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  1. Absolutely amazingly inspirational work! Steve.
  2. Thanks everyone. Makes sense now. I was going to keep the wrong part. Pmsl. Brain fade.
  3. Thanks Thierry, the parts I mean are the 4 "L" shaped ones, if you look at the pictures in the link posted above. They're on the right hand side in the middle. They don't seem to mentioned in the instructions at all. Cheers, Steve.
  4. I've used used center762 (ghatherly) for spare sprues before. A more helpful and accommodating seller I've yet to meet. Very highly recommended.
  5. Thanks a lot Gary for sorting out the spare parts needed for my 1/32 F-15s. I cannot recommend you enough, so helpful and willing to spend time sorting out the parts needed. Definitely expect an order for the eagle vents and burner cans on my pay day. Again, my deepest thanks for all your help.
  6. Does anyone know what the serrated parts are for? The four elongated "L" shaped parts. I've got this set on order and can't make out what they're for. Thanks.
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