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  1. Does anyone know if 'Just Plane Stuff' is still around? I'm looking at getting the 1/32 IJN WW2 carrier deck. Any on how to contact Dave Schemel would be appreciated. regards Bruce
  2. Hi Anthony Is it possible to buy the panel and HUD in NZ? It would save expensive postage $$ from the US. regards Bruce
  3. Looks ok to me Mal. If you concerned about colour accuracy, then colourcoats (enamel I think) is probably the best for naval ships. I don't need to tell you about the accuracy of colour photos from this period or 'scale effect'. Or maybe add more paint on the deck so that less 'wood' comes through the paint, and maybe add more tyre landing marks... Not sure if you can get colourcoats in Sweden tho...I got a number of tinlets prior to airlines banning them by sending airmail, so I'm also limited in paint stock... regards Bruce
  4. Hi Mal Great looking Corsair. As you correctly stated, USS Bunker Hill had Ms21 camouflage scheme when commissioned in 1943. This is a good website: http://www.shipcamouflage.com/usn_cv.htm One thing you should note about the carrier deck was also stained blue. It was called Flight deck stain 21 and was similar to Deck Blue 20-B, but the shade of blue was a bit lighter. From what I've read and seen on Essex class carriers, because of aircraft landing on the deck, the stain would wear away and the natural wood deck would be exposed over time. Some photos here of Bunker
  5. Hi Hugo These look awesome.... I noticed on shapeways that there is a 6 panel blast deflector. Is this for JBD 1, 2 and 3 (#4 JBD is the 4 panel blast deflector?)? I'm looking at getting one set. These look perfect for my dio that I've always wanted to build..just like NArita's F-14D, but I prefer the F-14A regards Bruce
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