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  1. I've just been sittin' back, watching this topic delicately navigate the forums waters.... And I am so happy that he actually did what he said he would do. Maybe he just gets all the bidders, and then offers it to ALL of them for $90? Maybe that's how he is sorting and organizing his production runs? I think the language barrier might be playing a big part in this too. Anyway, if this goes off without too much of a hitch for Alfons, I will definitely be getting one! Bob
  2. Pics of engine from two nights ago. I'm pretty happy with the amount of detail Trumpeter put into this thing.
  3. Coolest part is that it fits perfectly.
  4. I think I have built armor with less parts than the engine on this thing. Update soon. I promise.
  5. Hey everyone. I would like to join the group build with Trumpeters 1/32 A-1D Skyraider in Marine Corps markings from VMA-324. My grandfather was an air traffic controller in the Marines during the war. He gave me his jacket from Korea for Christmas this last year and I would like to build this model for him for his 85th birthday in August. Perfect motivation for a Hyper-Fast build(at least for me). Wish me luck! Bob P.S. Special thanks to DONG for providing me this kit. Thanks again Don!
  6. Thanks everyone. Good to know. Look's like I'm going to stick to the stock gear.
  7. So...will SAC's landing gear for the Kinetic F-86 work and be proper for the new Kitty Hawk D model?
  8. Holy cow! That's over 4 feet! I couldn't even imagine doing something of this magnitude. Now this is dedication to ones hobby. Just incredible.
  9. Oh boy that looks great. My should be in the mail today. Can't wait to get it! Fingers crossed.
  10. That 1/72 dio is a cool idea. I want to do an IXc with cutaways and full interior. Some day maybe... I would get a Kingfisher. The 1/48 HiTech(with PE) Monogram kit was one of my first models airplanes after I switched from building cars back in the day.
  11. 1/32 Gato/Balao class sub? Holy balls that would be gigantic! While we are at it, how about a 1/32 IXc U-Boat to go along with it and Revell's Ar196? The sad thing is I would probably buy the IXc....can anyone say second and third mortgage? We could get some trumpeter us navy aircraft and do a diorama of the capture of the U505. Nobody uses the pool anymore anyways....
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