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  1. As a recent owner of this kit, albeit the B-24D version, I'm all eyes and ears here! Happy new year Iain and looking forward to seeing more as this beauty of a kit evolves.
  2. Or at least I thought so... If anyone has either the Avionix cockpit set or the True Details seats, I'd be very interested in buying them.
  3. I was wondering that myself as there are Aires GRU-7A seats available. What I failed to read is that the hard to find True Details seats are, in fact, identical to the seats in the Avionix cockpit set, which seems easier to get hold of
  4. Hi to you all! Just resurrecting this thread as I am now the lucky owner of some of the nicest plastic I've yet to fondle! The Trumpeter A-6E is now in my stash and is fairly close to the top of the 'To Build' list. I've read most posts regarding the seats and it seems that the best ones are the True Details GRU-7s for the A-6E and AMS Resin's GBU-5's for the A-6A, would that be correct? I've looked into getting the Avionix cockpit set, but to be really honest it does not add that much extra detail for the money and includes what seem to be the wrong seats for either the-A or -E. As fa
  5. Iain, it's been a long time... I hope you are well and that the Connie will soon be in the 'Display' section! Are you planning to be at Telford this year?
  6. Hi Peter, I've followed the build from the early days, but somehow lost track only now to discover she's finished! There is nothing I can possibly add to the superlative comments above except to let you know that I'll be drooling all over her at Telford!
  7. As I'm just about to thrash a Trumpeter A-7E Corsair II into submission, I bet Tamiya will announce their own one just as I'm putting the decals on mine...
  8. Hi Anthony! Great to see your Mosquito input over at Britmodeller. As you can see, you got me to join up on LSP and so here I am, looking at this amazing piece of work!
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