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  1. Yep, another great job putting this together and seeing it to the end K2! Thanks! Dan
  2. Excellent build for your fourth ever tank! Very nice detail work and camo! Dan
  3. That zim on the superstructure looks great! Very realistic! Dan
  4. Really great work Max! Love the soldering tip, will be looking up some of that paste! Dan
  5. The tracks look great with the detailing you've done. Your zim work is looking great also! You are right about the milliput, folks put it on way too thick! And a Ferdinand in the wings? Great! Dan
  6. What a great looking paint scheme! Excellent work Dan! Dan
  7. Beautiful build! The weathering is Excellent! Dan
  8. Beautiful build Artur! Love the detail work. Great job on the prop! Dan
  9. She's a beauty Andy! Great work sticking with it.....while some of us put theirs on the shelf.... Dan
  10. Forgive if this has been posted before. I do a lot of metal detecting and watch too many videos on Youtube on the subject. I like watching the videos by the folks that can search some of the WWII areas. I caught this one last night and its pretty interesting to see what looks like an untouched crash site. What really amazed me was the crankshaft out of one of the engines that is bare of any rods or pistons. It must have taken one heck of a hit in that engine. You can see the other engine in the video is pretty much intact. It is in Russian but I believe it speaks for itself.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukDTD4-ajxM Dan
  11. Neat project and a great start! Dan
  12. Welcome Ferry! Great group of folks here! Will be watching your build.... Dan
  13. Bought the Tigger models Boulton Paul Defiant along with the Valiant Wings Technical guide. Using the plans in the book I'm moving along getting the basic structures built. I also ordered the Airfix 1/48 scale kit just to help me with the contours that the drawings lack. Some other goodies are Barracuda cast 1/32 scale spitfire seat, Barracuda cast British 4 slot 32 inch main wheels, the defiant wheels are 31.25 x 9.61. I'm going to cut them down and put the grooves in them to get close to the Defiant wheels and tires. Also have the 4 .303 machine guns and the brass RB Models brass barrels. Going to be a long project. Going for the Defiant Mk II so my next part to source will be the Rolls Royce Merlin.
  14. Looks like I'll put the Revell He-111P-1 up for this. I've cut out the ribs on one of the fuse halves and made a new drivers seat for it so I think I'm under 25%. I have the Big Ed set for it also. Being retired now and the honey do's at a manageable level I should be able to get this one done! Dan
  15. Let the fun begin..... Put me on the list too Kevin, I will donate a $25 dollar gift card or paypal to the winner..... Thanks for all your work Kevin! Dan
  16. She's a beauty Shawn! Well done..... Dan
  17. Excellent build Shawn! Get the rest of the darn pictures up man! Dan
  18. You have that ole girl looking great! Excellent work on the Bare Metal foil, sure makes a model pop! Dan
  19. Looking great Gaz, you have the hard part done! I was just looking at mine and it appears Dragon put the receiving holes in the wrong location for that track securing bar. But as Ray said you could use just about any type of flat stock. Dan
  20. Beautiful build Shawn, lovely work on the paint! Dan
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