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  1. Any chance you'd consider a 1/32 LAU-88? Its the 3 rail launcher for maverick missiles...F-4 and A-10 used them for a bit in 70-80's? thanks, bw
  2. Any AF fans out there ever wish Dave loaded A-10s instead of F/A-18s!!! jaw dropping stuff Dave!!
  3. Dear Cold War Studio, Would you consider a 1/32 Su-25 ++ modernization set for Trumpeter's offering? bw
  4. Norbert, thanks for the insight...guess Russian market isn't in to1/32...your stuff is eye watering though...preparing my next order.
  5. Any chance Advanced Models will make 1/32 versions of their weapons??
  6. Paul, After seeing your A-1E (reviewed by Mr. Benolkin on his web sight) you are the man for this project. I've long hopped a correction set would be available for the 1/32 A-10. You can count me in for two sets, budget cast aside for this one. Good luck, and i have a respectable library of A-10 references if you need an image of something. V/r, Bwog
  7. RAF Bentwaters circ 1980s WR on the tail...I could get some references (published) if you were interested. V/r, Briggs Warner
  8. Are these 1/32 chaff available yet...release date? Bwog2
  9. Harrison90, Really nice work, what did you use for fasteners for the wires(ejection seat) and hydrolic cables(landing gear)? again great work. Bwog
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