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  1. Spectacular work Chris, she's gonna look Amazing.
  2. Decided that I would create my own Nose Art for this build, calling it after my Daughter Stephanies pet name when she was small. because she had a temper that could flair up at any moment we called her Iffy and Stephanie was shortened to Effie, so 'Iffy Effie' it was. I've made my own masks from Low Tack Frogtape and had cut out the design with a new Blade. After putting down the basic Camo pattern on the Tiffy i transfered the design to one of the Engine Covers. This was my first time making and using masks and i thought the result was good enough to encourage me to make more masks for the Roundels and Code Letters. In this picture I've made a start on fading the paintwork, once i've painted and faded the underside I'll start on with the Roundels. Andy.
  3. Just so you all know, particularly those of you with this kit or if your thinking of buying it. The first Aftermarket Clear Resin Canopy has been released.
  4. Hi guys, sorry for not posting for a while, been really busy. Anyway work continues and I have the Fuselage Halves together and the Upper Wing Sections on. All have just fell into place quite nicely with very little filler required. Other than the Canopy, which I think we've talked about enough, the only other pain is the amount of clean up that all the parts require, to remove the mold seams. Not as bad as the old 1/72 Vulcan but its quite a job and sucks some of the fun out of this build. But hey, thats Modelling ! Next up will be the Radiator Cowlings, Horizontal Stabilisers and Flaps.
  5. Had some time to get back into the Workshop and fixed the Cockpit to the lower Wing section. Also finished off the Instrument panel and fitted it. I've put a paint pot in the Wheel Well to show the size of this Beast.
  6. Well I had an email from Airfix yesterday morning about the Canopy and this morning the replacement arrived !! Stupendous Customer service. Still working on the Cockpit Framing and it's going great. There was some debate over the colours of the Cockpit but I'm assured it was Silver and Black. I've went to town on the Chipping as most won't be seen anyway. I've also used Oils on the Leather Seat Back. I'll weather it a little later. Got a couple of days still to do here in the Office, work on all the Consoles, Oil Tank and Seat Belts. More soon, Andy.
  7. Well you knew it was gonna pop up on here sooner or later. Now you will need a Huge amount of space to build this Monster, as you can see, my workroom can manage most scales but i even had trouble getting the box in here. Before we start let me clear up something you may have heard about this kit. The Canopy is Terrible, everyone who has bought this has ended up with a Canopy with a large Dimple in it and the clarity of it is pretty poor too, Emails have been sent and we await a reply, but judging by Airfix Customer Service, it wont be long before a replacement arrives. As you can see, the box is crammed full on plasic, i have removed all the sprues from there bags for a review i did on my YouTube Channel. After looking at all the parts of the kit, I must say its the best i've ever seen from Airfix, the stretched skin effects are great and will make the finished Aircraft stand out from the crowd. Pretty much everything you need to complete a super detailed Typhoon is in the box, no real need for Eduard or Aries to get involved in this one. After just an hour we end up with the basic tubework of the Cockpit and Engine Mount. I've placed my 12" ruler to show how big this bird is. More Soon, Andy.
  8. Did I sound Disappointed ! You know I was, as I was really looking forward to getting this kit. Other than the Canopy the kit is Spectacular. Like I say, I'm sure Airfix will get it sorted. If not you can make two vac-formed Canopys William. Andy.
  9. http://youtu.be/s5MBuiyylmk Check out my vid on the Amazing Distressed Skin and the problem Canopy.
  10. I'm sure Airfix are saying 'Holy Crap, whats goin on'. Think we all agree that £100 is a lot to put out for a wonky canopy. As others have said the rest of the kit is spectacular and will build into a show winner with a little effort. Airfix will sort out the problem I'm sure. Andy.
  11. Hi guys, just a heads up to say 'Yes' Airfix has a problem with they're Canopy Mould. I to had a large dimple in the Canopy as do Six other people I know that have bought it. plus mine has a small crack where it joins the Sprue. Emails have been sent and we now await a reply. AndyF.
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