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    Paramedic reacted to Tolga ULGUR in 1/32 Hasegawa P-47M Thunderbolt ”Josephine”   
    This is 1/32 Hasegawa P-47M with the markings of “Josephine / My flying machine” from 62FS 56 FG in Boxted January 1945
    Cockpit modified with Aires cockpit set and Yahu instrument panel.
    Wheels are from Barracudacast
    I have used Zots decals set (ZTZ32/013)
    Paints: Gunze Sangyo acrylics and Alclad lacquers.
    Happy modelling


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    Paramedic reacted to Jennings Heilig in Fundekals - Operation Bolo   
    I've been wanting to do Operation Bolo and other 8th TFW birds *right* for a very long time.  There's been so much inaccurate information published about these birds, which isn't surprising since there are so few photos of them to verify things against.  But thanks to some help from some very knowledgeable folks and a lot of digging, I think we're going to make a good dent in it.  I've discovered a few little nitnoid details that nobody else seems to have noticed before, in addition to the positively *wild* and staggering array of camouflage variations they carried.  There are lots of colors on these birds that have never been done accurately, including the very dull yellow (probably thin paint applied over the green camo) name and rescue markings.  You could really go to town on the paint chipping, staining, fading, and touchup painting on these airplanes.  They were downright nasty looking!  And the variety of schemes seen on the 270 gallon wing tanks must be seen to be believed.  You literally almost can't do them wrong.  From pure white to almost completely dark green, and everything in between.
    Here's a very preliminary take on the appearance of 64-0829 as she appeared when Col. Olds and 1 Lt Stephen Croker bagged a pair of MiG-17s with AIM-7s when they were flying as Tampa 01 on 20 May 67.
    Lots more to come on this.

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    Paramedic reacted to Koralik in F-105D Polish Glider Trumpeter 1:32   
    Something with a Polish accent this time.
    F-105D Polish Glider
    Set: Trumpeter 1:32 scale, model made as always straight from the box.
    The model is not simple to build.

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    Paramedic reacted to Gisbod in 1/24 Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat   
    All done 
    Build thread here:
    Very hard to photograph being so large...









    Surprising how different the colours look with a differing background...


    And, again, don’t usually do black & white for aircraft, but it kind of suits the aircraft...

    Thanks for following along,
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    Paramedic reacted to Iain in Supermarine Spitfire TR Mk.IX ("Grace" type)   
    Calling this done - although looking at the photots I need to dust her again!
    What is it about model photography and dust?
    Anyhow - build thread here.
    Based upon measurements of a TR. Mk IX fuselage in a jig, along with original Supermarine drawings, she's taken a lot longer than planned - but hopefully my client will like her.

    Markings are based upon a wartime 'Eagle Squadron' scheme as a tribute to a brave young American pilot with 133 Squadron, RAF, who lost his life days before the Squadron transferred to the USAAF:  Gene P Neville




    Back in a mo with some more (and just noticed a panel line I need to sort).
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    Paramedic reacted to Scotsman in 333 Sq Mosquito FB Vi   
    I'm attending the aberdeen Modellers society show to-day , and I've entered a few of my recent builds in competition, this then is my Mosquito , with the markings of 333SQ RAF(norwegian) in the ear;y Spring of 1945 , in myneck of the woods , supporting the Banff Strike wing.
    The model is essentially out of the bax, with just a little help from Eduard,  markings are from Aviology , and the are as usual a mine of info, including the fact that is airframe didn't get the Sky underside paint work,(probably). There's really nothing much to be said re the build except is was a joy from beginning to end , 


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    Paramedic reacted to ericg in Iconicair Supermarine Attacker FB.2   
    Modifications and additions:
    Jet pipe and exhaust turbine face scratch built.
    Seat cushions and belts scratch built
    Height of tail increased by approx 2mm
    Rocket rails scratch built
    Rivet detail added to circumference of belly tank
    Added brake lines and actuator rods to undercarriage
    All antenna replaced with wire
    Cockpit access step scratch built Scratch built
    Pitot tube Scratch built
    Nav lights.
    Airscale decals used for cockpit instruments.
    Markings and finish:
    MRP Extra dark Sea Grey and Sky.
    Kit stencil data decals
    Small squadron crest decal custom made
    All other markings masked and sprayed















