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  1. yes kevin you are right,i spoke with paul regarding his resin firefly and reckons it could be ready for the spring....he will be doing two versions from the same mould (sounds difficult) but hey were talking about paul fisher so any thing is possible....as i mentioned nothing is in stone regarding a vacform firefly....still nice looking aircraft all the same...
  2. hi radders, john and myself have spoke regarding the fairey firefly mk5, just wainting to see if john wants to proceed with that project???? i hope so its a good looking aeroplane...watch this space...
  3. the tigercat vacform......just wanted to say a big thank you to harold.... for his efforts and time he has put in to creating a set of wheels for the tigercat, he has created a part that i would certainly not even concider starting. so its a big thumbs up from me......i would also like to say a big thanks to john "tigger"wilkes too...as he was the one who offered to do the vacforming.......at this moment in time it is the only player in town and a vacform......im proud to say i had a part in making it happen.....1/32 F7F TIGERCAT.
  4. yes i agree, those wheels look really good, well done harold....
  5. i guess im the one responsible for the airframe??? we re- worked the fuselage where the canopy fits...having only just cut out the those parts from the sheet and trimmed to size, the fit it very good both halves go together pretty well...and certainly looks the part, earlier in the year i worked up the cockpit bulkheads inc a nose wheel floor. so i have templates for that area..i spoke with harold about making a cockpit set in resin,??????? as he has done a fantastic job with the wheels.. as with most scratch built projects "time" is the important element.....which runs away with us quicker than we know it...
  6. i have to agree with the others those wheels look really good well done....i would like a set as and when they are avaliable???? cheers.
  7. harold, i have found the combat models vac nose wheel here are the dimention's in millimeters overall tyre size is approx 18.5mm tyre to hub is 3.5mm hub is approx 13mm thickness is about 4mm...these measurements are taken from a two part vacform .....they look very close but i dont know if they are accurate...something to work with???i have messaged you some clear photo's of the main and nosewheel's...should you need any more info please ask....cheers paul......sp miniatures.
  8. harold, should i post some photos to you on a private email...i can do that....need to catch up with the modern world......
  9. all exciting stuff even mr tigercat himself is joining in...
  10. hi every one, yes i have lots of close ups of the nose wheel and other area's...on cd..i havnt posted on here yet as im not sure how to do it???????....do you do a std email with an attachment?????? and a small photo. or ...may i suggest WALKAROUND #12 F7F TIGERCAT..BY STEVE MUTH...this one is the pensacola museum tigercat......you can buy this one from sgmuth@optonline.net ....or there is another one i bought off EBAY UK.... AERODETAIL SERIES GRUMMAN F7F TIGERCAT... THESE CD'S ARE FULL OF CLOSE UPS of all the detail you will need in the wheel wells,u/c details, cockpit, engines,cowlings,exhausts its all there so if you are contemplating building the 1/32 tigercat these are a must buy.....the wheels that harold has produced are a fantastic step forward....lets hope we get to see some more of his talent in the near future..i for one certainly hope so.......i have some items that will be very useful for you to add to the sp miniatures/tigger models tigercat...watch this space....mr p
  11. yes those tyres are looking really good....do you have any idea's what you might use for the nosewheel.....its a skinny looking thing..i got a vacform nose wheel from the combat kit that i thought about doing a resin copy in two parts...its the one with the wheel covers fitted..... i saw peter's 1/24th scale tigercat last weekend "amazing" model...i understand he got a copy of our 1/32 tigercat............wonder what he will do with that?????
  12. hey harold, they are looking good...keep up the good work well done...
  13. does this mean we are getting close to a set of wheels????...i havn't done too much with the vacform this week....i do apologise..ive spoken with john about re profiling the nose area where the windscreen meets the nose, i wasnt happy with it....he has since in formed me that he has adjusted it..having looked at the pictures it is 100% better than the first proto type i did...what i have done is made up some bulk heads for the front cockpit and a bulk head for the nose wheel floor...i guess the next area will be the radar cockpit...i think what i will do is get some template's made up and take it from there.....wouldn't it be good to do an international 1/32 tigercat build.?????....."just an idea". i bought a vector resin engine to test fit in the cowlings and guess what it fitted like a glove.....if you havn't seen one of these works of art .???? you will not be disapointed .. same sort of level as airscale peter.."mint"...to be honest i got distracted on a seafire fr47 ive been didlin about with........i will be at SCALE MODEL WORLD next week end helping out my freind david allen on the "WINGS COCKPIT FIGURES " table for both days.....come and chat about tigercats if you want....ALL WELLCOME....
  14. sorry harold i dont have the size of the nose wheel...i guees it could be scaled from a photoraph "if you know how to do that"...when i built my 48th scale tigercat i used a p38 lightning nose wheel...very heavily thinned down...i buit that in 97 and still looks good..you can find pictures of that model on my facebook page...SP MINIATURES im not 100% sure if its correct but it looks ok.. there will be some one out there who knows the numbers?????? im sure...
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