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  1. Gloucester Nige

    A-6E seats

    Thanks Guys.. I guess the kit hasn't proved popular enough for the AM guys to produce stuff?? Much like the F-18F....
  2. Gloucester Nige

    A-6E seats

    I'm looking for a little advice please.. I seem to remember people saying the seats in the Trumpeter 1/32 A-6A kit are incorrect? The A had MB GRU7's right? I have just bought an A-6E and intend to go down the Eduard route with it. Are the seats correct for the A-6E kit, as I can't seem to find seats for the A-6E in resin?
  3. Looks great Peter. Very clean, very precise and very colourful!!
  4. Gloucester Nige

    New 1/32 Tomcat from Tamiya???

    Sorry Jeff, you misunderstood me. I was saying I was off topic by talking about high prices and asking how much the HKM B-17 was in the US. I was in no way pointing the finger at anyone.. So.. how much was the B-17 in the US/Canada?
  5. Gloucester Nige

    New 1/32 Tomcat from Tamiya???

    A little off topic, but I'm the OP, so... You say $300 + would be a record in the USA?? How much was the rrp on the HKM B-17G?? On topic, i just bought the 1/48 Cat, and am comparing it to my 1/32 version, both Tamiya. The old big Kitty is really showing its age. WE NEED A NEW ONE PLEASE TAMIYA!!
  6. Gloucester Nige

    New 1/32 Tomcat from Tamiya???

    Hi all, I was browsing the 'net last night and found a blog by a respected modeller, who I won't name, that thinks Tamiya will bring out a new 1/32 Tomcat?? This would be great news as they will certainly get it right. Anybody have an opinion on this??
  7. As the title says Gary, please send a quote for the A-10 engine set and the F105G nose in 1/32. I am based in the UK.
  8. Gloucester Nige

    HGW wet transfers

    Thanks for all your tips guys. I have bought some Mr Mark Softer and have used it with great results. I've only done the fuel and oil tank decals on my Mossie, over a thin coat of future on the silver oil tanks and X-22 on the fuel tanks. They really do look painted on with no carrier whatsoever. They also pulled down well over the rivets on the oil tanks. I think these could be the future for stencil decals??
  9. Gloucester Nige

    R2800 Info please

    Oh, OK.. thanks for that... In that case, does anybody want to trade?
  10. Gloucester Nige

    R2800 Info please

    Hi everyone, happy Sunday. I have a Hase 1/32 P-47M and am led to believe the ignition harness ring and magnetos are incorrect in the kit? I also have a Tamiya Birdcage, with the Barracuda back date set for the engine. My question is this.. are the discarded Tamiya parts correct for the M? Thanks
  11. Gloucester Nige

    HGW wet transfers

    A couple of questions... I have just acquired a set of HGW wet transfer stencils for my Mossie build. The instructions state you must use "Mr Mark Softer" on the model before adding the decal. Has anyone tried Micro sol or set with this product? I don't have Gunze Mr Mark setter or softener. I would also like to know if you need to gloss coat first, (X-22)? Thanks
  12. Gloucester Nige

    Sprue Brothers Update 10-18-18 see last post for Update!!

    Hi Gary, I would like to buy just the F-105G Nose please as I have all the old Cutting edge parts for my build. Please advise a price including p+p to UK.
  13. Gloucester Nige

    Preview: HK Models 1/32 B-17E/F

    I'm not going to get in deep here as I know where it'll lead.. HK models were more than aware of their errors in the round nose and fat fuselage of the G kit. Why oh why has the F version still got the same issues?? Just had to get it off my chest..
  14. Gloucester Nige

    Kitty Hawk Models OS2U Kingfisher *COMPLETE*

    Hey Brian, this is looking great!! Can't wait to get one. On the GF issue, been there done that and got the T shirt. In the end I sold the house so they HAD to move out. I ended up paying her some money from he sale, but the hassle was enough to keep me single for the rest of my life!!
  15. Gloucester Nige

    AIMS Me 262 A-1a/U3 conversion

    How did you manage to get hold of sprue M John?