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    Paramedic reacted to Koralik in F/A-18F Super Hornet 50th Anniversary Trumpeter 1:32   
    This time the model of a jet plane and so I return to my favorite topic (jets).
    F / A-18F Super Hornet 'VFA-102 50th Anniversary the model from my old collection.
    Trumpeter 1:32 scale set, the model is not simple to build.
    I tried to do the model without strong weathering. Of course, the model is made straight from the box.

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    Paramedic reacted to Grizly in Two RCAF, 402 Squadron Mustangs   
    The first, AC*U is the Dragon 1/32 P-51D and was built with the help of Eduard's colour etch instrument panel and seat belts, some Mr. Surfacer to tone down the wing rivets, finished with Alclad II Aluminum, Model Master enamels and topped off with the excellent Leading Edge decals. The second aircraft represents a later squadron aircraft as it would have appeared after the avionics upgrade performed by MacDonald Brothers. It is the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D kit to which I revised the starboard side of the cockpit and the nav/com units behind the pilot's seat and moved the battery into the engine compartment in accordance with the afore mentioned upgrade. I also enhanced the engine compartment with Eduard's etch set, scratch built the ignition harnesses, added the Eduard Brassin instrument panel and seat belts to the cockpit and the Brian L Fawcett Models and Patterns zero length rocket rails. Again paints were by Alclad II and Model Masters and decals by Leading Edge.

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    Paramedic reacted to Memir in F-4C Phantom II - Tamiya 1/32   
    I am LSP member couple months already and this is first time I am uploading my work here.
    I got this kit from my wife back in 2000 and since then it stayed in stash as I was away from hobby for the same time.
    This is Tamiya's kit representing F-4C of 497th TFS based in Ubon, Thailand around 1967.
    Aircraft was originally deployed to Vietnam in Navy standard colors Light Gull Grey FS16440 and White FS17875.
    After some time original grey Phantoms were repainted in local paintshops with SEA camouflage on top, while bottom remained in original Navy White FS17875.
    As painting conditions were not ideal, Phantoms were prone to heavy chipping and there were original large insignias, corogard and letters showing through SEA camouflage colors.
    I used following extras during build:
    Avionix cockpit (nightmare to fit...)
    GT Resin: Seamless intakes, center 600 gal tank, outer USAF pylons
    Eduard: etched interior set, exhaust, masks, Sidewinders, Sparrows, TER, MER
    Videoaviation: BLU-27 Napalm fIre bombs
    MB MK.5 seats were in stash for 17 years and I do not remember what make are they...
    I used original Tamiya insignias, all letters and night owl are homemade masks...
    Paints: Mr Paint colors and Flory washes
    Thanks and regards,















