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  1. Squizzy

    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    I really enjoy watching a paint job start to go down, it's looking really good. And those exhausts look killer!
  2. Squizzy

    Academy F/A-18c Hornet

    With a lot of sanding, scribing, riveting and dry fitting done, I'd decided that the way I'm going to put the front together would be to assemble the front fuselage together, and slide the resin sections in for the top. Most of the surface details are fantastic, but there are sections that do need to be reworked, so with a healthy dose of OCD, I redone the lot! The photo etch that runs either side of the wheel bays is from the Amur reaver set, and it's the thinnest photo etch I've ever seen. Very fine, but easy to work with. And now it's on to a paint job on the Aires wheel bay and cockpit. Wish me luck, I'm thinking I'm going to need it! Thanks for looking.
  3. Squizzy

    Wingnut Wings Albatros B.II early

    This type of model isn't my cup of tea as I like modern jets, but I know great modelling when I see! This is an amazing example and a truly beautiful model.
  4. Squizzy

    F-8 E Crusader VMFA 235 Da Nang 1966

    Those Aires bays really do come up nicely with a bit of paint and weathering. I think that the weathering is done just right too, it's very easy to over do it. Great work!
  5. I'm thinking that the model companies should pay you Chuck for building their kits, as I have no doubt that sales go up when fellow modellers see your build threads. Great work, looking forward to seeing more.
  6. Squizzy

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    I've got both, and built both, (I've just started a WIP for a 'c') and I would suggest to go with the Academy set. There's plenty of after market for the Academy sets, but nowhere near as much for the supers, but that said, the trumpeter kit can be built into a very nice kit, there are several on this forum, they just require a lot more work.
  7. Looks so realistic, and I'm about to start using the MRP paints, good to know that you can get a finish like that with them.
  8. Squizzy

    Trumpeter F-14 intakes...

    I've used the zactomodels intakes, and I have another set for a future build, the detail is amazing, with the correct shape. The kit intakes are very squared off, almost like an F-15 eagle, and are covered in very deep rivets. That said, the trumpeter kit will build into a great looking model out of the box, but for accuracy, you'll need a few boxes of resin.
  9. Amazing work as always Chuck! I really do like watching your work on the panel lines and rivets with the wash in it. It's a joy to watch your work!
  10. Squizzy

    F-117A | Nighthawk | 1:32

    I've got one in the stash, so this will be awesome, because I'll be able to see what is possible, even if I am unable to achieve it myself!
  11. Amazing work on your phantom, I'm really looking forward to seeing it come together!
  12. Squizzy

    Hornet over Hanoi

    That's looking really good, I love the way the preshading looks on the wings. There's some very nice modelling going on here!
  13. Squizzy

    F-8 E Crusader VMFA 235 Da Nang 1966

    Very nice sharp fine work! Those vents are looking great. I can't wait to see more!
  14. Squizzy

    F-14A Tomcat Trumpeter 1:32

    Very nice, a big dirty cat, what not to like!