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  1. Outsanding work. Really love it. I also really love those Mr Color metal colours. Can you please tell me which ones you used? Cheers, David.
  2. Superb effort. I like the contrast and the subtle weathering. Now I want one...
  3. No, don't be like that. We build them for ourselves at the end of the day. What others think is nice, but as long as we are happy with our own then it doesn't really matter. Please post away!
  4. Hi Eagle Driver, I used an Avionix resin cockpit, the Wolfpack conversion set which has the resin feathered nozzles and maybe some resin for the seamless intakes but I think that's about it for the resin. The left fin is from the F-15J kit, and there is a little bit of photo-etch here and there to enhance specific areas as well as a little bit of styrene to enhance certain bits, but that's about it for aftermarket. The Tamiya kit is nice in itself once you figure out where it's issues lie. It is painted with Mr Color (my preferred brand of paint) for the most part and then Tamiya Sky for t
  5. Hi Guys, I am new around here, in fact - first post. I thought I would show some pictures of my Ra'am that I just completed. Critique is welcome but it is basically finished. More images can be obtained from my website. Cheerio. David. http://www.porterblemodels.com
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