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  1. Veeeery nice. Really unusual subject- wasnt aware of the IAR version. Engine and cockpit look great.
  2. Im in the middle of one of these- been doing some scratch building of the tray behind the pilots head with the camera on it. Nice overall sillouette but you can tell its an upscaled 1/48- internal fit quite poor and short on detail although I used the Eduard P51B set for the Trumpeter. Look forward to following your build. By the way- Ive been 3D printing a corrected spinner for this kit if you are interested. There are two versions- see this thread: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=72188
  3. Can only add to those above- Ive tried everything- Tamiya, Gunze, Humbrol, Xtracrylic, Alclads new colour range, Vallejo, Hataka, Lifecolor...you name it, and they all have pro's and cons. I have no hesitation in saying I found Mr Paint to be the best acrylic out there (Im sure someone will disagree, but thats my experience). Excellent colour match, easy to work with, great finish, good value. I am gradually moving over to use it entirely and have been buying 3 or 4 every month- cant speak highly enough of them. As has been mentioned, they come pre-mixed- dont need any aditions. Good coverage but consider lower pressure (10-15 PSI) and build up coats.
  4. Very nice- great finish and a rarely seen scheme.
  5. Well, the re-released F4G Wild Weasel isnt that cheap (£50 is the cheapest Ive seen on Fleabay) so I doubt the Mirage will be less than that. Mind you, the Italeri version is averaging around £70, so theres room to make it a bit cheaper- just dont expect to see £30 ones like theyve done with the new P51/Fw190 etc
  6. Beautifully done- Bravo. As has been said, that AMUR Cowl really changes the shape...
  7. Looks really good value for money. Looking forward to seeing a few examples in the 'ready for inspection' threads.
  8. Yup- G-6AS. Also agree as to why the tailwheel seems so long.
  9. Think 'they' are here and have been for a very, very long time- possibly longer than us. Think the governments know, but wont say anything because, although they know they are here, and have tried, and failed, since the late '40's to intercept them, they still dont know who they are or what they are doing here, and as we know, they display flight characteristics way in advance of anything we have (or that the human body could stand) so are therefore far more advanced than we are. It would be like the government admitting they cant defend their own airspace or defend the populace, so we have to endure the media sniggering and witnesses being villified over a phenomenon which the powers that be have known about since at least the end of WWII. Think one of the best witnesses and commentators on the subject was the late Major Gordon Cooper- the last American to fly solo in space and a paid up member of 'the right stuff' club. In one interview he said: "For many years I have lived with a secret, in a secrecy imposed on all specialists in astronautics. I can now reveal that every day, in the USA, our radar instruments capture objects of form and composition unknown to us. And there are thousands of witness reports and a quantity of documents to prove this, but nobody wants to make them public. Why? Because authority is afraid that people may think of God knows what kind of horrible invaders. So the password still is: We have to avoid panic by all means."
  10. Fantastic! Ive got one of these in the stash, and I recently did the non-trop HobbyBoss Vb- really nice kit and I like the camo youve chosen. Great build.
  11. Very nice build. I see Trumpeters 'rivet monster' had been at work again, but well put together and painted- bravo.
  12. Sometimes get them in Eduard photo-etch sets, but not 24 of them...
  13. £29.53 delivered in the UK from Model Hobbies via Ebay. The new Revell Spit IX going for as little as £22.95 and the Arado 196B for £20!!! Loving this 1/32 Revell revolution. Cant imagine its going to do much for the sales of Dragon and Hasegawa P51D's...
  14. Dont know whats involved with shoehorning the Aires Trumpeter P51B cockpit into the old Revell kit- seem to remember the are some serious shape issues with the Trumpeter fuselage and aires cockpits arent renowned for being an easy fit at the best of times! Ive just been using parts of the Eduard Interior set for the Trumpeter kit on my Hobbycraft P51A, and much of it works, so that would be an option- It includes a seat and cockpit walls, plus theres also a placard set with lots of bits to busy up the cockpit if you went the semi scratch building root. Its discontinued on the Eduard site, but you see them on Ebay regularly. https://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/Photo-etched-parts/Zoom-set/Aircraft/1-32/P-51B-interior-S-A-1-32.html?cur=1 https://www.eduard.com/store/Aircraft-and-helicopters/1-32/P-51B-placards-S-A-1-32.html?lang=1 There used to be an Eduard interior set for the Revell kit, but I think its long out of production
  15. Tony- yes, the Haltons looked amazing. Seen a pic of a BOAC one in NMF- looked awesome. These are the ones I like: MARU- yeah Hutton-le Hole is cool, but Yorkshire air museum is in the same area and much better- they have one of the only complete Halifax's in the world (its actually a reconstruction with the fuselage of a MkII and wings off an HP Hastings!) plus tons of other interesting aircraft, plus its at the old RAF Elvington, which was a 4 group Halifax airfield- 77sqn to start with then two Free French Halifax squadrons after '44 (346 "Guyenne" and 347 "Tunisie") who had the dubious honour of having nearly half their aircrew killed whilst based there. The control tower is exactly as it was during the war and a very eerie place- supposed to be haunted and I can well believe it- too quiet....Anyway- well worth a visit for aircraft nerds like us. See here: http://yorkshireairmuseum.org/ Facinating film about their new Mirage IVa project: http://yorkshireairmuseum.org/exhibits/cold-war-aircraft/dassault-mirage-iva/ Also, Maru- Im finally building that Mk1a Mustang, so am in that Mustang book everyday at the moment!
