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  1. You’ll need to let us know what magazine, I think everyone that has followed this build will be getting a copy! Once again, and I know it’s been said a thousand times, absolute masterpiece!
  2. I also like Hannants and BNA models.
  3. Simply amazing work Oliver, everything here is just perfect! I’d imagine that you could look at the really thing for hours, and not see all of the details that you’ve done. After a masterpiece like this, what’s next on your modelling desk?
  4. For me, my best purchase has been a 1/48 Tamils F-14a. I love the larger kits, but I haven’t finished anything in over three years, something needed to change! I thought I’d give 1/48 a crack, so I might as well get my favourite plane, the mighty Tomcat, and it’s been the best thing I’ve done, I’m enjoying the hobby again. It also opens the door to many planes I love, that will never be made in 1/32. I just don’t know if I should do a build thread on it in the non LSP section. If anyone is thinking of a smaller Tomcat, it’s highly recommend!!!
  5. Looking fantastic, this is really bring back some memories, I loved watching the dukes of hazard, and I started building car kit similar to these when I was about 7 years old. Keep up the great work
  6. Looks like I'll be buying a few more vipers! I was already eyeing off an Academy f-16 so I could do a blizzard scheme after my Alaskan splinter.
  7. It's time for a quick update, I've been working pretty hard on this kit lately, expecially considering the amount of hours I've been doing at work. I've also decided what marking I'll use, I'm going for the flanker splinter jet. The other good thing is that the MRP paints provide all the required paints for the aggressors, without having to mix anything, and I haven't heard a bad thing about these paints. But the work I have been doing has been on the Aires exhaust. For the metalizers, I've used the Model Masters lacquers, and I'm very happy with the results. I hadn't used them for a very long time, so I used the kit exhaust pettels for a colour template, as showed. This gave me a better idea on how the colours actually look, and with the sealer sprayed on them, how they react when covered tamiya masking tape. I was very glad to see everything stayed down, and with the use of tamiya paints, washes and pastels, this is the results I was able to achieve. It'll be a few weeks before my next update as I'm off to Fiji for a family holiday, but when I get back all rested and relaxed, my plan is to get the vertical stabliser done, and then into the intake and main landing gear and shell well. Thanks for looking. Bulla!
  8. Eric awesome work on what I think would be a challenging kit. I've got one in the stash, but it's great to see what can be done with it. I hope too see this beast next year at the expo.
  9. Perfect finish as always, and as very one as alraedy stated. I just wish you could travel around delivering, say a 5 day course on modelling skills, that would be a course i'd sign up for straight away, no questions asked! Great work Peter!
  10. The work you've done on the cockpit is just awesome, loving the paint chipping! But for me, it's the work you've done on the wheel wells, very neat and sharp work, the wiring looks top notch. What did you use to bundle the white wiring together, the black bands?
  11. I think that you'll enjoy it here, there's so much info and advice to get. I've just started the same build, a Tamiya f-16 aggressor, I'm thinking of the flanker splinter scheme. For help on the Viper, I'd look in the WIP section, there are amazing builds that are now complete, you'd be amazed on what some modellers can achieve!
  12. Thanks Marcel, I've got a GT resin intake, but when I opened it up, all the sections that are molded to form the main landing gear well front wall was broken. I do have a zactomodels set for the Academy kit, which is awesome. Just need to get a kit to use it on. Juggernaut, I don't think that I'll be able to address all the differences to a block 30, I do have a set of landing gear doors from the thunder kit (I don't even know how I have them, I've never purchased that kit!), and aftermaket wheels and stiffener plates, some scratch building for the lights, and a few other pieces. No doubt there will be areas I can't fix, like the landing gear. But I'll adjust what I can, and hope it's enough! Thanks for the interest.
  13. I've been wanting to start an Aggressor Viper for awhile now, collecting decals and bits and pieces of aftermarket details, now it's time for a fresh start! Having followed the awesome builds by Marcel, it's not hard to see the attraction to the aggressor birds, they're colourful, mean looking and they catch the eye. Theres still more yo get, including zactomodels sidewinders and maybe aim-120's. I'm sure that there will be more along the way, but I'll get started. I have the Tamiya kit, so I'll build a big mouthed viper, I have plenty of decals for a standard mouth bird, and the KASL exhausts, but it's hard to find an Academy F-16, but on line some hobby stores have future releases of academy vipers with ANG markings. Fingers crossed! My biggest problem is picking what set of decals to use. My tossing up between the Arctic Aggressor during 2008 by Afterburner, the arctic Aggressors during 2017 by Two Bobs and the Blue Splinter during 2018 by Two Bobs. To start off I'm just going to get started on some of the smaller bits and pieces that will go into the build. Hopefully I'll have more to come soon, and with a decision on what markings I'll use. Thanks for looking.
  14. Simply awesome work, just another example of the level of work being shown on this website, I'd feel out of place showing my work here. Next level stuff here, I'm looking forward to seeing the paint job getting done!
  15. Awesome as always Marcel, the display cabinet must look complete with all of the F-16 aggressors! Looking forward to watching your Tomcat masterpiece come together (my favourite aircraft) .
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