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  1. Nakajima Ki-44-II Hei 1/48 Hasegawa. Marking: 3rd Chutai, 246th Sentai, Taisho airfield, Osaka area 1944 Colour: Gunze C, H and Tamiya acrylics Accessories: PE parts Eduard, resin kokpit parts S.B.S., decals Revi and wet transfers MYK Design Added: rivets Thank you for watching :-)
  2. Hi all This is my last finished project Eudard PP Bf 109E-3 1/48. I used resin parts Quickboost, gun barrels Master PL and masks AML. The marking belongs to 3.J/88, pilot Hans Schmoller - Haldy. Thanks for looking Mirek
  3. I finished the project of Ki-61. The result of my first experience with NMF surface isn´t bad, but some things I will have to do better. Hope you like it :-) Mirek
  4. Many thanks. I'm glad you like my attempt to make NMF surface. The gunze color series SM are fantastic and very user-friendly. Mirek
  5. I tried to do weathering. Although I will have to repair some things, the completion of this project will come soon.
  6. Little progress. I tried to distinguish inspection covers using fantastic masks from Dead Design Models. For darker shade I added a little drop of Gunze C gloss black into the Gunze SM01 and for lighter shade I used the Gunze C off white.
  7. Great result.Very well done. One note. This machine had removed the guns from the wing, becasue Kobayashi needed to improve the airplane's performance in the fight with the B-29. The holes were covered with a piece of metal.
  8. My first experience with metal color. I used Gunze SM01
  9. Although the result of black gloss primer isn't bad, I should polish the surfacer for more shinning.
  10. Start new project Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Taymia 1/48 with Kobayashi´s marking. The model kit is absolutely stunning! Highly recommend to everyone. Mirek
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