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    Paramedic reacted to Memir in F-16A Netz #107 "The Defenders of the South Sq." - Hasegawa 1/32   
    Hi guys,
    This is a twin of my previously posted F-16A Netz #234 .
    That was a double build of old Hasegawa kits representing now retired F-16A Netz of Israeli Airforce.
    AIrcraft F-16A Block 5, S/N 78-0311 was delivered to Israel in June 1980. Originally assigned to 117Sq. "The First Jet Sq.".
    On 7 June 1981 Netz 107 took part in Operation Opera, piloted by Amos Yadlin, and was the second F-16 to strike the Osiraq nuclear reactor.
    Netz 107 scored its first aerial kill on 21 April 1982 when pilot Zeev Raz shot down a Syrian Air Force MiG-23. During Operation Peace for Galilee it shot down 6 more Syrian aircraft. On 9 June 1982, Eliezer Shkedi shot down two MiG-23s, although one was shared with another pilot. On Friday 11 June 1982 pilot Eithan Stiva shot down four Syrian aircraft.
    It finished it's service in Dec 2014 and is stored at Hatzerim IAF Museum.
    The kit itself is very old Hasegawa mold with raised panel lines and rivets. I had to scribe and rivet whole surface and wings.
    Hasegawa plastic is hard and brittle so this part of the build was a nightmare. I gave up to rescribe the bottom of the fuselage and decided to use airbrush and weathering in my favour.
    I used following extras during build:
    True Details cockpit for F-16A... . Glareshield is too wide to close the canopy so I had to build both kits with opened canopy.
    GT Resin exhaust for Academy kit
    Aires wheel bays for Academy kit
    Scale Aircraft Conversion metal landing gear for Academy kit
    Profimodeller Wheels
    Center tank from Tamiya F-16CJ kit
    Sidewinder register - converted from Tamiya's F-16CJ AIM-9M
    Tailart and insignias are airbrushed using my homemade masks.
    Other decals are from Isradecal.
    Paints: Mr Paint colors and Mr Paint washes
    Thanks and regards,

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    Paramedic reacted to Mr scale32 in Tamiya F-16 block 50 1:32   
    First of all, Hi everyone, im a swedish modeler!
    Im new here on Large Scale Planes. I have been around here watching all of your great builds, but i never register any account. Anyway, here i am now. I hope to be spending some time around with all of you nice people here!
    Model Factoid: Tamiya 1:32 F-16CJ 
                               Aires Cockpit Set
                               Aires Block 50 Engine exhaust
                               Aires Wheel bays
                               Wheeliant Wheels
                               Eduards Masking set
    As for painting i used Gunze acrylics, mostly 01,011,305,307,308,311,316 and some Alclad II Paints.
    Here is the end Result:









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    Paramedic reacted to Fvdm in Trumpeter Swordfish 1:32   
    Finally this model is ready. Here the pics without any comment.









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    Paramedic reacted to Fvdm in OS2U Kingfisher 1:32 Finished!   
    Here are the pics of the finished Kingfisher. A really enjoyable build.









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    Paramedic reacted to JAWS in 1/32 F-16C 89-2082 Toledo Stingers   
    89-2082, Block 42CM, 180th Fighter Wing, Toledo OH Stingers
    *1/32 Tamiya Block 50 converted to Block 42
    *GT Resin exhaust nozzle/donut/augmentor, 5R targeting pod pylon, 5L HTS pod
    *Eduard Sniper ATP
    *Avionix resin seat
    *Speed Hunter Graphics 1/32 Big Scale Vipers
    *Mission Models Have Glass grey FS36170 brushed over Testors Gunship Gray FS36118 spray
    *Tamiya T-Bird intake
    I took one set of pictures in full sun, the other when overcast; the HG paint is spot on.








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    Paramedic reacted to Koralik in P-47D Kinetic 1:24   
    This time the model is in NMF finish
     P-47D from Kinetic 1:24 scale
    If you decide on this model, remember that you need a lot of shelf space.

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    Paramedic reacted to StathisP in F-16D Block52+H.A.F Academy 1/32   
    I present to you the well-known ACADEMY kit  as a Greek f-16 of 340 squadron by 115 Combat Wing. I used after market materials like as:
    inerior cockpit,seat belts and mask by EDUARDS
    wheel bays και wheels by the AIRES
    landing gear by the SCALE AIRCRAFT CONVERSIONS
    Engine exhaust GT RESIN
    static dischargers  MASTER
    Decals by  THREE STAR DECALS
    The colors I used for the camouflage were: for the fs36307 the GUNZE H324, for the fs36251 the AKAN 77100, for the fs35237 the 72043 AKAN




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    Paramedic reacted to mgbooyv8 in Purists, look away now! Revell P-51B   
    Hi guys,

    This one is a quickie.

    When I was visiting my modelling friend Henk, I noticed that old Revell Mustang box on top of his cabinet.

    This old Revell P-51B had already been started as part of a Dutch IPMS region display table of a few years ago, dedicated to the Mustang.

