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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Sabre F-86 in WNW is nowhere near the end of its run...!   
    I wouldn't be surprised to find them moving on past WWI into the 20s and 30s. Can you imagine the quality of a WNW Boeing P-26? There's a pretty good list of USN aircraft from that period which might draw significant interest.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to LSP_Mike in WNW is nowhere near the end of its run...!   
    His is the only IM company to step into the 1920s with 1/32 plane kits. Since WNW has become the benchmark for 1/32, I can think of many aircraft I'd like to see by them.
     The Wright Flyer would be at the top, along with the Spirit of St. Louis.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Pup7309 in WNW is nowhere near the end of its run...!   
    Yes the recent  Gothas are a good example. They had slipped under my radar. When I saw them it was like, wow, something I didn’t know much about, that’s interesting! Will I get one, maybe. Will I make it? Really want to but that rigging and size makes me think twice. Anyways it was a time when many fascinating flying machines were invented and aviation really ‘took off’ (sorry, bad pun!) 
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to D.B. Andrus in WNW is nowhere near the end of its run...!   
    For those unfamiliar with the Mel Brooks film "Blazing Saddles", Mongo was a character played by former National Football League Detroit Lions lineman Alex Karras. He was a brutish sort who cold-cocked a horse(not really) in one scene. Not much of a part, but the name Mongo still refers to his character. On another note his eyesight was one step above that of a bat. He wore very thick glasses in regular day to day life, but not on the playing field - he would key off the player next to him to make tackles. He was an excellent player and quite a character.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to LSP_K2 in WNW is nowhere near the end of its run...!   
    I'd be real happy with a Nieuport 11 or 16, but who knows if we'll ever see one from WNW or not.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Miloslav1956 in F4U-1a Corsair BuNo.55995. Lt Ira C Kepford   
    F4U-1a Corsair BuNo.55995. Lt Ira C Kepford
    VF-17, Bougainville February 1944 1/32 Tamiya kit HGW wet transfers Eduard wheels set All colors Mr.Paint                            
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Joe66 in How to align biplane wings?   
    Build or buy a jig that will hold the fuselage, and the wings. There are a couple of good commercial jigs avil. Also, there are at least a few good articles on the 'net about building inexpensive jigs.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to MikeMaben in WWI Kits for the newbie builder   
    For your first go easy and inexpensive yet includes 'some' rigging
    for practice. You'll need the rigging practice if you decide you like
    the genre. For that I'd recommend the Academy Camel.

    ...and don't forget to have fun.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to ssculptor in Wah-hoo-hooey !!! Just scored Junkers D 1 on eBay.   
    Thank you gentlemen for your congratulations and encouragement. 
    I really do not feel too guilty investing in these models. After all, last December the fire in my house took my 6,000 book library, which served really as a collection as much as a library. I added to that library over a 60 year period. I got much pleasure finding the books, acquiring them. reading the volumes and simply enjoying them. Now the collection is gone. So if I add a few pieces to my 1/32 airplane model stash I feel kind of justified. 
    By the way, in recent times I did sell many of my model stash to raise money when times were hard. In a few cases I made a good profit, in many cases I just got back what i paid.  Now that I  have been buying replacements since I have a few bucks I am having to pay premium prices. Seems the prices of these kits has risen. But in some cases I am paying what I received so I am breaking even. 
    Not bad at all. 
     It is just ;like buying and selling in the stock market, except the kits are much more enjoyable to have and examine and even to build one or two. Stocks are pieces of paper with lots of fine print. That's all. 
    Keep on trucking 
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Uncarina in WNW Junkers J.1   
    Thank you! I had fun with the camouflage, but attempted to replicate the actual pattern. The kit is amazingly heavy when finished!
    Cheers, Tom
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Uncarina in WNW Junkers J.1   
    Thanks! The actual aircraft is the only J.1 still in existence, and resides in Ottawa I believe.
    Cheers, Tom
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Uncarina in WNW Junkers J.1   
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to Uncarina in WNW Junkers J.1   
    Rescued from the bucket: Here's my build of the Wingnut Wings Junkers J.1, the first kit issued by WNW and still in production. I purchased this kit when it first came out, and it sat on the Shelf of Doom for five or six years. I used Aviattic decals for the first time, and I loved how strong, resilient, and tolerant they were! Painted with Tamiya acrylics, Vallejo Metal colors, and oils, with a combination of Flory washes, oil washes, and pastels, with some chipping with a Prismacolor pencil.
    Cheers, Tom






