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  1. Hi there time for an update. Thank you guys for the positive comments. This week I have been working some more on the pylons and loadout. The Begemot stencils set for the Mi-8 contains all the stencils for the weapons and pylons and they are much better than the armament stencils you get with the Trumpeter Mi-24 (no armament stencils or any stencils for that matter with Mi-8). The stencils are great but there are a lot of them and it is tedious work. I have almost finished the gun pods, the rocket pods need decaling and a wash and the AA-8 Aphid are partly painted. The quality of casting of the Zactoman Aphid is simply mind-blowing and assembly is a breeze. I will post pictures later. More importantly I have been able to put some paint on that big beast. I have used Akan paints for the Camo and I am very happy with them, very easy to use and they look great. Here we go: Preshading: First camo color: Second color: After misting some very diluted Tamya buff to blend it all And that is it for now. Thanks for watching. David
  2. Time for an update even if I did not get much bench time this week. John, Mark, Brian and Maru, thank you for following this build, each of you have great builds on LSP and it is great for me to see better modelers taking an interest in this build. What would a gunship helicopter do without pylons? not much I am afraid, so I started building the pylons provided in the Ruporator set. This is a great little kit but fragile even if all the resin pieces have copper wire in them for strength. I have assembled and primed the main pylon frames. I have only cleaned the two sets of holders which will keep the frame level. I will glue the frames and holder set only after painting and weathering the fuselage to avoid breaking them but I wanted to dryfit them before painting to make sure everything is square. I pierced holes in the fuselage for the attachment points, which I will subsequently fill with expoxy. In the pictures below, everything is just dryfitted and holding from the holes made in the fuselage. There is a slight sag to the frames but once they are glued that should disappear. D Don't know what you think but it looks badass even without any weapon, so wait until I load her up . I have started working on the weapons, I plan to install two pods of rockets (from the ruporator set), two twin 23mm cannon pod (from Trumpeter Mi-24) and two AA-8 Aphid (from Zactomodel). I know that the Mi-8 rarely carried the Aphid in Afghanistan but since I found this picture (also showing gun pods), I could not resist Thanks for watching. David
  3. Now that I have closed the cockpit and the fuselage, it is the grind of sanding, puttying and resanding. I am getting there and it will soon be time to rescribe all the lost rivets, oh joy! In the meantime I have almost finished the heat suppressor. They are a prominent feature of all Afghan Hip late in the war and of course they are nowhere to be found in the box, so I decided to scratchbuild them out of plasticard and here is the result. You should not look too closely but from a distance I think they look the part. Right now they are just dry fittet, I will only glue them after the camo is done. I hope you like it. Thanks for watching. David
  4. Finally finished the cockpit by adding a folding jump seat for the front PKM position and then gluing the glass. I have managed to sand and polish the inside of the central windshield which I had marred with glue. There is a number of gaps between the glass and the fuselage and I filling these gaps with expoxy which cures transparent so I can then paint it with interior color and hopefully these gaps will not be seen from the inside. I have also started sanding the fuselage to remove the central joint and should be ready for primer by the end of the week hopefully. I have made progress on scratchbuilding the heat suppressors and I hope to finish them this week-end. Thanks for watching. David
  5. Hi Guys, Thank you for the encouragement. I have been working on the windshield and scratchbuilding the front PKT emplacement that you so often see on Afghan Hips such as this one: I have shaped the front cover with putty. I am not yet satisfied with the profile as it looks too chunky and I need to make it slimmer but I think it does not look too bad. I have scratchbuild the inside mount from evergreen styrene rod and plasticard and used a piece of a Dragon PKT for the body of the gun. Not much will be seen once I glue the windshield to I think it should look OK I also masked the inside of the canopy to paint everything blue-grey. Normally I dont mask inside canopies and I am happy to shoot inside color on the outside canopy first but with this much glass, I decided to also mask the inside so it looks better. Unfortunately some of the glue I used to glue the plasticard seeped under the masking tape and mared the central windshield at the very bottom , I will have to sand and polish that area I want to get a perfectly clear windshield I hope you like it. Till next time, thank you for watching. David