  16. Ive seen this model in the flesh and its very impressive. I love the Halifax and would buy a 1/32 scale model of one in a heartbeat. Particularly like the 'Met' ones or the glider tugs with the later type Merlin installation (a bit more aerodynamic than the first type) before they went to the radial Hercules in the MkIII. I grew up near York surrounded by old bomber airfields- very much Halifax country rather than Lancasters which tended to be further South in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. The model depicts one from No10 sqn, whose old airfield, Melbourne, was turned into a drag strip ('New York raceway') where I spent many a Sunday, but the nearest to my house was Tockwith, known as RAF Marston Moor, which was also Halifax's- Leonard Cheshires old airfield. There was also Ruffoth, Linton on Ouse and East Moor. Spoken to some of the old folk who describe the thunderous noise at night as the 'Halibags' headed out East in trail, and the off beat sound of damaged ones limping back in the morning. In York town centre there are several pubs and cafes that were frequented by aircrew- Canadians, Aussies, New Zealanders and South Africans to name a few. Theres also mirror in a cafe called Betty's tearoom, where the aircrew used to scrawl their names using a diamond tipped pen- See here: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-8fMPgBnzK68/UyIlyJARjyI/AAAAAAAAAqM/g50fH6M-Wzk/s1600/Bettys+Mirror.jpg https://www.raf.mod.uk/raflintononouse/rafcms/mediafiles/04282BF1_1143_EC82_2E496DEBCDD5E9E0.jpg Always wondered how many of those names spent their last afternoon in that cafe...
  17. Fantastic work- Bravo! How did you find the MDC cockpit to work with?
  18. Thunda

    Ne Mask

    Try TinyPic: http://tinypic.com/ Free and easy to use.
  19. I have to admit to being Hasegawa biased in this. Im building a Revell version of the 190 Dora, which I understand is entirely Hasegawa molds but Revell plastic. It feels very different to work- the plastic being much more brittle and the panel lines not as crisp. Then you have the instructions- I know most of us here dont stick to them entirely, but they are just a complete mess from Revell- printed on horrible cheap sugar paper with weird colour call outs only in Revell colours in the build instructions (with a few RLM markings in the back) that has me flicking backwards and forwards trying to decipher the revell mixes into recognisable formats. Im actually using a set from a Hasgawa Dora I built previously. I havent tackled either of the new tool Revell 190A's/F's, but as Im a 'buttoned up' man, sounds as though I wont be either- the Hasegawa A's are a joy to build and what they lack in some detail around the cowling I can forgive in terms of fit. Obviously, Revell A's are significantly cheaper than Hasegawa, particularly in the UK (probably about half the price) although Doras on Ebay can be around £25ish for Revell and £30 for Hasegawa. Will be interesting to see what Tamiya bring to the table, and I understand that Zoukei Mura were talking about bringing out an A as well.
  20. The Hi-Tec kit seems to have most of what you would want in terms of resin and photo etch as standard. Yahu do a wonderful IP and CK do a metal cored resin undercarriage and resin exhaust- Ive bought both for mine and they look great. Other than that, cant see what else you could buy unless you were looking to do some sort of a conversion, in which case you can get a full engine, firewall and panels from AA productions. Wheels and parts of interior are already resin, its got a good photo etch IP as standard- its a beautiful kit!
  21. Gorgeous! Love 'em both! Know exactly what you mean about the build up of kits of a particular type, and Im the same as you in that I have many 109's and 190's, and am just about to start a 'speed build' of one of the 190's (a D9 late Revell) with minimal AM. I also have a rule that I wont start a fresh kit until the previous one is finished (for obvious reasons!). Anyway, lovely work, man!
  22. Great result from that 'difficult to make look good' kit- cant remember seeing one thats come out as well.
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