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  1. No problem - ORDERED, looking forward to working with your products ... (First time caller).
  2. You know? ... I am at this very minute thinking (seriously) about subscribing to the Airfix Modelling magazine. I am of an age (58) where "hardcopy" is natural to me and anything less makes me feel a little cheated - no matter how you justify it. I hadn't bought a mag' for many years but made a point of buying the Airfix edition with the Big-Tiffie supplement in it. And you know what? - It felt so reassuring and comforting to have a mag' around the house again (think throne room). Now admitted there might be some kind of misguided nostalgia slash loyalty thing going on? But I pick it up and put it down, just look at the pictures or read the articles as the mood takes me. The adverts are even interesting at the mo' because it's a bit new again - plus I'm getting into a Brit' Jet thing - "who knew"! So, there you have it - "I do" and I'm enjoying them as much as I ever did - they provide fecund matter for the imagination. On a personal note - and again it could be an ageist thing? ........... But I can relax with a magazine, where as I can't seem to achieve the same degree of serenity with a screen???
  3. Hi all................. As promised a further update ... not as quickly as I'd hoped (life'n'stuff) but here now! Without much ado then................. I have her shoes and socks on - plus her whirly bit. Some final modelling and paint around the wing root to hopefully tie them together. Annnd the other side for evenness sake............same again - bit of fidlin' with the paint and stuff. Back round again for a squarer shot in order to see how all that rough stuff along the fuselage now hopefully marries into the other parts of the aircraft? On her nose in order to see where she has rather embarrassingly dribbled - in the destructions there's an upended aircraft which is decidedly filthy in this department - so I was encouraged to really go for this!! And a miraculous flyby -(No top wing etc) - just for the effect? Annnnd she's gone! Just working up the courage now to tackle the top wing and it's associated demons - oh! and of course those couple of frighteningly tiny runs of wire between the bottom wing and the undercarriage legs - every fibre in my body is telling me to walk away from those!!!! And I know I have to paint the rear of the propeller boss too - it, like the wheels are just posed at the minute. Feel free to mutter ............ until next time ............... Soon-ish - hopefully. Cheers cheps!
  4. Very impressive Eric ... I'm building the Pup at the moment so paying particular attention. For instance: ... How are you affixing the control wires to and from the elevator control horns? It looks quite neat and fine, but apart from a photo' of you in action I can't decide how you're doing it?? Curious to know - I'm finishing with a couple of mills of 0.5 brass tube, ala ferrule. It looks pretty groovy but I'm not convinced it looks right??
  5. Thanks Iain .................. I've actually broke the dang thing again!! So they're all wearing splints till it's time to put the top wing on. Anyway, without much further ado ... proof positive that I'm still chipping away at this build - I know it's slow ... bear with me? But here it is looking a bit more purposeful now - main wing is just posed with fuselage balancing atop, but I wanted to show the "bleaching/weathering" effect I've been after and see if it passes muster? A bit more work on the fuselage with weathering and staining to pull things together a bit better - Actually I quite like it, although suspect it's hardly prototypical? So here you go then, a start on the build assembly, with just a touch of rigging......................... Hopefully not too long a time before I can manage another update? - But don't hold me to that of course .............. Cheers chaps................
  6. Very impressive build - a lot of visual presence. Finishing and weathering is to be highly commended. All round "very well done" from me.
  7. An interim "catch-up" rather than an update. This then my first real foray into the methodology of painting these fabric covered wings (the Morane more of a "sling paint at it and see what happens" kind of project). Here I've sprayed the whole in my choice of CDL ... Life colour pale stone, masked off the ribs with 1.5mm strips and a gentle shot of pale stone plus a lick of French Matt blue. Then masked off the front and rear spars and with a darker mix I've ran along all maskings with a pretty strong tone. On the left, or lower wing I've removed all the tape, and on the right (upper wing) I've just taken off the tape for the leading spar. The elevators of the tailplane give you an idea of the initial colour, and the main part that bit darker to accommodate the lack of internal depth and close proximity of the two canvas skins. The plan is now to give the whole a unifying mist of the original pale stone (CDL) and when dry will scumble with an oil paint mix of Ochres and Sienna's ala the fuselage - and eventually some oil stains and perhaps even brine residues? More when I've got it sorted. Arrrrrgh! ................................ A rather chaotic shot I'll agree ............. but really to illustrate a minor catastrophe. Whilst rigging the cabane struts, and although looking forward to it after my successes with the Morane? I was having a devil of a time, constantly losing the end of me thread - brass ferules disappearing into the abyss, indeed after much ado I finally finished, and then noticed how slack the port side was!!! "Now what" thinks I ............... whilst struggling with said rigging I had somehow caught the darn thing on the bench or my jumper - who knows? but that leading right hand strut was completely broken at its root. I practiced my Anglo-Saxon at length (I'm now quite fluent) realised I was going to be fighting against the very tension I'd just instilled into the assembly, decided against pinning the joint for fear of getting it all plobbletopid and ugly, but then noticed it had broken with a kind of ball and socket effect ... I wonder if there had been a slight "flow" fault in the styrene? Anyhoo - with a bit of cement and with the wing holding things in station, and to take what is quite some weight over the repair. I can report that 24hours later it is a strong joint with nary a mismatch to worry about - "phew". I do think with the wing to hold things together later on, and a tickle of paint, it should be an invisible mend and no one will know the difference.................. Apart from all you lot like!!!
