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    Modeling in big scales... Build most modern jet and a favorite is F-16 Viper!

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  1. When i built my Norweigan Starfighter in 48 scale i used gloss black if i remeber it right! Do you have a recipe for the color? Marcus
  2. Thank you all for your positive comments. I hope that i can get some time this weekend to build, I have a goal for it to be ready for a competition on June 29th!!! Was it not Italeri that would come with an F-104 in 1/32? But one from Dragon would be nice too! Cheers Marcus
  3. Really nice warbird you built! Nice that it's Swedish too! //Marcus
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new on this site! I'm 35 years and have built models for many years. A few years ago i left smal scale modeling and today i build mostly modern jet in 32-scale. This kit i bought on a swap meet and paid almost nothing for it! I think the kit misses much details so i felt i had to buy some extra resin and etch! It's gonna be a early Danish machine in the grey/white scheme. Exhaust from Aires Cockpit set from True Details Seat from CMK And decals from Stoppel.dk Here is the finished cockpit. Painted whit Gunze acrylics and Vallejo paint. The fitting was poor although I sanded of a lot! This is so far! Cheers! Marcus
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