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  1. Sweet, gonna get me some of them. Did you cut the stem off and glue it on the PE? Tim
  2. Pete, I know the decals from Anyz but they sell knobs too??, If so, send me a link. I gotta get some!!! Tim
  3. Wow, looks so real. Amazing scratchbuilding job you've done!!! Can't wait to see the cockpit started. Tim
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the tip. EDIT: I checked and are they the clear ones or silver? Tim
  5. How did you make the cabin lights? I'd like to borrow that idea for my MH-60L. Tim
  6. Whoa, gotta get me some of that! Great job on the disco light!!! Tim
  7. The green square at the left bottom of the roof pic. Tim
  8. No, I mean the 2 front pieces of the roof toward the front. Tim
  9. What color green is that on the front? Tim
  10. Don't know about the apple phone, but if you have an android, just go to the play store and DL "Hobby color converter". It has a scale calculator with it. I use it all the time! Great paint callouts from alot of manufacturers as well. Highly recommend it!!! Tim
  11. Me, I go between LSP, ARC and Modeler's Alliance. MA is pretty cool seeing they have campaign ribbons for builds pertaining to the current campaign going on. I like it! Tim
  12. Me, I go to Spru Brothers, Scale Hobbyist and Hobbyworld USA. Tim
  13. Me, I'm going against the grain. I chose Photobucket. For 4.99$ a month, I can post up to 2500 pics. I don't post much, so 4.99$ is good for me. I tried the others, but PB seemed the easiest to navigate and post. Tim
  14. It's that time of the year again when Ken from Badger gives out his birthday offer for airbrushes. Any airbrush for 56$. You can't beat that at all. Did anybody take Ken up on his offer??? Me, I bought a Sotar 20/20 for 70$ shipped. Tim
  15. A little progress tonight. I gave myself a deadline of Christmas to get it done. Tim
  16. I was stalled for awhile due to work, but slowly getting back to work on the pesky intakes. No pics right now though, sorry! Tim
  17. I plan on attending. Hopefully I'll have the 1/20 Cessna 172 done because while I'm down there, I'm hand delivering it to a famous YouTube pilot's (Aviation 101) dad. They fly a 172 out of San Marcos. Check him out over on YT. His name is Josh and he's a really cool pilot to watch fly! Tim Tim
  18. I don't know what incident you're talking about but to properly clear the helo during operations, their needed to be a 4th crewmember in the back. I remember when I crewed, the requirement was only 3 so the left side was never cleared while taking off, inflight and landing. I sat in the right crew chief seat, so I could not see over to the left. Gunners were good, but a 2nd crew chief works out ALOT better!!! Tim Tim
  19. Actually the UH-60 has a minimum crew of 4 now. 2 pilots and 2 crew chiefs. No more strictly gunners. The requirements and safety of flight changed the crew to 4. Both crew chiefs share in the load of performing crew chief duties before, during and after flight. Tim
  20. What about the GWOT suggestion? Tim
  21. For the last time spot, how about GWOT-- Global War on Terror. Any aircraft being used during the GWOT era. It must have markings that were used during that time frame. Tim
  22. Since there is no aftermarket detail set that can turn Kitty Hawk's 1/35 scale MH-60L into an early model UH-60A/L and we don't know if KH will produce an early model UH-60, I decided to scratchbuild a UH-60A/L instrument panel using the Kitty Hawk MH-60L panel. It was alot of sanding in order to thin down the back of the part enough to reuse the gauges. It was like playing with photoetch! Here's a closer look at the new center console Sorry for the out of focus pics. If someone can tell me how to post clear pics while using a Samsung 8+, I'm all ears. Tim
  23. Been there done that about 4 years ago. Pain in my back and under my right arm up onto my chest. Hurt like you would not believe. The after pain of neuralgia was just as bad for me. It lasted for months like a prickly skin feeling. Trust me, get the shot! Tim
  24. Wow!!! Coming from a former Army Hawk crew chief, that roof looks totally awesome. I love the rivet work! Tim
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