  8. I use lifecolour and struggled like a lot of folk - and then I read to try screenwash .................... AMAZING difference, worked a charm. It's a generic brand from a German supermarket, but it is a strong one: good for -60°C undiluted. I use it for cleaning and thinning and NO problems so far, in fact it's taken a lot of the stress and tension out of a spray session now such has been its reliability..
  9. Here you go then? .................. Another bit of an update. You must be gentle with me though as I'm desperately trying to come to terms with this whole "weathering" malarkey. She is no Hanger queen - not by a long chalk. And with her maritime nature, awkward maintenance and a proclivity for going for a swim!! Well, I thought she might just not be looking her best. I've tried to be rational about it - fuelling on a rolling ship must lead to spillage, as much on the seaman as the aircraft - vis-a-vis plenty of muck and staining down that port side cowling, again plenty of muck and spillage where the pilot climbs aboard and a lot of that oil and fuel is making its way along those bottom fuselage longerons too? Some areas receive a bit of an absent minded wipe down so the cowling and rear deck is subject to a bit of a clean and even wear or bleaching. It all looks decidedly mucky up front but I've tried to pre-empt the wing going on and making it all a bit darker under there?? Anyhoo - forgive me my sins ... but here she is so far ..................................... NO unifying Matt coat yet ... I'm still a bit gun-shy about that. It's going to have to be done, but I'm nervous as a kitten knowing the amount of handling that's needed to wrestle this puppy to a finish. More as it happens ..................... good or bad! Seez-ya!
  10. Hey Cheps! .............. You all have been so terribly kind, and don't think it goes unappreciated, however my attempts they do flatter to deceive: and thankfully most all of you will never see them in the flesh!? I've been firkling away, making a muck-up of those nose panels (pic's to follow soon), but to give mine head a bit of a rest? Thought I'd make a start on the engine - some rest that turned out to be. Most everything I'd been made aware of came to pass - as in the push-rods do stand proud of the cylinders, as do the copper intakes fall short of the heads by a half a millimetre or so. Of course absolutely non of this can be seen once the cowl goes on ... so I decided to wire the spark plugs - bliddy idiot! No, truth be told I wanted to have a play and see if I could do it - knowing full well if I jiggered it up completely it was going to be largely hidden ................. it went rather well actually, although it took mine eyes a few days to recover. Here you go then ............. nothing that hasn't been seen before. But it is my own dashing attempt ................ What do you reckon to my groovy engine stand - bought a packet of craft sticks (I think they're tongue depressors really) and finally found a use for one of 'em! Oh! ps ................... I had to turn up a new crankshaft for this as I think the carpet monster ate the original - or the dog!!! The chief suspect ....................... See ya'.........................
  11. Most impressive - I'm just making a start on mine now and have pored over yours for inspiration and encouragement. Great job ... just hope mine comes even close - and I'll be happy.
  12. This is something I've done on previous builds [non-aircraft] and wondered if it would make the transition? I know this is all old hat to you guys, but I'm kind of on the ragged edge here ... and absolutely nothing ever does as its told: or works out the way it should!!!!............... First piccie then................... Primed with Halfords best grey primer [an auto store acrylic for those not residing in blighty] ... mixed up some colour that looked vaguely woody and then masked off the inside timber work. The tape and colour goes over the top just for reasons of "keeping things all lined up", I then blew over the majority of the fuselage with my CDL colour "Lifecolours pale stone", I chose this because I wanted a less "creamy" look to this aircraft and thought the colder blue tone would represent the extensive weathering and the maritime nature of the aircraft? I know - I know? I is pencilled all over it - I'm sure I saw something like this round these here parts, regardless - it stuck with me as a pretty nifty idea, although probably wasted on me as I was already getting a build up of paint and these lines are more embossed than drawn! A bit rough and ready, and I'm a bit down cast as my paint has spat bits of clag all over the job. It's all sitting like a layer of cream cheese and I keep gouging lumps out of it with my nails ........ But having said that! .... I really like the effect. Rather than the lightness of the canvas as is usually depicted I really rather enjoy the colour of the timber frame showing through: same with the wires. I'm hoping [guessing], that as the build progresses this will just sink into the background of the build and and become a means of endorsing the kind of heavy wet weathering I'm hoping to achieve - I do have the RFC version which I will probably do a cleaner sweeter version of at some point. Here's a better look at the job. I've removed all the tape - "that was a nightmare" even though I pre-stuck all the tape to the bench and my forehead it was still a bit too sticky to come off without causing some sort of chaos!! grrr! Anyhoo, smoothed out the "snots" in my paintwork - "highly technical number one finger"! I painted the little hatch thingy, but YET AGAIN that Tamiya paint was just a pain to use, I've stripped it off and a coat of Mister Metalcote looks much better - so far! I hate the colour of the Aluminium nose panels by the way - and have yet to decide what to do with them - used the Flat Aluminium XF16 you see, logic, and lack of experience said that was the way to go - NOT!! It just looked for the world like a supermarket shelf toy... ugh! Tried dulling it down with "metallic grey XF56" it took the brightness down alright but the mica or flake is still way too coarse to my taste. ........................ Curses! ........................."I'll post a couple of pic's of this in my next update - btw: I've drybrushed a coat of Mr Metalcote over all those panels and feel much better about them now. Anyhoo ................ that's where I is, and I'm sure I'll stagger forwards with the build, but I can't shake off the feeling that I'm always going to be crashing along the edge of disaster, at least for a little while yet? Laters.....................
