoping you get back on board with your Trumpeter build, that Aires cockpit looks amazing!!!
  3. I can’t wait to see some paint fly over those rivets, it’s going to look incredible!
  4. Amazing effort, it looks so good! I really prefer modelling jets, but I have this kit in the stash. One day I’ll get on to it, and can only hope it looks half as good as this! Bravo!!!
  5. Awesome looking hornet! In my opinion it’s one of the nicest kits to build, it’s big, but not too big, great detail, a mountain of aftermarket gear is available, but still good out of the box!
  6. Very nice work on the pit, and the rest is shaping up to look like a masterpiece! Have you made a decision on VMFA 232 or 451 yet?
  7. I’m obviously doing a different hobby, because nothing I’m doing looks anywhere near this good, nor will it ever look this good! Amazing work!
  8. Love that paint job, it looks amazing, very realistic!
  9. I absolutely love the harrier jet, and I think this has done it justice from a very difficult kit, and with an awesome paint scheme. Job well done!
  10. I’ve ordered parts from Sprue Brothers 6 weeks ago, they were packed and shipped ( left the store) within 2 days, and have been at the international carriers facility for 6 weeks! But now the tracking system states it has left so hopefully I’ll get the package within a week.
  11. I have the A6-a in my stash, and that’s a kit from Trumpeter’s A team, I’m also about to start some super hornets, I know they require a bit of hard work, but you can get a great looking kit at the end. I’ve also got the F-117, and that looks pretty good also.
  12. Looks fantastic, I’m loving the aggressor scheme and the finish you’ve been able to achieve on what I can only imagine is a difficult kit. If that’s what you can achieve, for your next build you should do a WIP thread, I’m sure I’ll learn tips and tricks from you.
  13. Awesome viper, it’s hard to go past an aggressor! Very well done
  14. Amazing finish Eric! It’s a shame that due to the current environment Model Expo is cancelled, it would’ve been finished just in time, hopefully you’ll showcase it next year. But what an awesome looking display case, the F/A-18F with the F-35 is a shelf I think any modeller would be proud of!
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