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  1. Thanks all Alain, you need an E to keep your C company ! Nick, thanks for all the help on reference piccies and other details. Black Mamba - I agree wholeheartedly that John should finish his D conversion - pleeeaaaase... Here are some photos of the Cheetah E with is older family members - all Italeri 32nd scale kits - 1st - Mirage IIICZ in early natural metal scheme with red GT stripes : 2nd - Mirage IIICZ in the early gloss hard edge buff/green camo : Finally, with Mirage IIIRZ in non standard two tone blue
  2. Thanks for the kind words Anthony. Final tranche of piccies : Complex arrangement of the lower Cheetah E nose : Canopy removed to show seat detail :
  3. Thanks SP !. Glad you found the info useful. Researching the Cheetah has been fun and I've met some great folks who used to fly these beauties.
  4. Apart from the obvious patch work paint finish, I kept her clean i.e. no oil leaks. The SAAF really maintained their aircraft in good condition :
  5. Another one finished. Final bits added included the emergency canopy release handles - made from thin wire and painted red, with small pieces of clear plastic for the windows - single pitot probe ahead of windshield, drag chute cone and another blade antenna on the spine. The refuelling probe is loose fitted with a brass rod for strength. Canopy also left loose. Nav lights also painted green/red. I'm very happy with how it looks - she wears that grey suit well : I really like those intake pylons and bombs Photos of exhausts show t
  6. Here comes trouble.... The canopy sections are around 5mm too wide at the base. Luckily a bit of treatment with a hairdryer sorts that out... I added some plastic card detail to the canopy. Tamiya tape used to mask. The canopy breaker is the little white part - it goes on the port side of the canopy. Here's a lovely little piece of art : In place, unpainted : V3Bs and launchers. Need to still paint the IR seeker heads : Looking like it means business....
  7. I think you're doing an excellent job on a tough kit (scribing...I still haven't mastered that art myself...) and a challenging conversion
  8. Greg, thanks for your comments A picture does speak a thousand words. Just imagine the variation when you have 50 pictures all with different photo quality ... Sinuhe, the F1CZ had a three tone colour scheme. The Cheetah C and later Cheetah D colours were two tone but much greyer in hue than the Mirage F1CZ blue-greys. Anyway, all will be revealed when I take photos of it in natural outside light....
  9. Thanks Kagemusha and Alain Alain, there is no FS reference. I understand that the SAAF used BS mixes or locally produced colour mixes. I used 3 parts Tamiya XF-66 grey and 2 parts Humbrol H125 grey. It seems to be the closest match to the images which I think looked correct. It's a minefield though as the quality of the various images I have is incredibly variable, showing Cheetah E colours from dark grey to a light blue grey to a light plain grey. Look at the first image Gregair posted above. You can see in the image that the colour ranges from a blue grey on the rear of the airc
  10. Hi Nick. I photo edit all my piccies. The problem is the variable intensity lighting from one side of the model to the next. I'll take decent photos of the finished model when complete. I also adjust colour input to vary the hue.
  11. Onto her undercarriage. After the weathering I treated the model to a coat of Tamiya TS-80 matt clear decanted from the rattle can, slightly thinned with Tamiya lacquer thinner and then airbrushed on. The result is a noticeably lighter grey with a slight satin sheen. I'm happy as it is : Undercarriage took a whole hour to get in place : And with wing tanks on : The artificial light is messing with the photos. The closest colour in reality is what you see on the right wing in the image above. A nice faded gr
  12. Thanks Sinuhe. The Cheetah Es came out with blue castles and gold bokkies. These were toned down variably it would seem. I have photos of the E with castles ranging from a dull blue to almost imperceptible. I sprayed a base coat filter over mine to tone them down a bit, but not too much.
  13. Some work on the Kentron V3B infra red air to air missiles. V3B was a local development using what I suspect was a body similar in dimensions to the AIM-9B Sidewinder. The V3B had a unique forward canard surface arrangement. Sometimes the V3B is mistaken to be the same as the Matra R550. However, the R550 is shorter and has shorter chord rear fins and a different canard surface arrangement. The V3B was also not mounted on the cranked pylon like the R550 was. I've seen photos of V3Bs variably in white, light blue-grey and light beige yellow colouring. According to Daan and Nick, the light blue-
  14. Anyway, back to regular programming - as noted earlier, the decals are rather bright against the dull grey base. The markings on Cheetah Es were toned down quite significantly and also tended to fade as time passed. Photos show some aircraft with barely discernible castles on the wings and intakes. So I treated my E to a diluted filter of the base grey to tone the decals down. This worked nicely but resulted in plain grey patches. So out came the Uschi vd Rosten masks again and a random darker grey applied to provide variation. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I then applied another coat
  15. A brief departure form the Cheetah - for Sinuhe - one Portuguese T-6 :
  16. Howzit Sinuhe ! Long time no hear. Are you still in Switzerland ? I have tackled the KH Harvard but did it up as a Portuguese one - all part of the African colonial war history, so it sort of counts....it's not a bad kit but the undercarriage legs look a bit short...
  17. No worries Red Dog. All this http stuff leaves my simple mechanical mind spinning. Kevin, happily it works now - thanks for the guidance on what to do
  18. C'mon Sean. This is not a challenge. A challenge would be to build the Kinetic one OOB and live happily with it afterwards in your display cabinet Looking forward to the journey...
  19. Hi Kevin. I save my images to Flickr but does not work on the basis of what you suggest above. Any ideas on issues with Flickr ? Thanks Malcolm
  20. Thanks LandrottenH. Changed to what they suggested but doesn't work. Ho hum
  21. OK so for some reason, Flickr images are now not showing. I see the LSP webpage seems to have changed ? Is there an issue linking images ?
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