  6. Thank you all the positive comments. Back from the holidays and severely jetlagged, I have made some progress tonight, the cargo hull is pretty much finished with only the row of seats on the portside to be added but before doing that I need to glue the fuselage because the seats rest on the sidewalls. Somehow I will have to find a way to insert and glue them in. I installed a plamya grenade launcher at the end of cargo hull since I have decided to take out the clamshell door. It is still quite barren in there I think I will have to add some ammo boxes and other equipement to make it a bit more busy. I have partially glued the fuselage and I have to say the fit is pretty good, the only gap to speak of is just above the cockpit but nothing that some putty cannot take care of. Here are some progress pics. Thanks to John for the color reference on the AK-74, I hope I am not too far off. It starts to look like a Hip. Thanks for watching. David
  7. John, Thank you for the pictures of the AK-74, I will definitely use them as inspiration when painting the furniture, grip and magazine for this build. Very cool collection of guns, I would love to shoot them. I still have my SIG 550 at home as I was able to purchase it for USD 100 (what a bargain!) when I retired from the army but I rarely shoot it now. Very little progress on the build, I am leaving for 10 days with my family on holiday and had to work crazy hours to finish everything at work. Here it is and till next time. I hope to see lots of progress on the other builds and new entries when I get back. David
  8. Hi John, Thank you for posting. You are absolutely right this is an AK-74, I did not really pay attention to the type of gun I put there until you mentioned it. The AK-74 did actually see service during the Afghan war, so I think I am fine. The model comes from a Masterclub resin figure of a Russian soldier in Afghanistan which I initially wanted to pose on a BTR-70 but now I am wondering whether he should not be sitting in the Mi-8 instead.. And by the way I love to shoot guns (the Swiss army did that to me), but nowadays I mostly do skeet shooting as it is difficult to shoot assault rifle in Switzerland outside of a 300m shooting range, which is fine but not as fun as shooting shorter range on movable targets.
  9. Very slow progress during the week-end but I had a great time with my kids climbing in the trees... almost done with the seats and pilot seatbelts and the cargo hull. Before closing the fuselage I wanted to add one more detail: the windows in the cargo hull can open towards the inside and some are equiped with a pintle on which you can affix a AK-47 for self-protection. Since I plan to affix a PKM at the door, I wanted to protect the other side with one of these pintle and posing the window open with an AK-47 poking out. This is my attempt at scratch building the pintle with the AK-47, imagine it is glued just below one of the window. Should look the par under a coat of paint: and one more motivational shot: Thank you for watching. Till next time. David
  10. Thank you guys for the kind words. I finished tonight one row of seats, decaled and weathered the walls of the hull. Seats and sidewalls are just dryfitted, the seats need some more painting and weathering. I need a pause on making seatbelts, I have done 14 pairs and I need to do 4 more but that will be for tomorrow. I hope to be able to close the fuselage by the end of this week-end. Thank you for following this build. Till next time, David and one more motivational shot: an Afghan hip with two Aphid AA missiles and two gun pods, still debating what will be the loadout of this beast but we're not there yet.
  11. A bit more progress The overhead console: The ongoing work on the cargo bay, here the ceiling with the pannelling and overhead lights (should look better under a coat of paint) Jump seat with seatbelts, I have about 12 seat belts to do for the jump seats... and one of the seat, the cushion is made of medical gauze dipped in CA and wrapped around the kit seat. Still unpainted and without the seatbelts. and finally a motivational shot Till next time, thank you for watching. David
  12. At last some progress, but it is slow going. I have received the photoetch from Part I am moving forward with the cockpit and cargo hull. Here are some pics of where I stand. Till next time, thank you for looking. David
  13. Dutik, If you have interior shots during the Afghan war, I would be very interested as I have only interior shots of post-war birds and aside from the folding seats and the wall paneling there is not much there. You sometimes see a large yellow additional tank in the cargo hull, but this is not what I want to model. From what I understand Hips in the Afghan war did not need the extra tank for most assignments. I am not going to go crazy on detailing the cargo hull because even with the clamshell doors removed, there will not be a ton of light in there. Regards, David
