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  1. Kevin, you don't need to ask me for that, of course you can publish it. Thanks for kind words!
  2. I added only some Eduard's PE parts.
  3. My first adventure with WW kit. I am deeply impressed... I added Master Spandau LMG guns, HGW seat pillow with belts and their wood decals for the fuselage. Also used resin spark plugs from TaurusModels. I fell in love in WW with this kit.
  4. Oh yes they do it: http://www.master-model.pl/index.php?page=shop.browse&category_id=11&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=56 Of course, you don't have to ask me Kev. Pit fit excellent, actually no need any cutting, sanding etc... No WIP anywhere, I am sorry. Thanks for comments!
  5. Old Academy kit with Verlinden and Eduard cockpit upgrade parts. I used also metal Master gun barrels and added a lot of scratch in the engine bay.
  6. Definitely. It is done from stretched over lighter's flame a piece of useless sprue frame. Greetings for two Brads .
  7. Here is another largescale model from my collection. Eduard's Emil with Aires cockpit and resin wheels.
  8. I used wet salt technique for that. Base color covered by the wet kitchen salt, then once it is dry I've oversprayed radome with lighter base color ( few drops of white paint added ). Salt removed and ready.
  9. Gary, is there an ideal model? Of course no. I know that this Flogger has some errors, such as bad shape of splitter plates, R-60 missiles, pylons etc... To be honest it's not my priorities in modeling. The biggest fun for me is painting and "other" effects. Academy's Super Cobra 1/35, but most of my models are in 1/48th scale.
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