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  1. Thank you all! Yes Mark, those are kit decals, i added only swastika from the spare box. I used Model Master enamels for RLM 81,82, 74,75, Gunze H74 for RLM84.
  2. Yes Kevin, you can publish and share my all posts, models etc. Thanks a lot! Here is the photo from the front
  3. Hello Here's my second model here. Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 + Eagle Part resin gun cowling. All paints are MM enamels. Cheers! Rahmi
  4. Thank you all! Gunze RLM65 + white and post shading with multiple variations of this mixture. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all kind words and comments! My full name is Rahmi Kocaman. I am from Turkey. Thanks!
  6. Thank you Kevin! Please feel free to sharing my all models on the website.
  7. Hello! Here is my first model here! Franz von Werra's Bf 109E-4 OOB Eduard 1:32 Cheers! Rahmi
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