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  1. Tony, we move these parts every hour of every day from non EU countries, an exit from the EU won’t stop this. Do you think BMW will halt sales after March, I don’t think so, money will always drive political will.
  2. Alclad’s Aqua Gloss is my all time go to sealer, it not only goes on like a dream, it gives the best protection for decaling to prevent silvering, once decals are applied a few more coats seal them in and you’re ready to weather using enamel based washes etc. This is my personal choice of course.
  3. Very, very nice sir. Gotta love a Jolly Roger.
  4. Absolutely bonkers build, your skills are miles ahead of mine. I love all things US Navy jets, the scratch build is amazing. I’ve also started following you on FB to see the Hawkeye build.
  5. It’s a gem of a build, very well done sir. You’ve made me want to brake mine out of the stash and start it.
  6. Hi everyone. After chatting to Jennings and seeing he had interest in Wessex decals, I've had a thought about doing a set of Wessex 5 and 2 stencil decals. Seeing as the three main colours would be White (for pre 82 High Viz Wessex 5's) Black (for post 82 Low Viz and RAF Yellow Mk 2's) and Yellow for the HF antenna, B for the Beacon location and possibly for the yellow circle Exhaust warnings. See Jennings set here... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=59683&hl=%2Bfly+%2Bwessex Would anyone be interested in this sort of thing? I'd even consider doing a joint
  7. Will you ship to he UK? If so I'm for one please.
  8. Hello again. In response for a few more pictures I've tried to do the best I could. Officers and men drinking tea around the NAFFI and USA Red Cross trucks. Time for the off, Troops move off for the final time before embarking the awaiting troop ships, while tanks from the 13th/18th Hussars pull ammunition sleds call Porpoises to the waiting LCT's What would life be without officers and clipboards?? Two senior officers ensure every detail is checked while their staff WREN holds on to her cap in the stiff breeze. A Centaur tank of the Royal Marines reverses onto
  9. First of all, thank you for all your likes, kind words, comments and suggestions. I do plan to break it out of the shed, good job I went for double doors on the shed when I bought the shed, foward thinking from my wife me thinks;) I am good friends with a professional photographer, I might have to pull a few favours and get some photos done. Having said that I will add some of the different scenes within the diorama, I'll add a little text to ex plane what was going through my head and how/what I used to replicate it. Thank you all again.
  10. Great service from Mike, thanks Mike for continuing the great Cobra Line of subjects. I wholeheartedly echo what's being said on here about Mike. Ian.
  11. Years gone by, I started this 'project' in my workshop. All those years ago, I had an idea to model the Accurate Armour, 1/35 scale, Landing Craft tank Mk 4. So it began. Using Accurate Armour's vessel, Resicast AVRE's, Sherman Crab, REME Sherman and Beach Recovery Sherman, Tamiya's Amphibious jeep and Royal Marines Centaur tank. With the tank deck covered I had an idea to use Italieri Dockside to moor the vessel alongside. 4 Dragon Sherman tanks followed. During this voyage, I discovered a bit of family history. My Great Uncle was part of the 13th/18th Hussars and took part on D-
  12. Would love to but the weather here isn't good at the moment, blowing a nice Atlantic gale. I'm not that good a photos anyway. Yes Floyd's correct, I wanted to depict the Chinook with the APU (Auxilary Power Unit) running but the rotors/engines stopped to save fuel. The ground troops providing cover while the aircrew wait for the off. Not to sure what the US Army do, but the RAF always have comm's to the pilot whilst stopped. You might see from the build thread there is a pilot figure in the pilots seat whilst the second pilot leaves the rear ramp to get the low down.
  13. Well I'm calling this project done. It's been a great build only made possible by Floyd Werner's conversion. I have a soft spot for Special Forces Helicopters so building this Mh-47 has been a great thrill and because my eyes aren't what they used to be, 1/35 is the best scale for me. Just got the MH-60 to build, need to get a set of up-turned exhausts and the now 'out of production' Cobra conversion (good luck with that I hear you say) After completing the base to represent an Afgan scene it was just a case of bringing the composite pieces together. Hope you like it and feel free
  14. Nice Wokka, aside from the Chinook your carry box is a work of travel art
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