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  1. More tiny, tiny updates. The light works!! Glued the little shelves at the bottom of the windows, sealing the insulation in; Nabbed a couple of these wire baskets from IKEA, which will be fitted to the underside of the workbench to slide in and out, hopefully to leave enough room for my knees: F Finally, I bought an airbrush paint booth on EBay for cheap. I already have one, and these can be joined up side-by-side, to make one big booth. With the B-24, B-25, Lancaster, O/400, etc, I figured a larger paint booth would be useful, now I had the space. It It's got built in lighting, which is useful, and I also grabbed an angle lamp. Thinking about the exit for the fumes that are pumped out, I only spray with acrylics. I'm not sure I need to exit the air outside, and that the filter will be sufficient to keep things clean. Is this right, or should I exit the fumes outside the shed? I've got the exit pipe - it's behind the paint booth in the picture - and I can make a hole and fit a cover on it, but I'm thinking that it's just not really required, as long as I keep the filter changed regularly. Is that right?
  2. People need to, in order: 1. Get a grip; 2. Get a life.
  3. You've bought WNW & Tamiya kits? Sounds like you've got it sorted already!
  4. It's far neater than every member commentating on a build thread, with the builder then thanking each commentator. Sometimes build threads contain very little building.
  5. I'd heartily recommend getting as much SSD memory in there as possible. Otherwise it'll boot up quickly and zip around, but as soon as you access the HDD's, it'll slow down. A lot. My 2TB SSD cost £200. Just an absolute bargain.
  6. My Spectrum had 16k. Cassette tape for uploads. Rubber keys. Plugged into a TV. Eight colours. My rich mates had 48k Spectrums. One very, very wealthy friend had a BBC B computer, with an actual hard disk. 20mb hard disk. I put a 2TB ssd in my laptop today. Oh how the world changes....
  7. Couple of odd replies in this thread, especially considering this forum is all about building military aeroplane models.
  8. They've put the new cowling on the rocket sprue, then added 80hp & 100hp Gnome sprues. It makes you wonder why they don't do more of this, as the marginal cost must be small compared to tooling a new kit? Well, I do wonder, then I remember than WNW are not a classic, normal, profit-maximising company. The advantage of having a billionaire WWI aviation fanatic as the owner. They've even managed to find a non PC-10 example! (Even if it is a trainer).
  9. I use Imageshack. It's OK - no automatic upload facility, no apps, bit basic - but it works. As for the costs - we've been spoiled over the years, as companies like Photobucket were running at a loss, hoping to recoup money via advertising. That business model is dead, so you have to be prepared to pay something, and $37 a year seems perfectly reasonable to me.Pay the $20 for the first year, then cancel for the next year, they may offer you another discount to stay.
  10. I'm so outraged, I'm seriously considering asking for a refund.
  11. Opening up boxes of free samples, fan mail, hate mail & choosing a new avatar?
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