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  1. well this should be bitching to watch and enjoy!!!!!!!
  2. hell yeah!!!!! my vote is ditch the NMF, and go for foil!
  3. I painted everything in one shot, it takes sometime, but it's doable. Also with using a few different blacks and grey's, it's pretty easy to cover everything. Thank you! It's been a battle, but I appreciate it!
  4. Well managed to get some time today in at the old bench, was able to get the shading done, and then lay down the first coat of green, Now it's onto letting it cure, and then putting down more shading with a lighter green. I'm going for the well worn T-90 look. As Always, thanks for looking!
  5. nice work!!!!! will be watching this one!
  6. nice work so far!!!! nice little building setup/bench you have there. Also I'm digging your guitars there........gotta love a Fender Jaguar with some P90 soap box pickups.
  7. I'm in with a ME262, I have one in the stash, and this gives me a reason to get after it.
  8. I'd gladly pay more for a in stock kit from my local hobby store.........instant gratification is by far way more rewarding then waiting weeks for a kit. Only to save what $10.00 or so.............I'll spend the money locally. I can't wait to see this new too kit, and to see how it builds up, I have wanted to build a 1/32 zero for sometime, and this now gives me the opportunity to get after it.
  9. some of you guys kill me, you complain that we aren't getting enough new releases, then you say "do we really need" said new model, and the answer is yeah!!!!!!! market competition drives DOWN the price of kits. I get that you can get a tamiya kit for a bucks more. However not everyone is in love with Tamiya, and some guys like building other brands of kits, thus there if a company makes a new kit of the model that someone wants to buy, then they have achieved "market share". Also I'm getting a little sick of hearing about "high priced" kits at local stores. Support your local hobby shop and spend the $10 more or so to help the local guy out. Plus leaving with the kit you wanted and tearing into it, is what makes this hobby so great. Rant over.
  10. The side armor plates and rods for mounting are a real pain as well. The main issue with the kit is that every part needs to be built with three or more parts that make up that assembly. Other then that it's a pretty straight forward armor build. Also one major knock on the kit is turret can only be mounted on a angle, so if you want to display the tank with the turret facing straight forward, you will have to chop off the mounting tabs, but that's pretty minimal.
  11. Well since I have been on a huge armor kick, and have decided to take a break from planes, I completed the assembly on my T90 from Zvezda. DEAR GOD what a complicated build. The headlights are a nightmare, as well as the tracks........but overall assembly is completed and now it's time for paint. Stay tuned for paint!
  12. I can't believe I have missed this build and thread!!!!!! UN BLOODY REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. gorgeous work, and nice weathering, well done and proper spit.
  14. nice work, great job! phantastic phantom
  15. hell yeah! nice job, and fantastic work
  16. outstanding airbrush and weathering work, great looking bird and well done, you should be very proud of that!
  17. this is an unreal undertaking, and has been a blast watching!!!! A 1/32 Viking would be bad ass!
  18. hell yeah.....watching this one on Zone Five to here, has been a real treat, and a very serious undertaking
  19. wow.....I'm just going to go back to my bench, box everything up, take pictures and sell on ebay.............I'm not worthy!
  20. bummer that the pattern decal didn't work. Does anyone else out there make those, and or are they available maybe from somewhere else. It would be a great addition to your build, and really set it apart.
  21. very nice work indeed! great paint work, and unique subject.
  22. nice progress! the pit turned out great!
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