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  1. Just changed by laptop password into the first 6,312 digits of Pi. Just in case.
  2. In the unlikely event that my wife comes across this thread: THIS IS A JOKE. My wife is not fat. She used to cox the Wales women's eights rowing team & she was basically the smallest (4'10"), lightest person in Wales, so she got the job.
  3. Like my wife. She's always been fat as well.
  4. That really is very, very well done - somebody has put an awful lot of effort into that, as well as some good photoshop skills. This bit was funny:
  5. Ah, I see. I did once change a wiper blade on my car, but I don't like to boast.
  6. I have no idea what anybody is talking about.
  7. I've highlighted the solution to not having enough modelling space in an apartment. You DO have enough modelling space, but it sounds like it's currently being taken up by another person?! Priorities.....
  8. Firstly - was his Ju 52 still in the box? If it was, I'm worried for myself. Secondly, people do generally smirk, laugh or roll their eyes when I say I model aeroplanes for a hobby. However, one good thing about getting older is that I no longer give a flying fig what people think or say - unless they are family or people I care about. Lastly, modelling is - by definition - quite a solitary hobby, what with hour after hour gluing, sanding and painting all on your todd. This does seem to attract those of us who tend to be more introverted than extroverted, and those same extroverted people think it's horrific to spend all that time on your own, and not down the pub, in a club, on a screen, etc. (Although I know some modellers who are anything but introverted). However, as an introvert I find the idea of spending all my time surrounded by people equally horrifying!
  9. That's why I got one of these on the door.... Security! by dekenba1, on Flickr
  10. Glad to hear you're improving, John. Those bomb bay fairings look interesting, may well be in for a few. As soon as I told people I had a box of 100 masks & 200 disposable latex-free gloves - for airbrushing - I suddenly became very popular. For now, I'll refrain from the airbrush until I can stock back up, but at least I've earned some valuable brownie points!
  11. It actually IS well insulated, with at least 50mm of double foiled PIR insulation on the walls, ceiling & floor!!
  12. Have you managed to do any more on this Jan?
  13. It's very comfy, but every know and again you get an overpowering sense of being overwhelmed. Can't quite put my finger on it......
  14. You are obviously a man of impeccable taste, Mike.
  15. Good idea! They'd only have to tool one set of wings, and they could re-use them for all the different kits.
  16. For anybody confused as to why I'm storing kits inside the shed roof, this is the rest of the shed before I started nailing kits to the ceiling: 20190709_182808 by dekenba1, on Flickr 20190622_124635 by dekenba1, on Flickr 20190622_124555 by dekenba1, on Flickr 20190621_142303 by dekenba1, on Flickr 20190622_124618 by dekenba1, on Flickr I just ran out of space.
  17. Uncanny. Are you living in my shed Mike?!
  18. For some reason, the wife is encouraging me to buy one...........
  19. More like guilt. The kits in the picture are about 10% of my stash.
  20. Interesting. I think Proxxon used to do something similar? Reminds me of a cross between my cordless Dewalt multi-tool & cordless Dremel. Could see the advantage especially for those doing lots of resin models. Whilst certainly squarely in the "not essential" category, it could prove useful for those with arthritis or similar conditions that make sanding painful. If it were cheaper, I'd 100% buy one to try (being an absolute sucker for this sort of stuff), but I'd imagine the EU price, after shipping & VAT, will be substantially higher?
  21. You need one of these, bach: 20190506_151817 by dekenba1, on Flickr Increase your stash capacity 20 fold. At least. A new white hard hat, you say? Undoubtedly for protection for your nut against the Saes coming in and complaining they can't read the Welsh place names. To really wind 'em up, answer them in Welsh. Don't forget to take your stun gun with you as well.
  22. Sounds epic! Although I already have models on the ceiling...... 20190711_194524 by dekenba1, on Flickr
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