  13. Very many thanks all - I appreciate the encouragement ... a lot! So, an addendum rather than an update, but I have the little horror together now. And it's like it's made from spun sugar ... I'm terrified of it. I hold it so gently for fear of crushing it that nine times out of ten I drop it anyway causing all manner of injuries! ................It's not what I see on here? But I do believe I'm making headway building these yur' airyplanes ... although I think most of the applause should go to the kit - it makes me look good! ?? Pic's then ........................... For those that may be unfamiliar with my posts (we're talking an idiot abroad here) that little steel block is an old apprentices "test piece" and it measures 1"x1¼" ... if only for a size reference? ... (25x32mm in round metric figures) 10mm or 3/8's thick. Now then ................... the question of the Photo etch? One must understand that this is just how I found it, and that these opinions are simply mine own: and in no way should reflect on any product or manufacturer. But, I'm not impressed. They're fussy, they're fiddly - I'm at a loss to see how they choose what bits to detail, and largely they seem to make little impact on the overall "look" of a component part. YES!! I know there are bits that work beautifully, and that some are going to look really impressive but these to my mind make up such a small part of the "fret" that I simply chose not to use most of it - and in some cases was actually "unable" to use it. I would suggest that if your sight is compromised, or your fingers have lost their dexterous quality ... then I'm afraid like me you might be welcoming a world of frustration onto your bench. Again this might just be me? - But the WNW's kits although fantastic do represent quite an investment, the A/M-etch is not cheap by any means, and I might just be struggling to justify the additional expense - I could certainly spend those pennies elsewhere about my hobby and see more for my money. These are pretty hard edged reasons {and perhaps making me sound a bit Scrooge like) but if you want a simple perhaps more emotive reason .................. I didn't enjoy the experience at all, just a bit frustrating and not a little disappointing. Of course your mileage may vary - but I shall study any upgrade frets in the future and be quite hard in my decision making - I want a go at the thread bare lozenge decals, as I do the wood grain ones ... and one can't just chuck money at a kit for ever as I have this little philosophical devil that sits on my shoulder chanting into my ear that ever contentious dichotomy ................. "Are you a modeller? Or an assembler?" .............. Laters everyone...............
  14. Well lads, I was really really patient with the Morane build - very grown-up, and waited till it was finished before starting my next project. I had though been giving great thought to my next one - it would be so easy to get carried away and jump into a project that was going to provide too many opportunities for a disastrous stall [so nearly last time]. No, I kept a weather eye on the forums and it seemed that the little Pup was regularly praised as a kit and as a build. I was also taken with a couple of pic's I'd seen of a diorama setting: Upon a launch platform [page 21 of the instructions] and also of the RNAS pilot officer in jacket and boots. I hadn't coped that well with photo-etch in the Morane kit {Special Hobby} but have been tempted by a couple of upgrade sets ... I'll see how I manage this time, and whether I think they're worth the expense and effort??? Here's a pic' of the necessary in question ... and if you know anything of me now? You'll know this is a declaration of intent and that I'm committed to this project till the bitter end - although I'm hoping for a much pleasanter time of it? First update then............... I've been having a bit of a play, started by religiously following the destructions ... and folk are right, you do have to pay particular attention, although every bit of information that you need is there. I'm sure you've seen these processes pass across these pages so many times before by now? ... But never the less - here's my tentative version. Everything in this pic' is of a standard nature, no innovative techniques or anything of a revolutionary nature. A pretty simple coat of an acrylic base colour, this followed by an oil wash teased into looking something like a woodgrain (sort of)! I felt I could of made a better job of the dashboard and the seat, I had a couple of disasters on both these so what you see is a pretty messy recovery. I chose to call a halt to trying to make it any better and decided to "never" make those mistakes again - (we'll see)? Having said that the mistakes that I made on the Morane Saulnier have stood me in good stead, and I think this build looks to be that touch better at this same stage? Now then ........ that there photo' etch!! I'm not so sure I'll be rushing out to buy a fortunes worth of upgrade sets for a while. I sort of kind of don't get on with it to large degree, and I'm not so sure (in this instance) it makes so much of an amazing difference. I'm reserving judgement on the seat belts as yet but some of the other stuff seems a bit too fiddly and not all that necessary ... but then of course I barely know what I'm doing. Cheers all......... As soon as I have pic's of a further worthwhile update - they'll appear somewhere hereabouts!! (PS ... This thread is a cross-pollination production) - smiling!
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