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  1. Outstanding...any Cobra pilot would be glad to have one on his/her shelf. I must see 15-20 of these a week, maybe it's time I had Sprue Bros/Scale Hobbyist send me one.
  2. If he can fly that, AIN'T no way I'm gonna mess with him.....UH UH!!!, That is probably the coolest WHIF scratch build, I've seen period.
  3. ......Have they started the molds yet?.....I'm all set to preorder mine from whoever
  4. An IJN A5M5 on the level of the Spit and Mustangs already on the shelves
  5. It has been said that a Tiger can't change it's stripes....well in this case I'm glad it can't.....A very, very very fine display of modeling skills.....outstanding build
  6. Ok now I'm really totally discombuberated....every build in this forum is so well done a contest judge will be in the funny farm trying to decide on a winner
  7. for your next move, just leave your addy so they'll know where to mail the trophy for best of show that is OUTSTANDING!!!
  8. Excellent build, it looks like your wind shield, was in need of some work, got pulled and no one told the aircrew, well that's what I'd say
  9. I'm beginning to not like coming here, every time I do someone has done a superb build of a kit I'd like to do only far better than I'll ever do IT!!!!, what can I say that ain't been said; so I'll repeat outstanding build
  10. HUBBA, HUBBA and then some more HUBBA, HUBBA.. ..............be still my palputating heart!!!!
  11. Finally my local Hobby-Lobby has one of Revell F-4G kits on the shelf listed at $54; however with a 40-50% coupon I should be able to grab one for around $36 or so; however after looking at the box and what the kit looks like when done OOB by a company builder I was somewhat saddened to see the seats, Is anyone that is a [serious modeler] and a liphe long Phantom Phanatic going to use [that] seat; to me it just looks WRONG!!! . Granted I haven't seen all Phantoms, meaning only late C's D's, E's, and G's (F's are German E's with a few changes in a manner of speaking), so some of the earlier C's may have had seats that looked like that, but I don't think so, IMHO Revell's mold makers screwed the pooch on the seats, add to that I'm not as updated as some in this illustrious haven for made modelers, but when did the Phantom get cleared to use AMRAAM's
  12. I've been saying that for two years, only with me it a build period, 32nd -109G anything is possible
  13. It appears that 32031 is an early cockpit and 32034 is a late or updated version
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