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  1. HTH, or as the motto of the Unseen University goes...
  2. They were used for multiple purposes, including but not limited to Diplomatic Bag, Diplomats themselves, ball barings and other passenger flights into neutral countries.
  3. I think you are right on the MB,5, unfortunately, so hopefully that will leave you more open to a Wyvern (says the hopeful Dorset boy) or even the Supermarine Scimitar...
  4. Thank you Ron, that helps a lot, and explains why P-47's looked so clean by comparison to their cousins, the P-40 and P-51.
  5. Just a general question to the P-47 Cgnoscenti out there about the Jug. What would the relative temperatures from the five main vents/exhausts on a P-47 be? I am guessing the Waste Gates on the nose after the Oil Cooler flap would have jetted hot air (and dirt) based on the pictures. Logically the ventral turbine exhaust would have done something similar...but what about the side Intercooler vents? Would they have had cold air flow, or would this too have been hot gas? Hope someone can help.
  6. This may be an urban myth, but a long time ago there was a Greek military sentry who wondered what it would be like to swing from the nose pitot tube of a Mirage F1. Several thousands of Drachmas dmage later he was arrested and put on a charge...because he ended up doing it on several...
  7. I think the Amber Grey and Tamiya's XF-76 look good and the conversion to B&W shows the colours to be in the ball park. So I would push ahead, you already are comfortable with it and I think there are very few (let's just say no) people who could 100% say you are wrong. As you said the research is hard and there seem to be no definitive answers when it comes to IJN aircraft. Working on some profiles for Ki-43's at the moment and that is painful, painful, painful even with guys like Nick Millman helping. It really does come down to looking at the evidence and going with gut-feel/best
  8. It was from 1947 (IIRC) until 1997. First with Spitfire FR.XVIII, then Venom's, Hunters, Westland Whirlwinds and finally Wessex's. They now operate Merlins out of RAF Benson. The only reminder of nearly half a century in Hong Kong are the crossed Kukris on the tail of the Merlins. The Gurkhas were the most common passengers for 28 Squadron choppers, especially at the border.
  9. I just thought this picture of a 28Squadron Wessex might be of interest, a subtle variation on the "three white stripe" markings they displayed.
  10. This might possibly be a very dumb idea, but how about varying the level of gloss finish so that certain panels or areas reflect less light giving the effect of oxidation, heat effects, wear and variation? This is a monster of a build, seriously impressive Dan!
  11. With the Rafale starting to win some big international orders, I think it likely that someone will start to produce one sooner rather than later.
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