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  1. It's finished and in the display case.
  2. My misunderstanding for sure. I wasn't aware that hotels, cruise ships, vacation venues, airlines, resorts ,etc. accept Apple Pay... which is probably why I don't have an Apple Pay account. Those are the only types of merchants where I used this particular card.
  3. Hi all, Since my attempt at masking with Montex masks has crapped out (another story), I am going to make my own decals (or try to). I'm looking for the CMYK values for RAF WWII marking red, yellow, and blue. If anyone knows the values or can point me to a place that has them, I'd much appreciate it. I just hope my dye sublimation cartridges for my ALPS MD1300 can print them without dithering....they end up looking like crap using the regular inks. Anyway, thanks for any help or information you may have. EDIT/UPDATE: I just learned how to pick a color from an image in Illustrator so I'm going to use the decal I just scanned and pick those colors. If you'd still like to offer coloring information, I'd be glad to have it. Thanks!
  4. Agreed. If you look closely, I think you can see the top part of the tail wheel above the boxes in the foreground. Of course that's subject to interpretation but that's what my eyes see (such that they are ). After consulting with my few references, the Squadron/Signal book on the Messerschmitt Bf109 Part 2, indicates that White 9 (which is the aircraft pictured above) is a Bf109G-14 (pg 43 and color profile on pg 30) and would have a short tail wheel. The photo posted above is a close-up of the 109 from a composite photograph (see above reference page 43).
  5. There's an easy answer for this: I don't use Apple Pay and have no payment cards listed on my Apple ID for just this reason. Thierry, I did use it to book hotels and travel arrangements (as I got rewards for doing so) but never, ever do I use a credit card at an ATM or a gas station. No worries Hawkwrench, Maru, you didn't hijack the thread it was just a bump.... I actually called Apple yesterday and informed them that someone fraudulently purchased items from them so they might be able to look up the transactions by my credit card number and intercept the sale and prevent a loss from occurring but they could not find any record of the sale using the tools they have available. Oh well, I'm still protected and the compromised card has been shut off and physically destroyed. I'll let the bank handle that portion of it I guess, they probably have the transaction numbers available to them which I do not.
  6. I’d be in for a long bow Apache…. I still have some help drab in my paint rack.
  7. Thanks for all the advice and related stories. I do have an RFID card holder but I only used it when I was in Europe…I probably should get another for use here at home. The card issuer does not offer a service (as far as I’m aware) that asks if I’ve made a transaction but does send me alerts when it’s used without the card being present, which is how I found out that it had been compromised.
  8. Not a huge issue because I called the bank and had the card immediately shut off but not before they got over $1500 in charges on my account. I opened a fraud claim as I'm supposed to do so I'll not be responsible for those charges but damn, I feel violated... This is the second time with this card; I may consider cancelling my account and moving elsewhere. I have no idea how these S.O.B's get my number when I've just been given a new card with a new number after the last time it occurred. Is this more common than I think it is? I've never had it occur with any other card, just this account. I've only ever used that card online for one or two things so either those entities have had their data stolen or someone with access to that data is responsible.
  9. Oh yes, and is oddly familiar in layout and design....I wonder where they got the idea from???
  10. Yep, I'm afraid I'm going to need one of these as well. 610 squadron markings are a bonus (and the one I will choose to model). And just for grins, I acquired a Revell 1/32 He111P-1 at the local contest last Saturday for $30; that's right, $30, with only a few parts removed from sprues and some squadron green putty dabbed on the ejector pin marks limited to the two fuselage halves. This will be a great BoB addition not unlike Rick's comment that it will bring back oh so many fond memories of my childhood builds of 610 squadron's DWOK (and I built several of them back then)... The Revell 109F and G just pounded the spits in the bathtub and throughout the house back then; many, many emergency carpet landings (several resulting in broken landing gear struts). Only one downside...My stash allocation space is becoming drastically limited. I think I need to be more productive in building.
  11. Hey there, I just sprayed my first MRP lacquer color and am wondering how long this needs to dry before I can mask over it? It seems dry to the touch after about 10-15 minutes but not sure if it's cured enough to mask over yet. Any advice? Oh yeah, this paint sprays great (not that we didn't know that already but I thought I'd express my impressions too).
  12. Huh...Just went back to the Tamiya USA Facebook page and my post is gone (or I can't see it for some reason).... I guess they do not allow "suggestions" on their page. UPDATE: Ok, found it under the "community" tab.
  13. Would these be the rocket pods used in the Gulf by the Hornets (F/A-18D's?) for FASTFAC? I've been looking for such rockets for awhile and once I can get my grubby mits on another Academy D (for a decent price), I may just bite....
  14. Very nice subject and well executed. I also noticed you riveted the airframe which also adds to the level of interest. I have no patience for doing such tedious work so my hat's off to you for doing this task. I also like the way you painted the eyes on the figure, very appropriate and accurate if I do say so.
  15. Added my 2-cents... Hellcat or A6M3 model 22/32 please; of course, in 1/32. LOL, I also discovered I had this page previously bookmarked (folllowing)... Damn, getting old sucks.
  16. Can someone post a link to this page or is this a group page you have to join?
  17. That's a nice scheme... I wonder if that's Gefr. Alfred Michel in the photograph with the bandaged head? He appears to be wearing German flight boots (for lack of the correct term). If that is him and it was his first mission, it certainly was his final and only mission....
  18. I know...I mentioned that at the top of this thread... There's absolutely nothing wrong with the existing 1/32 Tamiya kit of the P-51K so I don't know what's up.
  19. These have been out for awhile now....Is there a question in there someplace or?
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