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  1. The B-17G diorama leaflet was in the box when I got the Monogram B-17G kit as a large boy, I recon around 77-78. I wanted so bad to replicate Sheperds work, but soon I stopped building models altogether. I didn't build anything until I picked up the hobby again in 2014 - Starting out to finish what lay in back of my mind for all of these years! Using the tips by Shep, I was finally able to complete my tribute to Sheperd Paine - Pure nostalgia!! Kent
  2. Absolutely, both the Cletrac and a Jeep in 1/32 scale!!!
  3. Thank you Rick, well it went allright the last time, so why not? In my personal opinion the is Rumpler C.IV i s butt ugly, on the other hand the 6B it's one of the most beautiful fighters of WWI, but that's probably just me... Kent
  4. Thank you Jan, german plane with floats, whats not to like
  5. Seems like I've started another one on top of all of the others maybe I need some kind of help? Well I think I need some time working on parts instead of painting. Sometimes I just get fed up with the airbrush. So, I've been working on converting the Wingnut Wings Rumpler C.IV (Early) into a 'Kaiserliche Marine' floatplane fighter. First up scratching floats for the build... The finished master, pure sheet styrene. Resin copy.
  6. Hi Max, no I haven't encountered any major issues, other than the resin being a bit 'rough' - Well now after four or five layers of paint, the surface has become quite smooth! I used a bit for the seams and to get a better fit for the windows, but the puttying on the 'belly' wasn't actually necessary, I forgot about the stiching Kent
  7. Sorry Guy's I've been off the 'Dragon' for a while, working on other projects... I also had to find a proper blue for the fuselage, but it turned out not to be as easy as I thought. (Ordering paints and testing them, wrong color! Ordering new paints etc...) I finally settled for Vallejo Game Color 72.019 Night Blue. Not too green or violet, I think it's very close to the 'OY-DIN' blue. Next up will be painting the letters on the fuselage. So, I've started working on the vinyl masks.
  8. And this https://www.72news.eu/2018/10/freightdog-models-avro-lancaster-asriii.html
  9. 1) Grumman Duck 2) Lockheed Electra 3) Westland Lysander
  10. Woohoo! The Fokker Dreidekker has 'landed' Very nice kit, the boxart - not so much! Cheers: Kent
  11. Marvelous job, could you elaborate a little on the 'stippling' effect I don't quite get it, but the result is fantastic! Kent
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