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  1. The crash axe was 3d printed in resin and will be part of a detail upgrade kit from a aftermarket company coming out soon. It's not part of the actual kit though. 

    With your talent, you can make one and it will look outstanding. I'll PM you a crash axe pic.





  2. I'm bias as I was part of the R&D team with Floyd Werner and others and we think we nailed it pretty good.

    The only fit issue I keep hearing about is that when you close up the fuselage, it's a tight fit so modelers have been carefully sanding the outside of all the cabin walls that come in contact with the fuselage half on both sides until the fuselage is alot more easy to go together.


    A certain helicopter aftermarket company is in the process of making some goodies for the MH-60L, so stay tuned!!!! Just sayin 





  3. Now before all of you lambast me and tar & feather me, I decided to go back to PB a few months back and pay $4.99 a month for 2500 pics limit. That's good for me since I don't get to model a whole lot. 

    I've noticed recently while uploading my pics from PB to a WIP thread, that my pics that were in great focus before are posted with a big difference in focus. Not sure why.

    I wouldn't mind giving Flickr another try if my pics would be better focused and they would stop having issues and bugs ( the reason I changed).

    Try to keep it civil,  ok?


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