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  1. That is a sublime piece of modeling right there. J
  2. small update here. Finished the lady of the house. Got going on the last fig for the scene. The old cuss. Retired soldier on half pay. reminds me of somebody. Hmmmm. He started out as a civilian from the eastern front from the MB set. I removed what was not needed and added putty. Replaced the noggin with a Hornet one. Another app of putty. So you see where this one is going. Thanks for looking guys, J
  3. Nice project. Looks like it has very good surface detail, J
  4. That is a little gem of a kit and you did it justice for sure !
  5. Thanks joel for the very generous praise ! I appreciate it. I have to say that after scratchbuilding the nose for my resin kit of the Hs129,modifying those chickens was not much of a challenge ! The Henschel very nearly defeated me. J
  6. Shawn,Pete and Joe, Thanks so much for typing in such great comments gents ! You guys rock ! J
  7. Thanks Harv and Tim, Nice to see you are still with this one guys, J
  8. smallish update boy and fowl,puppy and duck. I had to modify the chickens as I wanted them to be pecking at the feed on the ground. They were molded to be sitting in a nest. I therefor had to add the bottom half and then legs were made from wire. The boy started as an MB figure from their eastern front civvies set. He has a down cast look about him. The hardest thing was to turn that into a grinning face. Remember this is 1/35 and the boy is smallish. Posing done and some putty begun Slapped on some paint. Mostly Vallejo but some Lifecolor for the flesh. Next up is the Hausfrau and the Alte Man. I have something in mind for the old man. Thanks for looking guys, J
  9. What is going on here ? Has this keel been laid now or is it still in the engineering phase ? J
  10. This looks really good and of course,I add my voice to the chorus for your perseverance. J
  11. There are two types of hardness and I used the soft type. WAYY too soft. Plus,it was very hard to get a seal going so it wouldn't suck up the paint. And also,the surface is too fuzzy. The stones were shades of gray and brown,mixed up for variation. The color will depend on where in the world you want to show. J
  12. Daywalker and Dean, Thanks Gents for the nice comments. This was actually done to try and relax myself a bit. So I am touched if it does the same to you. Nice of you to say. Hopefully the figs will continue that trend when I add them. J
  13. Color for the house ? I used mostly Vallejo yellow gray as it is the best for concrete and raw plaster but I also tint that white white and black for contrasting areas. A bit of med green for mildew at the bottome. The wooden parts are from the AK aged wood set. The roof tiles are various tones using Vallejo saddle leather as a base. The foiliage is all different shades of olive green. The house was scratchbuilt with balsa foam and sealed with a white glue mix. I will not use this stuff again. I didn't like it. J
  14. Thanks Joel,for the very generous comments. I appreciate them, J
  15. Brian,Jim and Joe,thanks guys for the rapid reponse and kind words. Joe,the chickens are on the way ! Actually,thanks for the reminder as I must locate them. J
  16. Pete,Harv,Joe and Brian, You guys got me pumped up this morning so I will show you some more progress on more layers here. Almost done with groundwork now. Thanks for looking guys. You can see a new broom,grapevine,ivy and rosebush among other things now. J
  17. Joe,Harv,Pete and Jim, Thanks guys for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it fellas. J
  18. Thanks a bunch Tim,for the nice comments, Got some more finished and more underway. The shed is being constructed just like the real ones. Timber frame roof with lathework going across. Underside showing the way the roof tiles are hung from the lathe. Next to the cottage I wanted to show ome of the food sources being grown on the little patch of land these folks would have use of. I chose the challenge of cauliflower. The plants are from a MM railroad form named JTT. The one on the bottom is stock and then you see what my tweeks were on top. I spent one afternoon building a fence from branches woven together and then a night and next day painstakingly building a wine vine on it. The vine has a thick trunk made from a real root and then vines made from real natural material. The leaves are fro paper by Fredericus Rex,formed and painted. There are also pewter grape clusters for the Rex kit that can't be seen on these pics. To top it off I made curly cues of thin thin wire painted green for the vine "feelers". I hope to take later pics showing all this. In the meantime "Greeeen Acres is the place to be."
  19. The source of the subject is my fevered brain. The tiles were made from evergreen stock and then cast in resin in rows of 4,5 and 6. The house was made from walls of balsa foam and a roof of matt board. The foundation was plaster of paris. HTH, J
  20. Thanks Joe. I used to enjoy HO scale model railroading,specially the scenery part so yes,I love the peaceful scenes as well. In a way,it shows how the state of war is an obscene punctuation in life. J
  21. Actually it is hard to see but there are 3 bunnies in there. They are raised for the dinner plate,yes. I had them on a farm in Italy where everything we had for dinner was from the premises. Right down to the wine and liquor. Tasty
  22. Well Peter, Just a quick note to confirm I am of ,course,still following along here. I haven't posted because I honestly am flabbergasted and really have no words that are different from everyone else about the metallic magnificence that is going on here. This is really something. J
  23. Shawn,Hubert and Troy, Thanks Gents,for realizing my intentions. A little "eye in the storm" maybe is a good thing right now. J
  24. I found the best thing for it is to spend maximum time away from the TV and the interwebs,like facebook,etc. J
  25. Joe,Jim and Brian, You guys are awesome and are really helping me keep invigorated about building this peaceful scene. Thanks guys,I appreciate it, J
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