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  1. im probably the wrong person to ask i know very little about the hornet having looked over the instructions and kit, the flat spine is very noticable, and the molds are not as crisp as id expect from a new kit, the detail is a bit soft in places the main issue for me is according to the instructions there are 150 steps to the build, and TBH they look very over complex i would take some sprue shots, but i managed to drop my camera this morning at the air museum i collected the kit from sorry i cant help any more
  2. guys, the revell decals in my kit look a little thick so ive been looking for replacment, but i cant find any? i may be blind but theres nothing for a 1/32 F/a-18e OR am i blind, if there is any UK links would be helpful thanks Mark
  3. thats cracking i may have got get some of those masks
  4. i have one on order, wont be long until its on the bench
  5. another one to watch, i like that scheme on the Intruder
  6. just caught up with this after a while, this is stunning mate
  7. ok chapps im about to embark on my first bi-plane, so ive been looking at lots and lots of youtube videos and on here for advice on rigging. now before i rush in with and expensive kit im going to practice on a 1/48 se5 i have in the stash that i keep putting off but..... the only ca i have is cheap'o' tube stuff from the pound shop, i do have a can of spray accelerator but i dont want to have to start spraying that stuff around while im rigging so i need a glue that meets the following sets in seconds is available in the UK actually works cheers guys
  8. i make my own serials all the time, normal ACRYLIC varnish is fine, i bought a vallejo matt rattle can and use that, never had a problem with it 1 - print the decal 2 - let it dry for an hour 3 - thin coat of varnish 4 - leave for an hour 5 - another this time slightly thicker coat 6 - leave over night 7 - use the decal
  9. im going to follow this with interest, i only wish they would bring out a B model
  10. have one on order so will be watching closely, however i dont think im up to the corrections your making
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