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  1. Just go on and DO IT... I just started a SU-27 today.. Just 'cause i wanted to.. Wow. Nice Phantom. i really love the burner cans... Great detail..
  2. They look amazing, especially the SR-71. love the tones of black.
  3. Damn.. i hate teasers.. B-) Have fun building this monster...
  4. This is an incredible job! I love the SU-33 as well...
  5. Wow, looks real good overall. The loadout looks killer and the canopy is sooooo shiny. Great job.
  6. Looks good to me... I love the Intruder.. I can't make out the size of it.. Could you make a pic with another model next to it for comparison?
  7. Nice job so far.. needs a bit of heavy weathering imo... But you are not finished yet...
  8. This is a great looking used Flanker.. I love the level of weathering.. Well done. This makes me want to start on my Flanker-G...
  9. Nice fueltanks and pylons. What type of weathering did you use? Pre/post shade? Or both?
  10. Best way is to upload to photobucket and then link them. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=34296
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