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  1. DeanKB


    That's interesting. Perhaps HpH upped their game? The problem is that I've been so badly burned I'm not willing to find out.
  2. DeanKB


    With the greatest of respect, I've build many resin kits, like Silver Wings & Planet Models. I've also dealt with tons of resin AM, like Eduard. I actually enjoy resin builds. Silver Wings kits are an absolute joy to build. I consider myself an experienced resin builder, and I normally never avoid a kit because it's resin, as many builders do. Silver Wings resin kits just don't come attached to acres of resin. Eduard parts have simple resin spouts to remove, if any. Then, the parts fit, with minor - if any - adjustments needed. HpH, by comparison, comes with miles of resin attached. With the pools of resin, it's unclear how much of the resin needs to be removed, and the only way to remove it is to sand it. it can't be cut, because of the area. So you sand, only to find you've taken too much off, or too little, or done it perfectly and it still won't fit. To be clear, this is not a case of "new to resin", or preferring IP kits. There's a reason so many HpH kits get to the shelf of doom, a reason why you see so many kits started on WIP's and suddenly stop, a reason you that HpH completed builds are like rocking horse pooh. If a builder as skilled as Brian also finds then irksome, that's also pretty damning evidence in my book. Those who have successfully built HpH kits have my greatest respect. They have more skill & patience than I possess! I'm not saying the kits are unbuildable, more that - to me - they are not enjoyable to build and, that negates the whole point of the hobby.
  3. DeanKB


    To me, HpH's kit's are superbly manufactured, with detail abound, with plenty of PE thrown in as well. But, they seem to be designed without reference to building the bloody things. In the box, it looks for all the world like the best kit ever made. The surface detail is wonderful, everything appears to have been included in terms of detail - it's all there, every knob, every handle, every rivet, every panel line, every dial is included. But then you start to build. The resin needs cutting & sanding, then it doesn't quite fit as intended - in fact, it's out by quite a bit. So, more sanding, more dry fitting - closer, but not quite. More sanding, until - hallelujah! - it fits! But this is a resin kit, and resin kits tend to have parts like this, I hear you think? Yes, but my HpH Walrus needed this with every single part. All of them. I'm hoping that HpH's IP kits include not just a test shot, but a test build. I'm not convinced that their resin kits have proper test builds, because the results are so egregious as to surely be highlighted as needing more work before being unleashed on the fee paying public? It's a shame, because I really wanted a Fw 189, and a Helldiver. But I also want what's left of my sanity to remain.
  4. DeanKB


    Being HpH, I'm expecting some very obvious mistakes, allied to a price that puts off most modellers. Hopefully, I'll be pleasantly surprised, but until then I'm assuming they'll be less than acceptable. Yes, I'm a real barrel of laughs.
  5. HPH do not impress me - their Walrus was an absolute brute of a kit. Still is.
  6. Forgot to say, this arrived couple of weeks ago, as did a Trumpy 1/32 Razorback P-47D for more or less the same price. Ridiculously cheap, what with shipping costs being so high. Most importantly, both parcels avoided Parcelforce's dreaded VAT customs team, so I avoided the £8 + 20% charge on each kit. I just need to make some room for them now. I've got a plan - I'm turning the shed into a Tardis. Wish me luck. I need to get some blue paint to start with. Then a black hole or two. I'll finish the blue painting, then reappraise my situation.
  7. Just to give an indication of how well the insulation is working in the shed. Yesterday's outside temperature in the garden: Same day & time, the temperature in the shed: It really makes a huge difference. Without the insulation, it would be unbearable in there. The real test will come in the winter. We don't get many 30 degree + days in Wales, but we tend to get lots of cold, wet days in the winter. If the insulation can work equally well in reverse and keep the interior temperature significantly higher than the outside, I'll have many a day's happy modelling in there during the dark, dank winter days to come, without having to wear a coat, scarf & gloves.
  8. EBay, where I get most of my purchases from. There was a chap in Europe & he was selling a batch, so I basically cleaned him out of everything he had, because they are so bloody thin on the ground these days. Found him! https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/scalehobby-eu Here is his Rexx 1/32 stuff: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_odkw=rexx&_ssn=scalehobby-eu&_armrs=1&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=rexx+1%2F32&_sacat=0 Prices have gone up a bit - thanks, Brexit - and the prices make more sense if you buy in bulk, spread the shipping costs. That's my excuse, anyway. Don't worry about reviews - if you see any you want & the price is reasonable, just buy them. They are superb.
  9. My cat catches mice, then brings them into the house totally unharmed. I then have to find them & release them back into the woods at the rear of our garden, before they chew through something or other. Must be kind of bewildering & scary for the mice - I just hope it's not the same mouse over and over - "Oh crap, it's that bloody cat again, I'd better play dead."
  10. Now I'm scared of spiders and giant venomous centipedes. Great. Anything else? Any invisible giant 3 ft moths I need to know about? Or huge, mutated, radioactive, flesh eating ants? Or - argh! - flying invisible spiders!!??
  11. Americans seem to drop "u"'s from all sorts of words.
  12. I really hoped to win the lottery & marry Michelle Pfeiffer. I'm expecting WNW's hopes to be just as successful as mine.
  13. Agreed! I need to find a stash reduction psychiatrist. "I knew I was in serious trouble when I started nailing kits to the ceiling. When I started storing kits in the fridge, oven and microwave, I knew I'd gone too far. The dogs didn't like sharing their dog baskets with 1/32 Stukas, but the last straw came when I had to keep continually posting 100 kits to myself, purely to utilise the Post Office's warehousing facilities ".
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