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  1. It's a shame. Got to change my target again. I hope to hear good news from you soon. Do you think to reprint the engine logo decals?
  2. Your are absolutely right Out2gtcha, but I think I will take the risk
  3. Thank You, here we go https://www.flickr.com/photos/152580474@N06/48258576547/in/album-72157709580158996/
  4. Hi everybody, I am very interested in this topic as I have just bought mine and would like to build in a 3 tones scheme. I found on Osprey Aircraft of Aces 125 page 61 a colour profile of a F6F-5 buno unknown of VF-2 USS Hornet with the rear window, non bulge on cowl and the lower cowl flap It is interesting if confirmed. Really don't know if it is possible to post a picture due to copyright laws In the meanwhile i am thinking madly to vacuform a new windscreen Hope it will be helpful
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