    It stalled after the fuselage was put together.

    Henk said: "You can have it, you can make something of it!"

    And so I did. I had never build it and was curious how it would look like OOB.

    And yes, all the rivets would be retained, also on the wing!

    Sometimes, I like to build an old kit, faults and all, to see what it looks like with current build methods.

    It is also relaxing, just slapping a kit together without correcting it.

    The fuselage needed its fair share of filler at the lower side. I used a cheap 2-pack epoxy filler for that, because it does not shrink.

    Lost rivets were re-instated with Micro Mark rivet decal.

    The only mods I did was extending the cockpit floor and closing the radiator exhaust area off to avoid see-through effects and interesting light effects into the radiator intake.

    The horrid seat was camouflaged with seatbelts from a very old Eduard set and a new gunsight was put on the glare shield.

    The fit of wings and tailplanes was fair.

    The fit of the windscreen was bad. I used Revell UV hardening glue to fix it and then filled the gaps with Micro Kristal Kleer. The canopy framing was hand painted.

    The decals of this American boxing were very good: thin and opaque, even the white stripes!

    They conformed very well over the rivets using DACO Red decal solvent.

    And here it is.

    As I said in the title: purists, look away!

    The verdict?
    It is clear why a new P-51B model is needed,
    The most obvious faults are the wheels, the nose, the rivets on the wing, the lack of guns and chute ejector ports, 
    the lack of the oil cooler outlet flap and the lack of external fuel tanks. Ofcourse there is more...
    The empty pylons are in the kit, but I did not use them, they were not indicated in the instructions

    With current techniques and build experience, this kit builds into a nice model for on the shelf, just not a very accurate one. If you have one, just build it OOB as a nostalgia kit.
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    Paramedic reacted to red baron in P 51 D REVELL   
    hello all , 
    my last kit , another mustang .... (sorry ) :

    voila voila 
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    Paramedic reacted to Lothar in Revell 1:32 P-51D   
    My 4th completed build this year (tap myself on the shoulder ). I found this kit surprisingly nice, especially the detail in the
    cockpit is very good. A bit of care needs to be taken during building, but actually hardly any filler was needed. Paints as usual from Gunze,
    the colors are my very own interpretation of this much discussed subject. Add ons were some Eduard placards in the cockpit and again RB seatbelts.
    Hope you like.




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    Paramedic reacted to WasatchAviator in Tamiya P-51D "Diablo"   
    In Progress cockpit photos 
    Used Alclad Airframe Aluminum over the whole plane. Wanted to make it look like a war weathered aircraft and not a clean museum piece. Better pictures to come. 

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    Paramedic reacted to Jennings Heilig in HKM 1/32 A-20 Family Coming!   
    Here's what was posted.  I can't figure out another way to read it.

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    Paramedic reacted to Out2gtcha in HKM 1/32 A-20 Family Coming!   
    So lets just change that "A" to a "B" and that 0 to a 6 then and theyll have something in 32nd no one else has or has planned (that I'm aware of).....................

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    Paramedic got a reaction from David66 in First pics of the Revell P-51D   
    Have a look at these.
    Adds another fun detail, you have to model that life raft on top of the radios too. I might be biased but I have yet to build a Swedish one myself..! Though I might squeeze one in with these cheap Mustangs on the market now....
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    Paramedic reacted to waroff in First pics of the Revell P-51D   
    To complete about the flooring on B,C, D & K models:

    - Yellow: front floor, ALCLAD 24ST .05, no finish (NMF or ZCY?)
    - Grey:  front intermediate floor, 5 ply 1/4 birch poplar plywood.coated non skid black paint
    - Brown : rear intermediate floor, 3 ply 1/4 Douglas fir waterproof plywood, two coats of sealer
    - Brown; rear floor, 3 ply 1/4 Douglas fir waterproof plywood , 2 coats sealer
    - Green: cover and shroud control stick, olive drab canvas fastened on flooring edges
    D K models

    B C models

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