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  1. This shows the original colour on the inside of the canvas zip panel. The outside is GSB though.
  2. Lovely work! The only time I have seen the colour of the canavas panels is on the Yeovilton Corsair, and then only the inside of the them as the outside is painted the same colour as the wheel well. Your colour is pretty much the same as the inside (maybe a little darker and browner), but I suspect the outside was simply painted, rather than being masked off when the well was painted. I will try an scan the pictures from the Corsair book later.
  3. That is wonderful! As good a model as I have seen I think.
  4. That's an absolute beauty! The finish is superb, absolutely flawless If I can suggest just one thing. i would have perhaps tried a darker red panel line wash rather than the black (if it is black). Perhaps even not done one. But it really is lovely..
  5. The jet engine is a brilliant thing, but sometimes I wish we hadn't invented it!
  6. Hi Alex, great work. I am absolutely no expert on colours, but this thread has some good photos of Flak Bait, including the areas behind the cockpit: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/flak-bait-photos-t152805.html This page has a nice photo too, which shows the variety of colours used: https://airandspace.si.edu/stories/editorial/where-flak-bait Hope those help.
  7. I can't see it beating out mainstream models, but it could easily become the way the aftermarket provides us with stuff. Download a multiple-use file, or have a one-use file sent to your printer, and voila! No waiting, no postage and no packaging needed. You pay for their research and mastering, they do away with a bunch of production and delivery costs -prices fall. Big manufacturers could also use it for replacement parts - enter a code from the box say and you get to print one copy of a missing or broken part. Or for them to provide parts for conversions so you don't have to buy a whole kit. Save costs on replacements and stimulate buying of parts for conversions that would otherwise be too expensive.
  8. Hi there. Please don't take this the wrong way, your work is so good and I admire it greatly. This is also your model and your vision, so do ignore me entirely on that basis too. But I was struck looking at the pictures this morning that the vehicles felt a little too "dusty". This is a carrier where I assume (I have never been on one at sea), dust is less of an issue but salt spray and rain are more common. I wasn't getting that sense of sea weathering, but that is purely an opinion. As I said, your work is spectacular.
  9. Well I can only speak for myself, but I very rarely log in when looking at the WIPs and RFIs, in which case you just don't get prompted to "like" anything. People are not viewing it because they dislike it though, so the sheer volume of people should signify how many people like it surely? Perhaps if we had to log in to see the WIPs there might be more likes?
  10. Peter Truly magnificent work. I'm sure I'm wrong, but this has been bugging me for a while now - the nacelles and cowlings look a little big in your photos? To my eye (and I know perspectives can fool us), they just look a bit too big. Your photo below suggests that the nacelle is similar in depth to the fuselage (there doesn't seem to be any "lean" toward the nacelle), but looking at photos and drawings suggests that there should be quite a difference. Finally the nacelles look a little too chubby - again, probably just my eye and the way the photos were taken, but it bugs me!
  11. I don't think the wheels are in front of the door. The bottom right one looks to be in the same plane, the top right has been knocked out of alignment - the top of the door has gone to far to the right The left hand one has come its runners and fallen to the left and downwards. My guess is that its a system that allows both doors to open when you move one of them, possibly with a control in the cockpit as well.
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