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  1. This is I think the most stunning built on the internet! And to make sure it stays on top of the list i reply. Did I say you do fantastic job on this model? Keep up the artwork Lee!
  2. Thanks for the welcome jack! Pm inbound
  3. I think this is the first overall 1/32 F/A-18. Altough basic its the protype of the Hornet, so have to make some changes to it. There is not much detail in the cockpit, and i keep the canopy closed. Things i do not have are the centerline fueltank and external stores. So if any one is not using theirs, i be more than happy to be a good home for them. As i have 2 of them i have to work to get them together before moving to the next stage. One is already together and was a pain as the fuselage was build already, but missing the sidewalls. So i work with milipkut to add weight into the model preventing it from becomming a tailsitter. Now the first is done and i can start painting its office. For both of them i have the wings together tails and ailerons. I do not have a good drawing for the panellines so before i engrave them, need proof how things are real life. Comments are most welcome!
  4. I worked on mine a bit, got the ailerons together and the wings. Not sure yet what to do with the flaps. I have the needed decals for both of them. Will post pics soon as i await clearance from the mods.
  5. Nice work Joe! I have two of this kit underway. Bought them manny moons ago, and one of them wasvunderway with fuselage already closed and cockpit unpainted in place. So now i have it on the go and solved the cockpit problem with miliput and that way made the sidewalls of the cockpit.
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