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  1. I think this AR 196 will look absolutely stunning in this finish. I've got one waiting to be started, think I've just seen the scheme I'm painting mine in. Great work.
  2. Here he goes again, making the rest of us feel inadequate lol. Funning aside, start of another fantastic build.
  3. What a great start. The seat is fantastic, great leather effect. As for the engine, if that is a quick paint job I'd love to see what you would do to a one on full display. Love these WNW kits.
  4. This looks to be a great kit. Don't know if anybody else has noticed, old Hasegawa ME 163 kits are starting to go cheap on auction websites. A lot of modellers must be clearing their stash of the old and making way for the new.
  5. Great to see her completed. Outstanding work from start to finish.
  6. Now that is impressive. It's not a model, it's a work of art. I would happily give this beauty a home.
  7. I love this build, watched it all the way. End result is stunning. Great stuff.
  8. She is a work of art. Stunning work from start to finish, or should that be Finnish.
  9. The salt/water technique you used has toned the paint scheme down just right. Think I'll try it on my next build. Very impressed my friend.
  10. You might have fought every inch of this build, but you are winning the battle with ease!!!!! Great modelling.
  11. Top-rate work. Love this build. Well done.
  12. I made this kit once, I had trouble with it, or was it me? I had it on a shelf, it fell off and shattered (or was it pushed)?
  13. Excellent work. I really like this A LOT!
  14. Some lovely work there, great great build of an uncommon subject. Thumbs up from me.
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