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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to MikeC in Wingnut kit for beginner   
    Don't know the WNW D.VII having never built one.  However whilst Dean is right about the minimal rigging on the Roden Dr.1, it is not the easiest build in the world: I'm doing one atm, using the Encore boxing, and the quality is OK, but nowhere near WNW; the cockpit and internal framing is very tricky to align properly and a lot of trimming and adjustment is needed generally.  So it may not be the best option for a first WWI.  In fact, I'd suggest diving straight in to a WNW - it's not difficult, everything is in the box, it's good quality (as you'd expect for the price!) and you're more likely to end up with a model you're happy with.
    [Edit: somehow I ended up saying "... internal farming ..." above - growing crops using an old aeroplane?? ]
    Pup seems to be relatively simple.
    My first WNW was the Sopwith Tripe, although rigging is not minimal as said above.  I thought of it as enough to give me plenty of practice.
    Yes, it is easier than you think, although I have to be in the right frame of mind to do it.  If I'm not it's just not enjoyable, if I am it's very theraputic.  It's not that difficult, the thought is worse than the reality in my experience. But you do need to plan ahead.  So my suggestion is to go for a Triplane or Pup - or maybe an S.E.5a - and enjoy.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to aircommando130 in Finally something done Dauntless SB2   
    WOW! Nice SBD....I really like that time frame with the red surround to the national insignia. The paint fade from that hot Pacific sun looks really good too. Our MC-130's on Okinawa had the 2 tone gray paint and I thought they were a little sun faded till we got one back with a new paint job...the others looked almost white they had faded so bad.
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in F6F-5 Hellcat in Indochina - rivetting again and again   
    There is a work related break ahead, so 2 more images to go

    And forced into the fuselage:

    Needs some more dryfitting and a little bit of sanding here and there to be glued when the painting was done. Not bad for the moment. We shall see when time has come...
    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in F6F-5 Hellcat in Indochina - rivetting again and again   
    Journey onward:

    Added some plumbing to the rear bulkhead. Not to scale, but at the correct locations to make the cockpit look busy. Trumpeters handwheel was a solid blob (hey, I know the can make nice handwheels, proven by their armor kits!), so I replaced it with a PE part from the bitbox. Cut off the headrest, made a new one and placed it more to the top. The right paneel is ready now. The left one got the throttle quadrant added, but needs some more PE as well as some red and green insignia painted here and there. Started making the PE seatbelts. Somewhat fiddly, but nice when ready.
    Base paint is on. All accents and highlights are done. Wash (pinwash only) done. Next painting step is micropainting of chips and wear, followed by dusting with pigments and a final flat clearcote. Then I am ready to glue the parts together and into the fuselage.
    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to LSP_Paul in F6F-5 Hellcat in Indochina - rivetting again and again   
    Hi Dutik! Shes looking awesome and great work!  The compressed air bottle would be ZC yellow or Unpainted Aluminum.
    Keep up the great work my friend,
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in F6F-5 Hellcat in Indochina - rivetting again and again   
    Spent some time this evening to add more precolored gizmos to the pit:

    Looks nice when done. Reglued the PE at the right console with superglue, because it peeled off again and again. Bonded now forever!
    The instrument paneel is ready, but I will leave it off until the cockpit is glued into the fuselage. Dry fitting revealed some gaps around the frontal bulkhead to be filled and sanded; and I don't want to scratch the nice instrument paneel.
    Working at the throttle quadrant (left upper corner). Its huge, so I cut off some chunks with a saw and sanded it as flat as possible without damaging the levers. Also scrapped off the wrong lever runnig across the front face. Now I will mate this with the PE backside of the Eduard set and fit it to the left console. Also shortened the lower "shelf" of the left console. there is no such thing at the real plane, just some instruments at the side wall and a lot of plumbing. I made a compromise by keeping a short piece to help glueing it.
    Want to add the visible plumbing and wiring below the left console and at the rear wall. Does anybody know what was the colour of the compressed air bottle? I guess this one is used to lower the undercarriage.
    That's it for today.
    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair   
    Call me Tiger!

    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair   
    Well, while I am out of the air race, I still will contribute for my own something to the GB topic: DMLs M-46 Patton tank in Tiger look.
    Kit is oldie but goldie, Orange box nowadays with Magic tracks and "Pusan GIs" as bonusses inside (got it for cheap). Parts come together like a charm. Even the turret (other modellers claimed a large gap and the need for lot of putty, but nada here). Building is mostly ootb, except brass browning barrels and PE tool straps.

    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair   
    Pics or it didn't happen

    A bomb crater, made from Games Workshop terrain and some bits and pieces of my collection. Paintjob and overall design by my kid.
    Octotank on treasure hunt (wip) by the oldest:

    All paintjob by the kid (applying decals too!). I had to superglue the arms and tailplanes of the subtankwhatsoever thingee kit and provided assistence for making the wreck part from strip styrene. The red things are corals
    Was a wonderful afternoon with the bunch together at the working desk
    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair   
    This will take some days. Winter has gone, so I am occupied with family duties: to dig and plant in the garden (we shall have plenty of tomatoes this year), my mother will pay a visit, and not to forget that my kids stepped in demanding to build some own models too. So my modelling time at the weekend was filled with giving advice, providing tools and supplies and support as required. But it was worth the effort, indeed
    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair   
    Starbord cockpit finished:


    Working at the IP and port console now. Also more filling and sanding of the center wing; but I am close to finish the outer surfaces there. Detailling of the UC bay will be the next task.
    - dutik
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    whiskytngofxtrt reacted to dutik in Trumpeter F4U-4 Corsair   
    Center wing together. Still needs some putty and sanding before detailling the UC bay. Cockpit painting in progress:

    - dutik
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