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  1. Do you have any left, or are you sold out now?
  2. Awesome work Chuck! Do you have your next project picked out yet?
  3. Awesome job! What modifications did you do to the Academy cockpit to use it in your build?
  4. Bullseye Model Aviation just announce on Facebook that they are doing another F-16 Aggressor sheet an possibly adding a few 1/32 options.
  5. Thanks for the reply Pete. I'd love to see you do a step by step on painting the pilots. I'll be picking up some of those brushes and Vallejo paints and look for those books as well. Cheers
  6. Fantastic work Pete. Could you break down your painting techniques for us, I struggle with figure painting. Thanks, Rick
  7. Hi Peter, Great job on this kit! I just had a quick question about your painting technique. You said that for painting the jet you thinned the Mr. Color with 40 drops of paint and 80 drops of levelling thinner, and with the missiles and pylons you used 25 drops of paint and 25 drops of thinner. What was your reasoning for this? Your results were fantastic. What is your process for cleaning your airbrush after using these paints? Thanks, Rick
  8. I was able to purchase their 1/48 F-22 correction set since the Nat's ended. I sent them a message on their contact us page on their website. Mike responded right away and sent me a Paypal invoice, and I sent a payment, and received it in the mail a week later. You might have luck buying something that way. HTH
  9. Hi Dave, Did this sheet make it back from the printers yet, I'm looking to buy it.
  10. Hi Chuck, Great tutorial on decaling, very helpful. Just a couple of questions, do you use the same techniques for applying decals over natural metal finish like on your mustang build or do you do anything different? I've always wondered if the decal film would show up more on NMF builds or not. Do you still put another coat of gloss clear over the decals on NMF builds as well, and then a flat coat? Thanks, Rick
  11. Hi Karim, Outstanding job! Could you give us a rundown of your painting and weathering techniques please Rick
  12. Wolf, Fantastic work. How do you make the leather seats look so realistic? Do you use some oil based paints, or just Tamiya paint? Thanks, Rick
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