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  1. Very nice work, Whitey. I'll be quite happy if mine turns out as well as your build did.
  2. Once again, a big "Thank you" to all of you who checked out my build. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it. Since my last post, I finished construction and weathering in the cockpit, and the interior of the fuselage is ready to go as well. I am going to try to get everything buttoned up later today. As always, questions, comments, and critiques are welcome. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi all, So, it's been a while since I've updated progress on this project. I am very happy to say that is, in fact, not dead. I just haven't had a ton of spare time to work on it. Anyway, the cockpit is mostly complete at this point. There are only a few minor things which need to be addressed. As always, comments and critiques are welcome.
  4. It is actually a lighting issue. I try to take my photos in natural sunlight. However, I didn't think that the natural light was bringing out all of the detail in the engine. So, I placed a small LED light (probably not the best choice on my part ) on the engine as well. The difference between the two light sources is what brought out the different colors. Thanks for pointing that out. It gave me something to consider for taking future photos.
  5. Thanks for the comments from everyone. Work on the Zero is progressing slowly, but the cockpit floor has been finished. It hasn't been weathered yet, but I will wait to weather it until, I can weather the whole cockpit at once. Weathering will be light anyway, as this plane was relatively new on Dec 7, 1941.
  6. Hi all, This past Decemeber I had the good fortune to visit Hawaii. While I was in Hawaii, I visited Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Aviation Museum. On display at the museum is some of the wreckage from the Zero which crash landed on the island of Niihau on that fateful December morning. I had heard of the events surrounding and following the crash landing, but seeing the wreckage at the museum really brought the story to life for me. If you are unfamiliar with the incident, here is a link which will provide some background information on it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niihau_Incident. Inspired by my visit to Hawaii, I decided to delve into my Tamiya A6M2 which has been sitting on the shelf for way too long now. In addition to the kit, I will be using some goodies from Eduard and markings for the aircraft involved in the Niihau Incident. Without further ado, work on the project started with the Sakae engine. Comments and feedback are always welcome. Thanks.
  7. Hi All, I had a chance to get started with my entry to the Group Build, Trumpeter's SBD. Any comments, critiques, or criticisms along the way are certainly appreciated. Anyway, here is my first progress pic. The R-1820 is complete. For whatever reason, I really enjoy building radials. They are usually my favorite part of any build. Enjoy!!!
  8. Well, I was just about to start working on an FW 190 when I came across this thread. So I went and I checked the stash to see if might be able to participate in the group build without buying a new kit. Sadly, most of what I have in the stash is single engine, single pilot. (I guess I need to stop watching and start buying on eBay. ) Anyway, I did find a good one, Trumpeter's SBD, with a crew of two. I bought the kit along with the BigEd set and decals from Yellow-Wings a few years ago. Unfortunately, life got in the way, and I have yet to get started on it. I'll probably also order some resin wheels to replace the rubber ones that come with the kit. Plus, I may also order some metal landing gear as the kit will probably be decently heavy when it is built. I'll post some progress pics once I get started.
  9. Thomas, Here are a few of the problem that I ran into. - I could not get the instrument panel to fit in between the two fuselage halves. Granted, I used the Aires cockpit set, but I also test fitted the kit parts before I glued everything in place. Even the instrument panel (Part F19) which was supplied with the kit would not fit. - The chin radiator assembly also fit poorly. I needed to fill and sand the seam which was made by the two fuselage halves repeatedly to make it look like it was one piece. There was also a large gap at both the front and back of the radiator assembly (Parts A12, F11, F7, and E11). Again it took a lot of filling and sanding to remove these gaps. - The wings were another problem area. They didn't look quite right after I had assembled them. Once I tried to fit them to the fuselage, I immediately saw the problem. They were flat!!! There was no dihedral to speak of. This also left huge gaps at the fuselage to wing joins. So, I glued the bottom of the wing to the bottom of the fuselage. Once this was dry, I put glue on the edges of each the tops of the wing (Parts C1 and C2), and bent them until they met the fuselage. I then ran a rubber band between the wings over the top of the fuselage. I let everything dry overnight. When I removed the rubber band, the wings had a proper dihedral, and the nasty gaps at the wing/fuselage join were gone. - The was also a pretty bad gap at the rear seam where the bottom of the wing assembly met the fuselage. Again this required a fair amount of filling and sanding. - As has been mentioned elsewhere, the fit of the four parts (Parts A6, A11, A5, and A4) which cover the front of the fuselage was pretty bad. I made the issues worse, by including the engine. But I just didn't think it looked right to look through the holes in the cowling and see nothing. It took a lot of sanding and grinding, but you can make the engine fit. I also removed the small lip that Eduard molded on the parts to help fit them together. I found that the lip actually prevented some of the parts from fitting together properly. The parts went together much more smoothly after the lips was removed. - The final area that I had problems with was the canopy. After the problems I had getting the cockpit assembly to fit into the fuselage, I had decided to close the canopy. Unfortunately, the three parts that make up the canopy (Parts J1, J3, and J4) fit together so badly, that opted to leave it open. The worst fit was the front windscreen (Part J1). For some reason, it did not fit entirely across the width of the fuselage. I think the part must have been misshapen, because the other two parts (J3 and J4) did not have this problem. Well that is a list of some of the issues that I had. Hope your build is going well.
  10. Thanks for all of the comments and the warm welcome to the forum. I really appreciate it.
  11. As others have said, beautiful work!!! I love the paint scheme.
  12. Well, I got the photos to work this time. Thanks to all for their help. Oh, and by the way, for whatever reason the antenna wires look very squiggly in some of the photos. They are not like that on the actual model.
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