  14. Hi Guys, thank you for stopping by. The helo I have in mind is a Russian bird operated late in the Afghan war with the full Afghan upgrades, i.e. PKM in the nose, the three boxes of flares on the side of the fuselage and the exhaust suppressors. For the side flares, I will use the profimodeller upgrade for the Mi-24 as the Mi-8 was using the same. I already used them on my Mi-24P and it is a very nice set. For the PKM in the nose and the exhaust suppressors I will have to scratch them. I was thinking of getting the exhaust suppressors from Cobra but it is too complicated and the shape is simple enough that I think I can scratch them. I have already started and I will post pics soon. The cargo hull provided by Trumpeter is completely empty and full of ribbing which actually do not exist in reality, so I have decided to scratch build the interior and add the seats on both sides. I am also thinking of leaving off the clamshell doors. I have read that the clamshell doors where never used to disembark troops during operations as it took a couple of minutes to open and close them and as the side door only allows troops to exit one by one, some troops removed the clamshell doors to allow for a fast exit. This would allow me to show off the interior otherwise not much will be seen. Assuming this helo was operated without the clamshell doors, I plan to install a Plamya 30mm grenade launcher at the end of the cargo hull for rear protection. I am actually still waiting for some photo-etch (interior and exterior) from Part in Poland to arrive, and then building will hopefully start in earnest. In the meantime, I have filled and sanded ejection pin marks in the cockpit, added some details to the side of the cockpit and started building the seats. Obviously a lot of work ahead but it is a start. And finally another inspirational shot Until next time, Thank you for looking. David
  15. This is my entry for the Choppah GB: Trumpeter Mi-8 with the Gunship conversion from Ruporator. Here are the obligatory box shots and the AM I will use on this build And finally an inspirational before I get going: I hope everyone will have lots of fun with this GB.
  16. Awesome build, I love the scheme and the weathering is very well done. Congratulations. David
  17. Beautiful through and through, very clean build and excellent weathering what's not to like. Congrats! David
  18. Thank you Kai.I did use the Profimodeler wheels (big deformation set, very good resin and photo etch) and also the flare dispenser set for the side of the hind (also very good detail there). I did not know about the rotor details but I have now bought a set for my Mi-17. David
  19. Thank you Teresa. This is a great kit, the fit is generally very good and since this helo has been used in combat all over the world, there is some very cool schemes to be done. Thank you Kev Thank you Maru, the flare dispensers under the tail boom come from the exterior set of Eduard and the flare dispensers on the side are from Profimodeler, both are really nice. I added flexible 0.6mm tube to simulate the electrical connections to the flare dispensers. Thank you. Thank you, I recommend the Ruporator set, I don't think I would have dared converting it to a P without the set. I added a few scratch details on the gun like the welded link between the two flame suppressors.
  20. Thank you John. Your builds are very inspirational to me so thank you for taking the time to post. David
  21. Thank you Tim, your Skyraider looks awesome, I have one in the stash but I am leaning towards a French Skyraider during the Algeria war (NMF finish with colorful nose art).
  22. Thank you Teresa. This was my first group build and seeing all these great builds going on (including yours) really got me motivated to finish on time even if at times I was close to give up. Now you need to finish your Thunderjet as you had a great start with the pit. David
  23. Thank you Harv. The P-80 is a great subject and I would love to build another one but with so many great kits to build I am not sure when I will get to do that. Could be worse though
  24. John, The conversion set is available on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-35-GSh-30K-fixed-twin-barrel-gun-for-the-helicopter-Mi-24P-/121734699651?hash=item1c57f41a83 This is a very nice resin set with good details, the instructions are spartan but with good reference it is not a problem. The fitting of the new chin to the Trumpeter fuse is by no means perfect (but maybe it was just my limited skills) but nothing that filler and sanding cannot fix. I actually replaced the barrels of the GSh-30k with barrels from RB Model L2A1 Rarden Barrel cut to size and mated to the resin flame hiders from the conversion set. The barrels of the conversion set are simple copper rods and I thought the RB models looked better. I had the Hind in my stash for a while and always hoped to convert it to a P because the twin 30mm look so badass. So when I saw that Ruporator was doing a conversion set this spring (he also does the gunship conversion for the Mi-17), I knew I had to do it. I used the Verlinden Lock-on and also Yefim Gordon Mi-24 book as reference, both are useful. Now I hope the next GB is a helo GB so I can try my hand at a Mi-17 Gunship.
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