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  1. The original decals from the '70s which I will use to retrace in Silhouette Studio: And Airfix's paint scheme:
  2. A colleague of mine helping me out, just passed me this article: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235011202-352nd-fg-blue-nosed-birds-of-bodney/ It's great to see the support in this forum. I am not looking for percentile accuracy. The pictures shared so far refresh my memory what paint my Grandpa used for the model that he built, so it's great help. At the same time, while I am waiting for all the after market parts coming in to start the build, I am enjoying the research part on this plane, the fighter group and it's history. That's at least part of the fun related to this build. Typically I follow the kit manufacturer's instructions, Google some pics, cut some masks and knock the kit out. Thanks everyone in this thread for all your help, recommendations and insights. It makes this build more enjoyable and special for me.
  3. Very useful information. The color is quite close on how I thought my Grandpa's plane he built looks like. I will take this as a reference, and will drive by at HQHobbies in Milford, CT who have a ton of Modelmaster paints. Will keep you posted if I found them and how they look after mixing.
  4. Very nice pics. Quite a darker blue compared to the pics I have seen so far..
  5. That's really nice. I think have some boxes of Model Master in my stash, and if not available, my favorite local hobby store has a lot of them still. It's hard to dissect this b/w pic. Looks like the later (1944) blue scheme, with the darker paint, was used. Thank you for doing this!
  6. I read that this what Airfix called 'Superkit' was released in 1972. I was born in 1967, and 5 yo when my Grandfather start building it. She he bought quite shortly after it was released. I still remember the smell of the paint, and how long it took to dry. As I was an impatient little kit, there were several finger prints of me on the plane. Good sentiments, and memories. Which are at least to me, very special.
  7. Thanks! I just ordered quite some after market resin (mostly Barracuda and some Eduard), books with reference pics and my colleague in the UK will continue to connect with Hornby if there is more info available. For Christmas, I probably get a photo booth, and will start sharing the progress I am making in the forums. Next weeks, I will share the retraced masks in Silhouette and PDF format so anyone else can use them. I am quite excited to start this project.
  8. UPDATE: A person on the Airfix forum was nice to share the original decal: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/723883340102772792/
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I found it and already downloaded the roundels which I definitely will use. I will also share the Silhouette Studio files that I plan to create on that forum too, using the scan of the original decals that someone shared with me last night. Am still scanning the interweb for historic pics of the planes, but barely anything I could find.
  10. Thanks a lot Kagemusha for the find. Nice catch. In parallel to your reply, someone on the Airfix forums send me a hi-res scan of the original decal. I probably start tracing the decal in Illustrator, import it in Silhouette Studio, and start cutting masks. I will use the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D kit as the basis for this build. For those who are interested, I will share the digital files with the members of this forum when I feel they are good enough.
  11. Thanks a lot Graham, very helpful. I will follow your recommendation to use BS381C 110 Roundel Blue as the reference point. In the only reference pic I found so far, it looks it's indeed a darker blue. I will probably start mixing colors using Tamiya's XF8 as a starting point.
  12. At the age of 5, my grandfather built me an Airfix 1/24 Mustang P-51D in the scheme of the 352nd, and flown by Col. Mason with "This is it" on the nose. I have special memories sitting down with Grandpa, brushing this plane with cans of Humbrol paint (when there were 2-3 colors of green) which felt like it took forever to finish. The model unfortunately didn't survive the many relocation and is just a pile of plastic parts. A couple of years, he passed away, and in his memory I want to build the same plane using the Tamiya 1/32 P51D kit. But, in exactly the same "This is it" version which was at that time on the boxart of the Airfix kit (and if I am correct, AMT released the same). I am desperately looking for a scan or copy of the decals used if anyone knows a source where to find it, and if possible the paint scheme in the instructions. I plan to use my Silhouette cutter, for the paint mask, and if I may, have a couple of questions and ask for help: 1. I only found one historic picture of this plane. Anyone have more pictures and background on the history of this plane? I only found this link: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/p-51-mustang/352nd-fg-p-51d-this-is-it-44-14911-pz-m-in-england-1944/ 2. UPDATE: I received a scan of the original decals. To make the design of the paint mask more accurate, are the original decals (which I will resize to 1/32) still available, or an accurate scan of the same. I am even willing to buy the kit if available still. Any source and direction is highly appreciated and would be very thankful. 3. Is there an accurate reference to the correct blue paint used on the nose/cowling? Likewise for the yellow at the tail section. Herber
  13. Thanks Kev and David-- Just picked up two cans of AS-12 Bare Metal Silver. Will keep you posted how things go.
  14. Thank Kev and Ron-- Will take your advise and stay away from the True Metal. Will probably try out Alclad and Tamiya's rattle cans first. I still I have an old Bf109 that I can use as a guinea pig for trying both first. Which Alclad and Tamiya rattlecan colors do you recommend that are closest to the real thing? I have seen a F-86 in real life once at a museum in Chino, CA, and it was very polished and shiny. I guess the real ones in service were less shiny.
  15. Am jealous Jerry, based on the review in this thread, and a review video on Youtube, I decided to order one too at my local hobby store for a pretty good price. Only have to wait a week which is fine as I keep on plowing around the house as the snow keeps on coming down here on the East Coast, and gives me time to buy (and try) the paints. Just a general question, this is my first bare metal model. In a long past I used Alclad for my car models and never seem to get it right (is probably me). What alternatives, and color would you guys recommend for painting the Dog in bare metal? Have read promising things on AK's True Metal.
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